Obey Me! Shall we date? Anime Story, RPG Card Game apk mod

Download Obey Me! Shall we date? Anime Story, RPG Card Game APK MOD

Obey Me is a fun dating otome game with a good mix of RPG where you will battle with players. The game has many things to do from jobs, tasks to reading novels.

You will be able to achieve the in-game currency by performing different things in the game and the currency can be used to buy boosts, items, and other things in the game, you can unlock more character cards to use in the battle dances the more and powerful the better since you will be able to score more easily.

The game has many features and some of which get unlocked as you level up.

A lot of new bug fixes and improvements have been made to the game in the newest update and now you will get an Indication that free pulls are finished after finishing free pulls in Nightmare.

What’s New 4.3.0
・Improvements in loading while reading chapters or playing different scenarios, and plenty of bug fixes.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 4.3.0
 Downloads: 500,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 88M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Read Below

Mod Feature

    • Vip enabled in the game, I am not sure if all features from VIP work, I think they should work but I cannot test Job slots since it requires me to be a certain level to use it. AP definitely works plus full recharge on level up, it may show that VIP is not active but if you are to get the VIP benefits that you will get them.
    • In tasks dance battles you will always win since your opponent will not be able to use his skills while you can, it will give you easy wins all the time because you can score high easily but make sure you also upgrade your team, do not proceed in the game with low-level cards, the mod resides in the opponent not being able to use his skills when its charged.

Download APK MOD

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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for your work. I would love if you could add features such as unlimited devil points and infinity VIP. I know that modding is not easy but we would be really grateful if you could do that. Thank you:))

  2. Hello, could you update Obey me please in version 4.0.7

    • I don’t know where to place this comment but please when will the obey me game mod update come out?

  3. Plz upgrade!

  4. Hola aaaaa podrías actualizar el Mod porfavor 😭😭😭😭

  5. Are you going to put it on the other site? :’)

  6. Sorry stupid me didnt read mod feature part im sorry its actually working but card Develop is really so hard

  7. I wish always win was worked for me :((
    I just can have +20 energy ;-;

  8. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewadspleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads

  9. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewadspleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads

  10. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads

  11. pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase unlimited daily rewads

  12. Hi I would like to make a request. I really want you to hack Ikemen Sengoku. You already seem to have hacked it but the mediafire file seems to be missing or something. I really hope you can rework on it and provide us with unlimited access in everything from the games aspect

  13. 3.3.5 is out 🙂
    Update when you can please <3

    • hey the hack its working? Cause i don’t have cards 🙁

  14. Please update to 3.3.4


  16. update to 3.3.2 plssss♡

  17. sad not single mod here is working

  18. Pls update to 3.3.2

  19. Pls update to 3.3.2

  20. Pls att to 3.3.2

  21. Could you please mod the game where every devil points we received is doubled? The VIP mod only lasts for 7 days. The dance battle mod works. Everything’s okay except could you please double every devil points we receive?

  22. Can you please mod this
    A3! Oteme Anime Game
    Unlimited LP and SP …. Diamonds?
    Even if LP and SP will do! Thank you very much! (•ω•)

    • Is there unlimited money in this mod?

  23. Can you update for 3.3.2?

  24. can you update this mode? in obey me original was updated yesterday

  25. Can you mod this game please
    Love Choice: Интерактивные истории любви и выбора v.0.4.7
    Unlimited dimonds, keys

    • there is already a mod for it, please use search function or enter this in search — com.gamegarden.ms

  26. Can you pl3ase update it to 3.2.12 version please 🥺

  27. Please update to 3.2.8

  28. Please mod 3.2.12

  29. Can you please mod the new game called is it love james – secrets with unlimited energy pretty pleaseeeee

  30. Pls update!!!

  31. Hi hi! Can you please mod


    unlimited gems and gold pls, ty! I understand if you don’t want to!

  32. Can you mod this game please
    Moments: Choose Your Story
    Unlimited dimonds, keys

  33. Unfortunately, not everything in the mod says is working. It’s true that you will see a VIP badge on your name as well as the features where there’s a VIP bonus. However, the badge just appears there and aside from that, it does not do anything else. I conpared it to the original game and you’ll just get the same ramount of rewards. As for the AP, it just puts a +20 beside it but it still deducts from the original amount. The dance battle mod is WORKING, though, so I guess you’ll still have an advantage by using this mod.

