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Mystic Tribes is calling for all tribesmen to gather in this ancients stone age madness full of ancient creatures, gigantic dinos, ferocious mammoths, and vicious barbarian invaders!
Raise your stone ax and fight alongside your tribe heroes to defend your secret realm and explore new territories!

Relive the pre-historic age right here at Mystic Tribes! Team up with chefs from all around the world to form a savage tribe alliance composed of ancient barbarians, hunt down mythological creatures, conquer other tribes, build a civilization together and make your marks in history!

In Mystic Tribes, You Can:
Go On A Mysterious Adventure

Go through mythical wonders and experience the wildness and brutality of the stone age era throughout your exploration. There are thousands of challenging tasks and puzzles to complete, which could also bring a lot of surprises, not just rewards, but also the reveal of secrets of the ancients.

Fill Your Character Collection With Powerful Heroes:
100+ characterized ancients from 6 factions are awaiting your command. Summon as many powerful heroes and choose the right development paths for the heroes to form an invincible force and stay on top of the food chain!

Deploy Dynamic Strategies To Outplay Master Opponents
Combine different heroes and find out the best solution to counter your enemies. Take advantage of the tribe bonus and try out the combos that your heroes could make to unleash the maximum power of your tribe! The potential is sky high!

Collect “Never-Sleep” Idle Reward Supplies And Boost Your Team With Loads Of Resources
Grinding is not needed anymore! The “supply chain” never sleeps! You can play at a comfortable pace as you’d like and earn great rewards without having the restrictions of time, space, and investment.

Sit back and watch the Tribesman you recruited auto-fight dusk till dawn for you, bringing you all the useful resources you can think of, even if you’re offline! You’ll never be in a shortage of resources again!

Join A Tribe And Bring It To Its Prime
Find bonfire buddies coming from different parts of the world and fight for the tribe’s glory! Back each other up throughout the adventure and hunt down legendary monsters as an unstoppable force! Stand together and rise!
OS: 5.0 and up
Package Name:
Developer: FunFuelGames
Updated On: recently
Version: latest
Downloads: 5,000+
Size: 55M
Type: MOD
Mod Feature: GOD MODE

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