MARVEL Super War mod APK


Game Name MARVEL Super War
Game Version 3.6.1
Developer NetEase Games
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type Free
Package Name
Game Size 698M with OBB

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Instructions for obb file given below.

MARVEL Super War Apk Mod

This has to be the first MOBA Marvel game released on the Play Store and Appstore around the world. For all the marvel fans this will be a moment to play with your favorite marvel superheroes and supervillains in live PVP battles. The game includes all the popular marvel characters from the Marvel universe with whom you can play.

Netease really pulled off this time with this epic release, they have been really actively publishing new games in every few months for the past year and all have been a huge success, of course, they are the publisher and the games are developed by another company, Netease really makes sure to accept only high-end level games on their platform.

The game is around 600MB in size so make sure you have enough space. While the game is not available everywhere around the world, you can still install it from third party sites, for that you will have to download the APK and the OBB file. I will have the instructions below on how to install the OBB file, it’s easy and will only take 2 minutes of your time.


MARVEL Super War mod APK

All battles are online and are played against other real players. Each battle will have an objective that you will have to complete with the help of your team, working as a team will be the key to winning battles, because remember your opponent will have the same goal as you.

Your goal will be the destroy the main enemy towers, you can utilize the use of the mini-map to locate enemy towers since there will only be one main one while the others will be their defending towers who will try to stop you from getting there.

Not only that but your opponents will also try to stop, so you do not only have to look after the towers but also other players. Since every marvel character in MARVEL Super War Apk Mod is unique, they will have abilities and skills that no one else will have, each ability and skill will have cooldown time until the next usage.

You can upgrade their abilities to increase their stats, this can be done by winning battles as you will earn rewards for doing so.

MARVEL Super War mod APK

Fair gameplay helps eliminate any cheaters, who use cheats to gain more advantage, with the newer security that Netease has implemented. They can easily identity hackers and cheaters who are trying to cheat the game to always win, or become God Mode, or have One Hit abilities.  This helps you enjoy the game.

This is also not another Pay2Win game where you have to pay in order to win more. All characters are fairly stated, with their overall statistic matching with their current levels, a high-level player will not always win, it will require your own skills and strategies to win battles.

So don’t worry about that, and since the gameplay is mostly based on teamwork, you will have less chance of running into a stronger opponent. The game also matches you with players of the same level as you for fairer and more enjoyable gameplay.

You can unlock more characters as you play along with the in-game currency that you can earn as rewards or simply buying them from the store.


MARVEL Super War mod APK

If you have played any MOBA games before then you will be familiar with their controls, the game does not complicate anything instead provides you with an easy control system so you do not have to worry about looking at the screen all the time to find which button is to fire an ability, or attack, or move.

You will have a bunch of buttons on the right side of your screen that will control the character’s attack system, such as throwing abilities, attacks, shields, and other things. While on the left you will have the joystick that will control the character’s movement.

On the top left of your screen, you will find the Radar that will show you the enemy towers and enemies only when they are close enough and on the right side, you will have a bunch of icons, such as settings, pause, quit, etc.



1) Download Obb file by visiting this –

2) Create a folder named “” inside Android / Obb on your device. The android folder can be found in the same file manager root directory where you find folders such as DCIM, WhatsApp, Videos, Music, Etc.

3) Now Place the Downloaded OBB file inside the folder you created at STEP 2



Overall I would say this game is very unique, even though there are many MOBA game available on the play store, this has its own taste of Marvel, with online functionality to play with your friends, create and assemble your own team.

The graphics of the game are really good, it has cutting edge graphics, and looks really good on your AMOLED HD displays with high-resolution pixel density.

If you are looking for a new MOBA game to enjoy, then you must try out the new MARVEL Super War MOD Version, since this game is completely server sided, it is hard to modify it, let alone adding unlimited money, energy or anything of that sorry can be difficult unless you bypass their servers which is not a good idea.

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