Monster Cunt MOD APK (ONE HIT)


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 OS: 4.4 and up
 Downloads: NA
 Updated: 2/02/2020
 Size: 159M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: One hit

Please Read: One hit will be shared with the enemy so try to use your skills to defeat waves of enemies easily, also whenever you can try to summon more heroes who can help you in the battle, or just activate auto-play and keep dodging enemy attacks. It’s very easy to win stages if you know how to play.

18+ Game BY Eroges

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An open-world RPG game where you will fight with various powerful monsters and bosses, complete story missions and summon new heroes who will help you in the battle, enter the PVP world where you will fight against other real players. There are many other things to do apart from upgrading and unlocking new skills for your hero as well as completing quests and daily tasks to earn rewards.



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    Hi, so, i’ve tried the mod and the One Hit works perfectly, but there is a problem, apperently the dialogs, the menu and everything that involves letters are gone. It only shows phrases like “UI_dialog03_character08” and all the dialogs and even menu letters are like that. And unfortunately, i could only play the tutorial fight, cause when the Home Screen shows, it forces you to go to Summon Section, and after you click it the game doesnt give any more instructions, and you cant do anything unless you finish (what i suppose is) the Menu tutorial. I have download it two times and the result was the same. I dont know if its a Developer Problem or is something you may have missed to add or check. Thanks anyway for the mod.

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      hey this is very strange because i have only modded the damage in the game and nothing else, and i had played a few campaign missions to make sure everything was alright before posting but i did not encounter any such issues, i will take a look at it again

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        Mmm… maybe it was a problem with my phone.
        I’ll wait for your reply, if nothing is wrong, I’ll try to install it again. If i still cant play it, then is a problem with my device. Thanks a lot.

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    It force update to version 1.0.72141 today, hope u update the mod soon.

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    Please update

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