    • I thought it was my phone who’s the problem so I reinstalled it again and again.

  34. hey can you please update to 3.0.6?

  35. Thank you for the amazing work. Its work perfectly, i love it.
    I just want to ask.
    Is it possible to make the energy unlimited?
    Thank you once again.

  36. Thank you, such a wonderful mod!! I wuv u!!

  37. Hi! Can you please update to version 3.0.6, thanks! 😊

    • Can you please update this game into 3.0.6 version and make everything possible (like AP/ COINS/ DEVIL POINTS) unlimited please? Thank you so muchh 🥺🥺

  38. Hello! The mod works just fine and I love MAMMON SFM AHH~ chp 20+ must be just him tbh th

    can you please mod this game called ” Mahjong Soul ”
    the link for app=>
    ;-; it’s cool game but every cool character in their shop is w blue jade..

  39. It’s working perfectly! Even the VIP job slots (I think the first one unlocks at level 15 or something like that).
    Anyway, I’d really recommend to set the birthday to the day after (or a few days after) you install the game so you get a free UR card early in the game!

    Thank you so much for making this mod! Couldn’t believe it was actually legit ahah

  40. New update! Thank you once again for everything☆

  41. the mod doesn’t work

    • its working for like 150 others who commented. Give details or else dont waste my time

  42. Can u read my comments

  43. Can you please update this to 3.0.4 pls pls T_T

  44. I can’t update the app
    What should I do?
    Please help me

    • Just use the ori game on playstore.. we Don’t know when will admin update this mod apk

  45. Thanks the VIP and the enemy silence worked.

  46. THANK YOU VERY MUCH i appreciate the mod cause i know how hard for player to even get the rewards at every event

  47. I’ve already updated and the “update” still there when I open the app, It says that it couldn’t be installed 🙁

  48. A new update came out, I would really appreciate if you updated the mod 😌👌

  49. Could you update the mod apk? It’s version 3.0.0 now. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  50. Please update to current verison

  51. The vip doesn’t seem to increase my ap by 20, it instead decreases my regular ap to 80 (usually 100) then puts 20 next to it

  52. I love this mod but it can be even better if you could mod devil points and grimm❤️ Thanks!

  53. It was a great mod
    It would be really great if you could also mod this game

    The name of the game is MAYBE:INTERACTIVE STORIES

    Please modded it for unlimited diamond and story ticket

    Thank you for all the games you have mod.. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work ☺

  54. omhdkdhdjd THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE !!!! 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥳🥳🥳

  55. Hello,
    I didn’t know where else to say this, but the Maybe interactive stories mod is not working. I tried multiple times unfortunately it still doesn’t work.
    Please help me!

  56. Hello The mod works perfectly❤ If possible can you add the unlimited daily rewards pls

  57. hiiii please update to version 3.0.0 :(( thank youuuu!!!!!

  58. hiiii please update to version 3.0.0 🥺🥺🥺

  59. I’m sorry but, since the last update of this mod, my Obey Me! got stuck at the loading page. I’ve already tried using vpn and clear the cache. Please help me, what am i supposed to do?

  60. hello
    im writing here because i don’t know where else to ask
    can you please mod the otome game psycho boyfriend with all chapters unlocked? the story is so interesting, it sucks in but it stops being free at chapter 26 and it costs too much for an average student:(
    i hope I’m not a burden
    have a good day/night!!

  61. hello
    im really sorry to write in here but i don’t know where else i can
    can you please mod the game psycho boyfriend with all stories unlocked? the story is so interesting but the problem is that free stops at chapter 26 and the rest of the chapters costs too much for an average student:(
    i hope im not a burden

  62. Thank you for making this app mod..

  63. I’d just like to ask for the new download link? Mine is stuck in 2.0.2. and won’t allow me to enter the game even if I try remove the cache/open an incognito tab

  64. Thank you very much for the update,
    THE GAME Love 365: Find Your Story,

  65. Thank you so much for the update!

  66. Hi, can you mod this game? For unlimited tickets (like key) and honey stones (like gems or diamonds), please and thx

  67. Can you please update it to the newest version 2.2.3? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nttsolmare.game.android.obeyme
    Thank you the mods

  68. Please add Demon Vouchers and Stamina,istead of Demon Points.They are more important and nothing to do with online ranks.Thanks.

