How To Fix mingw-32 & mingw-w64 NOT OK TheFatRat Install Kali Linux

TheFatRat is a popular tool used by many penetration testers, and hackers to test the security of different devices, generating payloads, and fully undetectable backdoors with it by simply pressing few keys. The tool has made it very easy for us to generate payloads, but sometimes the installation can be a pain in the a$$, I found this simple solution for those running into Mingw not ok error.

So the above error is common when trying to install the TheFatRat tool on your Kali Linux machine or any other like Backbox, Parrot OS, Ubuntu, and others.

To fix this error is very simple just run this command

sudo apt-get update && apt-get install mingw32 && apt-get install mingw64 -f

If the above does not work or gives any error like packages not found then run the command below.

sudo apt-get install mingw64 -f

This should fix the problem.

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