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Love Story MOD APK is a new interactive story game by Webelinx, where you will play as the leading character for various stories to make important decisions in the game that will impact the ending. You will be able to do so by making choices, each choice will have its consequences, some choices are free while some are paid and the ones which are paid often have a  more interesting outcome. The game is still very new and new stories will be added with each update so you can enjoy the story in any genre, fantasy, love, romance, horror, and more. There are many new stories added since the last time I updated this game, also many improvements in stories and graphics.

You can now earn more free diamonds from other ad providers integrated inside the game.

The new version has only bug fixes and improvements made to the game.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 1.0.32
 Downloads: 1,000,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 31M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Tickets, Diamonds


  • Your tickets will never decrease when you spend it
  • You will have unlimited diamonds.

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  1. Having trouble installing. Says issue with parsing. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • that is a device or android OS version related issue, i am afraid i cant help much on that. 🙁

  2. Sorry to bother you. It won’t let me install. It says there’s a problem parsing the package.

  3. Please update 1.0.29

  4. Update bitte auf 1.0.29

  5. Update bitte auf 1.0.29

  6. Update bitte auf 1.0.29 dankeeee

  7. Update please 1.0.28

  8. Hello can you please update to version 1.0.27? Thank you for your work!

  9. Update 1.0.27

  10. Update 1.0.26

  11. se puede Mod de Zepeto? diamantes y / o monedas infinitas?

  12. Can you please update to version 1.0.18? Thank you!

  13. unlimited diamonds don’t work

  14. Can you mod unlimited heart for this game?
    Title: Feral Boyfriend

  15. Can you mod unlimited heart for this game?
    Title: Feral Boyfriend

  16. Hola puede a acomodar el mod por favor muchas gracias

  17. Vip mods I understand how the mod works, but the diamonds are blocked at 1. I can’t increase the diamonds anymore, they just don’t increase when I see the advertisements

  18. Hi. Update please
    And thank you

  19. Can you fix the mod? In this update, the game asks you to buy diamonds when making the paid choices.

    • diamonds never decrease thats the mod. If you dont have enough diamonds to make the choice it wont work

  20. Desculpa incomodar, mas não está infinito o mod, está pedindo pra comprar os diamantes e tickets.

  21. Está pedindo para comprar diamantes. 🙁

  22. Постоянно пишет что нет соединения с сайтом…Как скачать? Спасибо ты лучший)

  23. Atualiza por favor!!! Versão 1.0.17

  24. Poderia atualizar para a versão 1.0.17 ?

  25. Olá, poderia modificar o jogo Beyond the temptation?

  26. Can you please update to version 1.0.16, thank you for your work!

  27. It was a great mod
    It would be really great if you could also mod this game

    The name of the game is MAYBE:INTERACTIVE STORIES

    Please modded it for unlimited diamond and story ticket

    Thank you for all the games you have mod.. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work ☺

  28. Not able to download are all the links going to ads for anyone else?

  29. Is it normal for it to say connection lost a lot?

  30. Did I say to you you are the best? If I didnt..
    Yes you are the best! ♡ I love this kind of games.

  31. Upgrade to version 1.0.15 please

  32. Hei, aku mau tanya kenapa game memories my story itu tidak mod? Aku sudah install 2 kali tetapi tetap sama😥

  33. Thank you very much for making the game without SPLIT APK, but with great regret, the game is no longer loved because of the removal of the Arabic language and I only know the Arabic language and these sentences from the translation application on mobile


    Can you look at this game, I’d really like to know if this can be modded, keys aren’t important, unlimited premium choices would be nice. Thank you for your effort, we appreciate it ♥️

  35. APP NO ROOT & ROOT This is how the analysis error appeared
      An error occurred while distributing the package.
      Well what do I do

  36. Hola en capítulo 14 al principio anda bien pero cuando llega la mitad se pone blanco y no anda lo puede solucionar

    • Look, could you upgrade to version 1.0.13 please? No, I’m getting access to the chapters… So I’d really appreciate it if you’d update.

  37. This site is great and the month of Ramadan is blessed for everyone

  38. Click on the picture? I don’t see any picture…

  39. When will be updated to the version

  40. Poderia atualizar por favor? ❤️

  41. Hi can you mod Recolor – Adult coloring book?

  42. Update to version 1.0.10 Please.

  43. Update this game(1.0.9)

  44. nvm it was already free,Mistaken it for another game lol

  45. WAIT!This mod is already FREE!Yeyyyyy I feel so happyyyy omg tysmmmmm

  46. Hi! Can you please try to mod this app? Free premium choices or something? Thank you!

  47. hello you can modify this game fashion fantasy or love nikki dress up queen apparently there is no mod that really works pleaseeee!!!

  48. Hello. could you please model the FallenRoad (Is it love novel). Nobody seems to be able to(
    The game is very long and interesting but every day’s energy lasts about 5 minutes.

  49. I think this need to be updated to 6 it says needs update when you try to open it. Thanks

    • i was just modding this game in the morning, it is completely server sided

  50. It’s working now, thank you!

  51. hello can you check this game too?
    mod : premium choices

  52. Hi, thank you for all that you do. Is it possible to mod Love Island The Game by Fusebox? This is the link: –Thanks again❣

  53. Update time dear mod! 💕

  54. I just downloaded the app and it says that i need to upgrade it… Can u fix the issue?

    • and you tried to hack Cooking madness

    • Hi pls udate Love Story: Romance Games with Choices MOD APK 1.0.8

  55. Can you upgrade Love drogo mod please ? They have new upgrade 😭 thank you

  56. How is the hack activated? I don’t understand, help please!

  57. hello friend, can you hack this game, with infinite money, answer me please.

  58. not installing

  59. Thanks for this~ I was wondering if this game can be mod also;

    Game Name: Obey Me! Shall we date? Anime Story, RPG Card Game
    Game Link:
    Mod Features: Anything possible/ Anything you can mod

    Ty in advanced… 😉

    • their games are always server sided, i have tried modding them many times but never succeeded

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