Download Love Sick: Interactive Stories APK MOD

Love Sick: Interactive Stories MOD – A full interactive romantic stories right on your Android device where you get to choose the ending and get full control over the stories. The choices you make in the game will give you a different outcome. Play as the main character and choose from various stories available in the game, complete episodes and find out the beautiful or tragic endings, as I said it all depends on what you choose. You will be able to control the story in the game, as you will make choices that will determine what will happen next. So make wise choices, usually, the premium choices have a very interesting outcome.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 1.47.1
 Package Name: com.swagmasha.genres
 Developer: SWAG MASHA
 Downloads: 5,000,000+
 Updated: 11/07/2020
 Size: 53M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Diamonds, Keys

I changed the mod unlike my previous ones, now you will have everything unlimited diamonds, and keys. You can buy whatever you want even if you do not have enough diamonds, and for keys, they will never decrease.

Click on the link below to begin your download

Download APK MOD Download From PlayStore


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    Thank you so much admin ! Kudos to you, I hope you never disappear ✨💖

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    Thanks for the update. Unlimited Tickets and diamonds work perfectly.

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    Are you able to please update this to version 1.47.1 when you can. Thanks so much!

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    Can you please update fancy love. I’m waiting to use that mod. Thank you

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    Hello, I have request.
    Game name – Mayday Memory : CHOICE SF OTOME
    Playstore link –
    Mod features – Unlimited Energy and Diamonds

    Thank u 😊

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    Update pls 1.46.2

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    Hi, look, I wanted to tell you that the mod doesn’t work for me. I demand the daily reward, but even so, the diamonds decrease. Can you tell me if the mod really works or if it is failing, please?
    equally if it doesn’t work thanks! 😊

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    The diamond hack doesn’t work. Thought I should let you know! Thanks!

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    unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. it does not give anything unlimited.

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    excuse me I already did the things you say but I am not getting unlimited tickets or diamonds I already deleted my progress and restart the game but could you help me please

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    It doesn’t work

  12. Reply

    No funciona

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    how do i claim daily reward? i only see video reward.

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    My key decrease and diamond from daily video reward only give 4 🙁

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      sorry if keys are not working, as i said i had not tested them. But for diamonds, you have to collect daily rewards NOT daily video reward

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        Oh so its different? can you tell which button i need to click to collect daily reward?

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          it should pop up by default when you login daily, you just have to collect once and you will get all the diamonds you need, try tomorrow since it has this 7 days thing daily login reward something like that

          • I deleted my progress and after searching around turn out it’s not daily reward but first 7 day reward and got it after deleting my progress

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    Can you please mod this game
    (Purchase all the stories)

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    I installed the game but when I started to open the game it stuck at 35%. Please help me

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    [Mod request]
    Game Name: 드루와 던전 – 방치형 RPG
    Google Play Store Link:
    APK Link:
    Cheat Requested: God Mode, 1 Hit Kill

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    Hello, good night, I would like to know if you could modify the stars of the game Fictions: Choose your emotions to your current version.


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    Hola qué tal como estas? Espero tengas un gran día, quería ver si podrías editar este juego
    Con gemas y soles infinitos por favor
    Gracias y buen día

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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your the best!

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    Hello, you can make a mod for this game ?

    Name: Dream Boyfriend -Astral Days-.
    Play Store Link:

    Mod: Everything Unlimited or just coins unlimited.

    Thanks ^^

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    New update 1.44.0 please, sir

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    It says “Google Authorization Required”. How do I fix it?

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    Update please 🙏🏻🌸

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    Update to 1.43.0 please and thanks 🥰
    I misposted 🙀

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    Is it possible to update to version 1.42.5

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    I had this mod downloaded before and it worked very well.. i lost it by mistake on my phone.. now after downloading that again.. it doesn’t work.. i really want to contine my game.. but it isn’t working..Please

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    DREAM ZONE:dating simulator & interactive stories 1.0.7
    Made by swag masha
    Mod what you can I guess.
    Unlimited diamonds & tickets

    • Reply

      Update for version 1.42.5

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    Could you do an ephemeral mod, time to love and arcana famiglia the spanish versions please? thank you very much for all your work and good luck 😘

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    Can you modify this game? he is the same develop from love sick

    • Reply

      provide me with the proper apk link, this link leads to nowhere and makes me download their tool

      • Reply

        Sorry😔 I don’t see the game in the playstore

        the name of the game: Dream Zone: Dating simulator & Interactive s

        • Reply

          i dont think this game is released, i cant seem to find it anywhere online not even on their wesbsite do they have any info about it

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    Update pls

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    Could upgrade to version 1.37.0

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    Mod is not working for me? Downloaded and did the daily rewards and I only get the 4 diamonds.

