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Love Choice MOD APK is an interactive story game with many different stories in different genres so you can always find the perfect one you want to play, in each story you will play as the lead character where you will make important choices that will impact the story.

You can even customize your character with different outfits and hairstyles. You will make premium choices which will usually have an interesting outcome than the free choices.

There are more stories that are added on each update, you can read all of them for free, the stories are very well written with interesting endings that you can find out, they are also very well executed.

You will get to meet and interact with every character in the game, and your relationship with each one of them will depend on the decisions you make.

The new 0.5.5 update brings minor bug fixes and improvements, new chapters for various stories.

OS: 5.0 and up
Package Name:
Developer: Game Garden
Updated On: recently
Version: 0.5.5
Downloads: 500,000+
Size: 65M

Premium choices and free choices will look the same so just make a choice the interests you AND to read chapters for free make sure you hit the back button after you complete any chapter and then select the chapter again, if you just hit the next chapter after you finish the previous one then your keys will get deducted.

Don’t leech, give credits if you share my MOD.

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  1. When its time to check out the wardrobe. Its stuck and won’t move

  2. Pide actualizar el juego y la. Ropa podría ser gratis porfis

  3. Ojalá la ropa también fuera gratis 😔 y no deja entrar al juego pido actualización

  4. Hello, Admin! Coule you please mod this app? I’ve been looking everywhere but I don’t see any 🙁 Thank you! I cannot comment in the apkdoze site, so I went here.

    App: REMINI
    Mod Request: Pro / Premium

  5. Update bitte auf 0.5.2 dankeee

  6. Hello, thank you for the mod, keys don’t deduct for me when I click the “house” button
    Is it possible to have free shopping ?
    Thanks !

  7. Please update mod v.0.5.1

  8. keys are spent, I did everything as written in the description, it’s a pity

  9. Thanks you

  10. Please update mod v. 2.5.0. Thanks you

  11. Please update mod

  12. Update please 2.5.0

  13. Please update mod!

  14. Hello friend, please update the mod, the keys are spent, but today it does not let it into the game 🙁

  15. Please update mod, thanks you

  16. Hi I hit the back button it didn’t work

  17. Can you mod this game on google play? It’s very similar to the post, the stories are really good. The ideal would be to have an infinite currency (in this case diamonds)

  18. Please update mod v.0.4.9

  19. No es modd 🤷🏻‍♀️consume todo 😔

  20. Me gustaría que subierais el mod de is it love Sebastian🙏 llevo meses buscándolo 😔

  21. Please update mod 0.4.9

  22. is it possible to make many more diamonds in the game, please?

  23. Thanks so much for all your mods!
    Could you please try modding this game too?
    Unlimited diamonds and tickets or diamonds only?

  24. Hello. Mod don’t working 🙁

  25. Hello, can you please update to version 0.4.2 please? Thank you!

  26. Please lower the patreon costs for mod apks. 15 dollars is way too much for apks, I’m sorry.

    • its 10 not 15, you are looking at the wrong tier 🙂

  27. It was a great mod
    It would be really great if you could also mod this game

    The name of the game is MAYBE:INTERACTIVE STORIES

    Please modded it for unlimited diamond and story ticket

    Thank you for all the games you have mod.. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work ☺

  28. Is there another way to pay other than throug patreon?There reviews I came across are relly not good.

  29. Hey, do you already fix mystic messenger mod ? And please remove it from patreon ? I am still a high school student so I don’t have credit card. And if you don’t want to make mariposa mod, can you at least fix mystic messenger mod and make it free for everyone

  30. Game: is it love? Blue swan hospital
    Mod features: unlimited Energy

  31. Needs to be a patron first to download 🙁

  32. To download it… On witch picture I have to click?? I just see an advertisement and if I’ll open this and copy the link, it says me I shall become a patron

  33. Update please.

  34. Por que lo has puesto en patreon xd

  35. Hii, can you please update when possible

  36. Update please

  37. Hi, can you mod more stories in the Is it love? Series, please?

  38. Thank you ☺️

  39. 😁👍

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