  69. Thank you so much for your hard work! Everything is working for me as well. But when I try to purchase devil points. It says error. Does it have something to do with the apk being modded?

  70. Please update, but works perfectly. May 27 update please

  71. Game: Coin master
    APKPURE link: https://apkpure.com/vn/coin-master-2l/com.moonactive.coinmaster
    Mod features you want: unlimited spins and coin
    Can you mod this?

  72. Hi! Thanks for the mod everything is working for me:) I was wondering if you could add more mod features in the next update like unlimited AP and Grimm or Devil points and Demon vouchers if those are possible, I’d even be happy with just unlimited AP:) thank you for all the great mods! I hope you can add some of the features I mentioned! 🙂

  73. thank u for the mod.but i have a problem. i dont have the vip privilege idk why pls help me

  74. Hello I have a question? Instead of unlimited currency, is it possible to make everything cost 0?

  75. Would it be possible to add a feature to refill AP after every dance battle? And what about mods for devil points, demon vouchers, and raven? Thanks!

  76. Please update apk mods for:
    Is it Love? Ryan – Unlimited Energy
    The game version is 1.3.282 so the apk is no use.

    Moonlight Lovers – Unlimited AP for Vladimir, Beliath and Ivan
    The game version now is 1.0.34, the apk mod in this page is older.

    Mystic Messenger – Unlimited Hourglass, VIP
    Please fix and update the apk mod for this game.

    Thank you so much for your work.

  77. Thanks so much for this mod.
    I am wondering, is it possible to have a mod that also auto-uses skills when available? Because on emulators there is an issue some people and myself have (probably a bug with the emulators themself), where sometimes tapping the character to use the available skill won’t activate. So if it were possible, it’d be really convenient if the skills could be auto-used when available. If not, that is understandable though.

  78. Hello! I’ve been downloading a couple of your mods and im just here to say thank you! Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve done! Thank you for all the time you’ve put into making these! I hope you have a great day!

    • thank you so much, and you are most welcome 😀

  79. 8

  80. Hellooo!!

    Just wondering if your planning to add the log in bonus mod?

    Also thanks for continuing to provide us!💓

  81. Thank you for the mod it works perfectly, the vip job slots also work so thank you 🙂

  82. Just to clarify, your mods worked perfectly. The only patched is the daily log in rewards which was done by another modder. I really hope someone will mod this daily log in again.

  83. Hi! How can i get everything for free?
    I don’t have won any Devil points or money

    • You can receive the log in reward many times until you are satisfied. It takes a little time but it’s safer than being able to buy everything because you might get banned.

    • Oh no nevermind, my mistake. That is a different mod.

  84. Hello i want to ask mine gets stuck at loading after asking for name and date can u please provide me with a solution
    Sorry for bothering and thanks for your time 🖤

    • I got the same problem. Did yours still stuck?

    • I had the same problem. Turns out it’s due to my internet connection. So, you just have to wait.

  85. Hey, I tried installing the mod but it tells me “app not installed” every time I try to do so? Even though it IS installed and my version is 2.1.5, as well.

  86. 2.1.5 mod got patched last night.

    • you mean vip features, and always win doesn’t work?

      • hi can u update the mod for “Midnight Cinderella” please? I downloaded the mod today, but it was just the regular game without the unlimited coins.

  87. Hi, do you know if it is possible to make a mod where it collects the log in bonus over and over again? There were a few mods that did this, but they patched the game today and now a new method needs to be used in order for it to work. If you could, that would be awesome. The infinite log in is how people were able to get a lot of AP, or devil points, or tickets for Nightmare

    • yes most likely i can do that. The reason i don’t is because people will make it obvious that they are using mods. No one listens, they will always abuse mods

      • I definitely agree with you about that,but it would be really helpful if you would go for it again actually…I am pretty sure that developers also figure out that type of player since some of them make it really “obvious”,and they will be the ones who will get banned in the end.
        Thanks for the amazing work btw 🙂

  88. Hello admin! Thank you so much for the mod! I would just like to ask if the extra slots in jobs don’t work? Also, my default AP is 100, yet in the mod it is 80, plus 20 so it makes it 100. Shouldn’t it be 120 if the AP in VIP works? I’m sorry for asking a lot of questions, I would just like some clarifications. Thanks again!

