Capcom now brings you the classic Mega Man X edition to your Android mobile with better graphics and gameplay. The city is overrun by aliens and their giant ships that you will have to destroy, if you have played Mega Man X before then you will love this one. Play with your legendary Hero hunter and defeat the mega aliens who have invaded the planet. Upgrade your hunters and complete endless stages. Enjoy the Co-Op and versus modes where you can fight with other players. The game graphics are great, the controls are also easy, each hero has special abilities as well that you can use.  Defeat bosses to earn cool stuff, become a legend by winning PVP matches, and gain a higher position on the global rankings. It is a fun game and has good animations. You will have some frame rate drops at times, but that may be because of server lag.

 OS: 5.0 and up
 Version: 1.3.2
 Downloads: 100,000+
 Updated: 11/06/2020
 Size: 34M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Ammo, Skills, God Mode

Make sure you check out this tutorial on how to install SPLIT APKs, to install this game.

if the game gets stuck on the loading screen then simply restart and try again.

Turn on MOD after the tutorial, nothing else works anymore. Most stuff is patched. you can use the skill as much as you want, also some mini-bosses might have the mod too, try to turn off mod there.  turn on mod then shoot and the next reload will make it unlimited. Also since unlimited ammo will be shared with some enemies, you can turn on god mode there to avoid that issue. Use wisely

Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps


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    Please update the Rockman x Dive. In the meantime, there was no update here, so I used BMT’s MOD, but it is inconvenient because the damage suddenly went up. I want the VIP’s MOD Please.

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    Need update 1.3.3 please

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    please update to 1.3.3 version thanks

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    please update to 1.3.3

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    Just after the second mission the mod menu opened on its own without the options to hide or close very annoying when u cant see to play it

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    Please acknowledge admin

    use MOD Apks , after this time 16-06-2020 , I have 4 account ban in same time. Use via NoX program on PC and only inf.Skill used.

    Best regards

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      same, banned. its a huge ban wave based on past usage.
      probably quitting, lol

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    11-06-2020 v1.3.2 Boss Rush Event –> One Hit seem not working, Please acknowladge.

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      i know n i have stated above download link why don’t you read???

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    Request mod WWE SuperCard
    Please make unlimited coin, and anything


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    Request Wwe Supercard

    Play store :

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    hope the one hit will be ready son

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    Preso no chefe 1.6 hard
    O que fazer?

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    Haii sir.. please mod game The Farm : Sassy Princess.
    Mod : unlimited gold
    Link :
    Thank you…

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    Need to update ver 1.3.2

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    Need to update 1.3.2

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    Next update on Thursday. The boss rush nod eis being timed so if there is the 1 hit kill or high power mod available, better don’t use for it

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    Why does PVP still meet One Hit Kill

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      maybe ios version

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    Yeah next update hope we can have a high damage mod that cna be turned on and off as well. Later today is time attack event

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    please update
    Version 1.3.1

    thanks bro.

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      thanks. @modvip fastest modder international.

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        There will be a game update again later. Seems like they love spamming updates to make all mods outdated.

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          oh nvm its not a new apk yet. sorry false alarm!

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    Need Update if possible.sir

    MEGA MAN X DiVE MOD APK 1.3.1 (Unlimited Ammo, Skills, x100 Damage, No Damage or anything you can do with it)


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      Thank you very much, have a good things happen to @modvip.

      Best regards

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        all sieg heil to @modvip

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    Nice.. Could you do remove enemy armor Mod? Thank you.

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    Is the Anti-Cheat detection removed? X how is it? Were you banned?

    • Reply

      lol couldn’t reply when modsvip made the site require registration (with no working register page hahah)
      not banned but the game updated.
      Please update: Version 1.3.1

      • Reply

        ah yeah, i get too maany spam comments everyday so it gets annoying, after i fix the registration page i will only allow members to comment lol

        • Reply

          should just IP flag the spammers. registration is mehh, especially on hacking sites.

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    New update please. 1.3.0

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      yes new update please

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        woah so fast 1.3!? faster than other forums. I’ll test it and report back.

      • Reply

        working 😀

        • Reply

          thanks, i want to add more mods to the game but i am sick so once i recover i will try to look deep and add other things

          • nice work bro.

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    WHERE DID THE GODMODE GO!????????????????? ))))):

    • Reply

      already patched by dev, maybe i find another way

      • Reply

        havent tried the mod but good job,

        if you could hack the skills that refill our HP (both cooldown and unlimited use) it would be same as god mode tho..

        thanks for the mod btw

        • Reply

          the devs have really patched a lot of things since the last update, i saw how much they had to deal with cheaters in the game they had posted on their website. Free mods always get patched because people always abuse the mod too much. I will try no cooldown though.

          • heh actually this mod is pretty good, just had to learn to use it. and thanks to “humble passerby”, adding the healing chip solves the problem.

          • i will add high fire rate in the next update, even though its shared i notice not all enemies will have it though. So you can use it in some places to kill strong enemies very easily

          • Could you add x50 damage to this game

            Because if you not a qualified power rank,you can not shoot to enemy (show 1 damage)

            x100 is more powerful like 1 hit kill (it’s overpower
            Thanks for replying

            Best regards

            PS.see a firerate option, wait to see it soon. And get well for your sick soon

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    You did Paid mod times ago also from VNG developer called Mad zombies (gold and money never decrease) remember. Hope you can try also this New VNG Game. Thanks bro

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    No, for me it worked….. you mean sniper zombie right?

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    Possible to mod?

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    Need an update to v1.2.0

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      idk why the game wont work on my phone, keeps giving me error code 1056 even on the original one. Does that happen to you to?

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    Update sir new versi 1.2.0

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    After maintenance the game freezing, please fix the mod

    • Reply

      thats the game problem, not mod. mod works fine.

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    Add one hit sir

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    ———– damage hack? ———–

    Thanks a lot for the mod.
    Can you also try to add damage hack? after reaching stage 6, I deal 1 damage to all bosses…
    I tried to do it myself but really have no idea what value to find..
    will really appreciate it.

    • Reply

      why one damage? and when you turn off mod still you deal one damage?

      • Reply

        It’s part of the game restrictions, they want us to grind till we’re higher level before progressing. It shows (recommended dmg: 20000/70000) before entering the level, then all your weapon deal 1 dmg -.-
        Really frustrating though. Saw someone made a hack for iPhone with godmode and dmg hack. Hope you can for Android too! (:

        • Reply

          yes most likely its possible to mod :), I will add one hit

          • looking forward to it! 😀

          • hope u can also add auto clear stage hack. the events require an item to be skipped. takes very long to do /:

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    Thaks for update

  35. Reply

    Update sir new versi 1.1.0

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

    • Reply

      Thanks for the new update

      Finnaly a can enjoy yey

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    Can u mod this game?

  37. Reply

    can you modify this?