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    Mod isn’t working for tickets 😭😭😭
    But really thanx for all your work ❤❤❤

    • Reply

      but i have not modded tickets in the game, next update i will add tickets

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    Hi, Thank you so much for all your hard work!
    I was wondering if it is possible to mod the following games?
    Star Trek Timelines:

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    Can you mod or make a paid R18 (Yaoi and BL) games on android into free?

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    Please update this game 😣

  39. Reply

    Thank you soooo much for this. ❤❤❤

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    Please please try modding Tappytoon ❤

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    Hello modsvip! I hope you hve a good day today! 😃 Actually i wanted to request a game for you to mod hehe~ The game’s name is moment: choose your story, im not sure if anyone hve made this request before. Hope you can take a look at it! Thank you so much! 😍🙏🙏 Here’s the link:

    • Reply

      moments is not possible :(, i had tried modding it before when others had requested

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    Hi, i downloaded love sick but it’s not working 🙁 how many diamonds should i have? Please reply. Thanks

    • Reply

      collect daily diamonds you should get like 65000

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    Hi, could you try to mod My Candy Love?

  44. Reply

    Update pleasee 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Pleasee update the app to 1.34.0
    Thank youu! ♪ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

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    pls update to version 1.34

  47. Reply


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      the latest version is 1.32.0 i can’t find a newer version

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    Please update the app to 1.33.1
    Thank you!

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

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    Update please?

  50. Reply

    Update Please

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    Can you mod chapters interactive stories?

  52. Reply

    Update pleasee!

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    It doesn’t work for me because I’ve been playing for more thank seven days so I doesn’t have the “seven days reward” anymore, so I can’t get the diamonds ?

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    Hey it dosnt work for me?

  55. Reply

    Hi. Good day. Please update the app to 1.28.1
    Thank you!

    • Reply

      sure 🙂

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        Hey. I think it’s not working a white empty box appears on the screen and that’s it. Can you please check it?

        • Reply

          @LadyOdette I have the very same problem.

          • Yeah I already messaged their support and currently fixing the problem. Because I thought that pop up box is a mistake from the hacking so I tried downloading the one from playstore, and still the same.

          • Hey sorry for late reply, yes that issue is in the game itself :/

          • hey sorry, that issue is in the original game also :/

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    Can you also mod the keys on this game, please? They update it so often I forgot whether the keys have ever been modded before.

    • Reply

      hey keys where not modded before it was only diamonds, it might be possible to mod keys i will do it once i get time 😉

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    Hello and thank you. Could you mod Secrets please?

    • Reply

      secrets i cant mod, 🙁

  58. Reply

    there is a new update

    • Reply

      i will update it

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    Hi. Is this normal?’my gems keeps on decreasing everytime I choose premium choices?’

    • Reply

      Haha nevermind. Thanks for the game!

      • Reply

        it working yea?

        • Reply

          Yup haha thnks

          • Lol greattt

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    hello! can you mod Secrets: Game of Choices please?

    • Reply

      hello, i have tried modding that game with no success

      • Reply

        aw, thanks! how about Mystic Code:Mystery Urban Fantasy? with unlimited keys and clovers. this is the playstore link

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    I hope one day you can hack it..?

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      Update please?

      • Reply

        Sure i will update in few hours

        • Reply

          Thanks. And i was wondering if you can modded the game called Simstory : live as you wish?

          • Hey i have tried modding Simstory : live as you wish with no success 🙁

          • Oh my, thanks for your hard working 😉

          • NO WOorries 🙂

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    Yareel mod please..?

    • Reply

      that game is server sided completely