  89. Hi, how does the mod in Ikemen Vampire work? Like how to have unlimited money or diamonds

  90. I’ve encountered an issue with this new update, I can no longer find green mod menu that turns the mods on and off, is it no longer available or did I do something wrong that made it dissappear?

    • there was never a mod menu, all mods are turned on by default.

      • I don’t have the VIP access? I only have the easy win feature. Did something happen? Is it supposed to be like that?

  91. Hi! I got the vee 2.1.5 mod and my game says it’s 2.1.5, but when I try to install it via my phone it says the app is not installed? I looked over the comments and couldn’t see anything about this problem, please lmk what I’m doing wrong!

  92. Thank you for your mod!!!

  93. Hi can you please update the game?

  94. I cant access the download page it shows that the page link isnt available so how can i update it??

  95. Update pls ^^

  96. Update please

  97. hi! when i open the game it says that i have to update the game but when i go to the store it doesn’t show that there any any new updates:( i dont know what to do and im panicking because im on lesson 16 and and i dont wanna reinstal the game:(((( help

    • Are you sure you have the version 2.1.5 installed? please check

      • but how do i do that?

      • i mean update. where to go and what to do

        • go to settings > apps > obey me then somewhere there it should be written version name, mine is written at the bottom of the screen

          • i see the version but i can’t update

          • The version I have is .32. It’s asking to update to the new version from April 21st.

            • download new apk from the post and install it over the previous one

          • I’m not the same person that asked you but I’d like to thank you for answering. You are amazing!

  98. Update please thank you uwu)!

  99. hey! i wanna request for mod ver of ibis paint x ,, heres the link from playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.ne.ibis.ibispaintx.app i hope i could get the prime membership features and also add free uwu thanks so much for all your hard work!!

  100. Ahora ya no tengo la suscripción gratuita. Pero el mod vip funciona excepto lo del trabajo. Desde que era nivel 10 podia usar 5 personajes que trabajen. Ahora que tengo solo el el mod me van 3

  101. Жаль нету русского языка, я так все устраивает

  102. 😣I don’t know why my rank in the events is not stable yesterday my rank was 5006 and today when I lunched the game I found that it increased to 8665 seriously after I claimed the tasks and stuff again it decreased to 6096 then after a while when I entered to check the event I found that my rank is 9039 😡 am spending a lot of NRG and demon cards to decrease my rank to get all the event cards in the end it increases again that’s not FAIR SERIOUSLY AM DONE pleaaaaaase I love this game please fix it as soon as possible Onegaiiiii😣

    • It’s not something you can fix. You can’t stay at the same rank bc they’ll be someone who beats you. Like me, I’m on the top 500 but after I checked it again my rank suddenly decreased to top 3000. You have to play every minutes or hours to stay in the same rank. Sorry If I sound rude and the grammar lol

  103. Could u please add ulimited devil points? I know that’s a lot to ask but your the only one that I know that actually hacks the game correctly and updates it on time. Thanks!

  104. Why mine doesn’t work😭😭?
    Help me please
    I works fine until it asks me for my name and birthday.
    When I press ok it just loads for 2 minutes and then says that amadeus had a livestream and internet speed is low.
    But this never happened when I played the normal version of the game.😭😭😭

    • you can try playing the game on parallel space app and see if it works there.

      • Hi this isnt related to this game, but can you fix the Lost Alice mod apk. Thank you

  105. thank you so much for the mod! It works jus like everyone s been sayin

  106. Always win and extra drop rate from Job works fine. Other things that don’t work: Extra 20 Energy, 2 extra job slot, x2 EXP.

  107. Midnight Cinderella mod isn’t working. Can you check it please? Thank you so much!!

  108. hello! could you please try to mod ikemen revolution for unlimited tickets and magic crystals? thank you!


