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A fun merging game since in the paradise of the cute girls over the clouds where you will play many levels merging items to create new ones and completing levels. You will be able to build your kingdom, buy new items, and unlock animated videos as you level up.

The game is similar to many other, merging games you can find on the play store with similar gameplay just a different theme.

Merging will get harder since you will also have to harvest lives than to bring another status back to life and then to merge them, make many fairy heroines who will help you achieve that quickly.

The new version has included the upcoming event content with some bug fixes.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 0.1753
 Downloads: NA
 Updated: recently
 Size: 98M
 Type: By VipMods.
 Mod Feature: free store (everything at the store will cost 0)

An 18+ Game by Nutaku

TURN ON MOD FROM MOD MENU – if you do not see the mod menu then make sure you go to settings > apps > game name item cost. You can then turn it off and continue your game since you will have got everything unlimited, but there is a risk of BAN, AND what the Cheap store will do is that it will make MOST of the things at the store cost 1. IF you use the UNLIMITED MONEY MOD just use it once then turn it off, do not keep using and you do not need to use it since you will have already got all the money you will ever want.

Everything at the store will cost 0 to purchase, but not all.

If you share my MOD elsewhere then please give credits to my site.

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Please share the post with your friends, it motivates us to make more free mods for you.
A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. Reply

    update to 0.1782 pls

  2. Reply

    Can you update this, it says it is not the right version?

  3. Reply

    Why no one update the mod?
    Please can you update the mod?

  4. Reply

    Hello ! Can you update the mod please ?

  5. Reply

    Mod request: Booty calls new version 1.2.79
    Mod features: Free shopping, unlimited diamonds, cash

  6. Reply

    Words with Friends 2 doesn’t work. I would comment on there, but ya can’t.

  7. Reply

    Plz update 😅

  8. Reply

    Pls update ver 14100

  9. Reply

    Pls update new version

  10. Reply

    The game’s name is Only Girl in High School: Otome Game
    And I would like if the chapters are unlocked
    Pls :’/

  11. Reply

    Pls update

  12. Reply

    Cost0 please

  13. Reply

    Cost 0 please

  14. Reply

    Hello! Could you modify : hay day

    Unlimited money and diamonds

  15. Reply

    Store costs 1 can you make it 0

    • Reply

      yes i know it cost one, i have written it

      • Reply

        make it 0

  16. Reply

    0.1295 released

  17. Reply

    please update to 0.1294

    • Reply

      Heads an update again already

  18. Reply

    update pls 🙁

  19. Reply


  20. Reply

    Hi, great man. Need update, please

  21. Reply

    the unlimited option is not working

  22. Reply

    Yo How do I get unlimited Ruby’s?

  23. Reply

    Super style ivan Gunawan
    Mod request: infinite diamonds and coins

  24. Reply

    update new version pls

  25. Reply

    Can you update game Pyscho Boyfriend : Otome Games ? and pls make all story unlocked ? pls?

  26. Reply

    Update game plz

  27. Reply

    Please update the mod to new version
    They just updated the game to v0.1223

  28. Reply

    Hi, the mods on this site isn’t working,
    Could you please fix it and mod it? Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  29. Reply

    im so grateful to you
    you finished updating just after I had dinner! ohhhh!!!Too fast!

  30. Reply

    And could you mod this game?
    It’s also one of my favorite games
    I will check whether you have updated the game I want every day. I am looking forward to it very much QAQ
    I put the game link below

  31. Reply

    this game is pretty good
    im a Chinese my English is very poor XD
    Looking forward to your update QAQ

  32. Reply

    please update thanks

  33. Reply

    Tengo muchas gemas, pero no me deja comprar, me aparece como si no tuviera

  34. Reply

    Tengo gemas, pero no me deja comprar, pero me aparece como si no tuviera ninguna gema

  35. Reply

    The 0.1193 version is good but you cant close the tab

  36. Reply

    Needs and update

    • Reply

      update pls. 🙁

  37. Reply

    Need again a update x.x

  38. Reply

    You need to use the unlimited Money Cheat on and the other off. Go to rhe shop and buy something, than you have it unlimited

  39. Reply

    Update plz

  40. Reply

    Update pls

  41. Reply

    Could you please update this game? V.0.1174
    Mnay thanks

  42. Reply

    ¿Podrías actualizar este juego por favor? v0.1174

  43. Reply

    The mod didnt work well it says i have a lot of rubies but when i tried to buy something it say not enough rubies fix it plis

    • Reply

      that happens when you dont read what is written on the post

    • Reply

      Please update

  44. Reply

    New update for v0.1159 came out and new loading screen

  45. Reply

    Podrías actualizar este juego por favor?

  46. Reply

    Is this app possible to mod premium? Its for learning a language

  47. Reply

    If possible could you mod this game
    With infinite leaf tickets or free shopping
    It’s animal crossing pocket camp, thank you for your attention have a great day

  48. Reply

    This game need update about version.
    Can you do it when you have time?

    • Reply

      Game update to ver 0.1137, please update if you are free, thanks in advance

  49. Reply

    please update,thx

  50. Reply

    Hello! Could you try to mod this game ?! if not, could you try modding any other one on the g*y tab of the Nutaku website ?! Thanks in advance for your effort!

  51. Reply

    Hi can you update game Mod this mod is already on this website but it is older version
    Is it love? Drogo-Vampire version 1.3.271
    Mod Feature:Unlimited Energy

    Can you please update this game in the nearest future because the Old version doesn’t work.
    Thank you.

  52. Reply

    Pls update 0.872

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  53. Reply

    Update pls

  54. Reply

    I love this game

  55. Reply

    Will this be updated anytime? Greatly appreciated

  56. Reply

    Can I get an update please?

  57. Reply

    Podrias actualizarlo porfavor?

  58. Reply

    Can u mod this game?

  59. Reply

    Oh, i have the same message as Mido “You are not playing the current version”.

  60. Reply

    On launching the game I get an error saying ‘You are not playing the current version of the game. Please update. ‘

  61. Reply

    Can u mod planet master?

  62. Reply

    I want a mod for this game please

  63. Reply

    It seems you cannot earn any coins or crystals, so no way of knowing if they are unlimited 🙁

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