How To Fix Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported in Kali Linux

Usually, this error will occur when you first install Kali Linux as dual boot, or standalone.

To fix this issue you will have to turn off your PC or enter the “reboot” command on the command line to restart and then press F2 or a different key depending on your PC or laptop to enter the BIOS settings.

Once you are in the BIOS of your PC or Laptop, go to the BOOT option and change the priority to Kali Linux or depending on the OS you want to boot to, your BIOS may be different so you will have to find your BOOT option.

Save your changes by pressing F10 and exit, let it reboot and you should be able to boot in your preferred operating system.

There is another method as well that is popular on the internet, I have attached the screenshot below, if the above does not work then try the method below.

Type "ls" to list the partitions

Then follow the steps shown in the screenshot above

Your partition name may not be the same as listed above, so make sure you input the correct one.

Hope this helped!

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