  109. Could you please try to mod ikemen sengoku and ikemen vampire for unlimited tickets, diamonds and/or coins?
    And thank you for your continuous efforts! 🙂


  110. acabo de probarlo teniendo la suscripcion vip funciona todo menos los 160 puntos si arregalaras eso seria perfecto gracias

  111. Thank you for adding the VIP mode back!

    • you are welcome 🙂

    • Hi, the game mod works perfectly I don’t have nothing to say but.. It will be more easier if unlimited cards, ap and money will be added? If you will have some free time to do this and add this I will thank you. Btw keep up with the good work you’re amazing!

      • i have tried adding other stuff but everything else is server sided 🙁

  112. Hi, could you try to make summons in nightmare free? The rest of the mod is working great. Thank you.

  113. Could you please please bring back the VIP mod? It helps a lot in events with extra points, experience and AP. I accidentally upgrade it without looking. Thank you.

    • i completely forgot, i will add it in a moment

      • You’re an angel! A million thanks! Really appreciate it.

        • You are most welcome 😀

          • Cant download Twisted wonderland or comment on that page. Cant sign up either

  114. Could you please add in the VIP mode again? The VIP mode is actually working. The extra AP, extra items and experience are very helpful especially in the event. I didn’t realize there’s no VIP mode in this one and accidentally upgrade it. 😭

  115. Привед

  116. My head hurts! What is wrong with me?

  117. Definitely try and mod the VIP features again! Don’t listen to the people that are saying it’s not working because some of the features are!!

  118. can you hack “sweet love”? please hacking PAs and money

  119. No me funciona lo de vip.
    Y se me gatan las monedas ni los devil tickets ni la energía

  120. Hello, i wanna ask if the new update is giving you trouble to do VIP mod? While work slots might not work, extra AP is always a welcomed feature.

    • many were saying it wasn’t working. When it works something for someone no one comments that, but only does when something is not working. So I didn’t know it worked. That’s why I didn’t bother to mod it.

      • Oh, that’s unfortunate! For me, the AP+20 and full recharge were working. I hope it doesn’t force me to update the app.

      • It’s working fine for me idk what people complaining about. It’s okay though. Thank you for the mod 💖

      • While I’m on it, the benefits of VIP worked just fine. I got extra AP + 20, frequent drop in 😀 JOBS, level up super fast duo to the x 2 EXP, exclusive VIP packs does display.

        What doesn’t work:
        Extra work slots
        60pts or 100pts if stat subcribed

        Those two hardly matters cuz doing daily task would give approximately 18pts per day.

        • if it works then i will add it again, once i get some free time 🙂

          • Thank you for your hardwork!!!

          • The thing is I got extra slot jobs too! I just don’t have 60pts or 100pts, so can you do VIP mod? ( ˘ ³˘)♥

          • Thank you for bringing back the VIP mod 👏💖

      • I also saw someone request Twisted Wonderland.


  121. Ah, i wish it has an unlimited ap

  122. It’s keeps saying connection error on the main screen even though my connection is fine, please fix it yesterday it wasn’t like this:(

    • hey i highly doubt that issue is with the MOD, can you try on another device or try on parallel space

    • Hi, thanks for modding this! So far, the only features working for me are the always win and +20 AP. I don’t get the x2 exp, job slot or anything else but I still do appreciate your hard work very much.

  123. It keeps saying “connection error” in the “enter username / birthday ” part but my connection is fine .

  124. I’m never played this game before but saw it here and very like it 😊 thank you so much Vipmod your mod is working great 😁
    You are incredible
    Take care of yourself

  125. Does it let u log in with an already created account?

  126. Hi can we have unlimited devil points? Thank you for your hardwork <3

  127. Can you make it unlimited devil points , please ?

  128. The updated ver is

  129. I just tired with incognito as per another comment and no luck. Here’s a screencap of the error on the app though, when you click the box it takes you to the app store with the only option being “open” and no update listed: http://imgur.com/a/LpMZrhp

    • i just tried to install the game myself and test it out to see the update, but i am not getting the force update popup, maybe this app is limited to certain countries. Where are you from?

      • I’m from the US and I use the Google play store if that helps.

