Download LEGO Star Wars Battles APK MOD

LEGO® Star Wars™ Battles APK MOD is an online card battle game with a good star wars theme. Play with your favorite star wars characters in the game beat the players around the world. Unlock chests to get new characters and upgrade them to make them powerful. Build the perfect deck to be able to defeat players, having a good deck and proper energy management is the key to winning any battle in the game. Capture territories to increase your spawning length, defeat the main enemy tower to win the battle. Gey higher ranking on leaderboard, complete challenges, and limited time events to earn in-game currency and rare chests.

 OS: 5.0 and up
 Version: 0.47
 Package Name: com.ttgames.legoswb
 Developer: Playdemic
 Downloads: 1,000,000+
 For Patreons
 Updated: 23/07/2020
 Size: 387M
 Type: By Vipmods

TURN ON MOD FROM MOD MENU – if you do not see mod menu then make sure you go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

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I think the mod is shared with the enemy but not sure, winning is still very easy, your energy will never decrease. TURN ON MOD after the tutorial

Click on the link below to begin your download

Download APK MOD

Download From PlayStore

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  1. Reply

    Please update, thanks

  2. Reply

    Thanks a lot bro!
    Ps: possible to hack something for this game?

  3. Reply

    Hello vipgames, is this game modable?
    Because they have mod detection and server sided i think, if it’s possible could you mod unlimited tickets? Thank you!

  4. Reply

    Bro please update to 0.45 thanks

    • Reply

      updated bro 🙂

  5. Reply

    Yes sure I tried. Same error. Maybe it’s The game itselfs

  6. Reply

    Ps: about mod shared I’m not sure……. most of time it didn’t seem like that.

  7. Reply

    FYI: sometimes it says: there occured an error, game will be reloaded. No points no losts (this at the end of the game, after have destroyed the base)

    • Reply

      maybe don’t use mod all the time, or try using less just build the towers or something like that.

  8. Reply

    Hey can u plzz mode this game I have requested this before also plzzz unlimited hearts plzzz i really want to play this game

  9. Reply

    Very nice game bro!!!

  10. Reply

    Thanks bro

  11. Reply

    Mod request

    And thank you for your hard work ❤️
    You are the best ?

    • Reply

      i am sorry i am unable to hack the game 🙁

      • Reply

        It’s okay thanks for trying ??

        • Reply

          i will be posting story jar mod soon 🙂 many had requested and i was finally able to hack it

          • Reply

            Yay!? That’s will be great
            I can’t wait ?

    • Reply

      Please Mod This Game
      FEATURES: unlimited gems and unlimited tickets

  12. Reply

    That explains why I see lots of request for them with no mods lol

    • Reply

      lol its easier for them to make such games server sided as maintenance is very low compared to big games

  13. Reply

    Mod Request

    Is It Love? Drogo

    • Reply

      1492 Studio games are not modable, i have tried modding their games

      • Reply

        Please mod this game
        Features: unlimited gems and unlimited tickets
        I Totally Love Your Mods

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