        • let me check the US store for the update

          • Hi! It’s working — you don’t have to update. All you have to do is clear the cache THEN download on incognito mode as you said. The first time I tried, I downloaded on incognito and it didn’t work. But it worked after I cleared the cache in settings. It’s working perfectly fine now, thank you! ♥︎
            There’s this new game that just came out called Twisted Wonderland, is there any possible way to mod it along with Wizardress Heart?

            • thanks for providing a solution, i really couldn’t find any update for this game and wondered how come it is asking for an update. I hope others can read your comment and follow your steps. can you give me the link for twisted wonderlands, i cant find it. Wizardress Heart is not possible sadly

          • Actually, I think the VIP is off? It says I can get a free trial — which wasn’t there before & says I’m not subscribed so the higher drop rate in jobs isn’t available at all. The always win still works though, I think? My cards are powerful though so I’ll check with weaker cards.
            And here’s the link for Twisted Wonderland: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aniplex.twst.jp It’s in the Japan playstore.

          • Cleared my cache and it’s still not working. I will update if I find any more solutions.

          • Incognito mode? Enable the one on Youtube or Google?

  130. There is an error which just happened. The system force us to update although when i check on CH play there are not any new versions. So i try resetting your mod apk again, this time the system said the game has been updated, i don’t know why? But when i do jobs there is something changed. Basically there are 5 slots in jobs which 3 are free and 2 for vips (i know slots for vips are available). The error is the slots only have 2 slots for free and 3 ones for vips. Could you please take a look at this? Thank you for your work and sorry for my bad English :((

  131. Can you update it, please?

  132. Update pleaseee♡♡

    • i am unable to find any update yet, what version do you see on the play store?

      • I just check it on the play store. The version is still 2. 0. 2 but it got updated.

        • and the new version is also 2.0.2 ? because if it is not then i still dont have access to the new version

          • The new version is still 1.35 when you download it. I’ve downloaded it several times, could you have uploaded the wrong file?

            • nope, the uploaded file is 2.0.2 , you have to clear brower cache or download from incognito mode

  133. Update pls.

  134. Hello ! There is already an updated version of this and I hope you can do the same hack (easy win,VIP) onto the update version

  135. There’s a force update in app. Kindly update. Thank you.

  136. Is it possible to make the skills always on/no cooldown so we can spam the skills? Or 0 materials/grimms consumed for levelling/upgrading ? The game still tough at later stages even when i try to upgrade as much as possible. Just a suggestion. Great work as always. 👍

  137. thank you so much for your continuous efforts for modding! 🙂

    I was wondering, would you have the time to try and mod ikemen sengoku? Thanks!

  138. The vip thing doesnt work but thank you for this mod apk, i really appreciate it 🙂

  139. oh hey, I like mod and I hope that in the future you can completely crack the game ❤️❤️❤️

  140. Obrigada por esse mod. Você poderia modificar esse jogo? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.isitlove.mysteryspell.drogo

  141. Thanks for the mod, always win works but vip doesn’t work at all, i had 78 ap, which means after this mod i should have 98 (78+20), no +2 places for jobs, basically only always win feature works and it’s the first time i tried a mod and it actually works. Not perfect but that’s great already i’m sure in the future it’s gonna work better

  142. Can you update the mod to the latest version where players can add friends? I really love this mod. Thank you so much!

  143. The new update is out for android! Can you update this??

    • updated the game 🙂

      • There’s a new update for the game! I was in the middle of something and it’d be awesome if you update the mod😁

    • The new update is out! Could you update this? Also, VIP mod doesn’t work at all, If you could fix it I’ll be grateful

  144. Ah nevermind it’s only on ios now

  145. Hey can you update this to the latest version with the friends feature?

  146. The game is still very difficult, so I think that mod does not solve lol What you need most in the game is money and energy or Devil points that you use to buy the other two, is there no way to do something related to that? ; -; eu

  147. The vip mod didn’t work for me. 🙁 can you take a look plz?

    • please go through the comments, you will know what works. As i have already stated not all features work from vip

      • i have so much fun w this game!!! will be waiting the new update!!!! thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

        • just let me know when new update comes out and i will update it 🙂

  148. Hiii, so I just downloaded this mod and tried to transfer my data… it actually worked, since it says that “You are a VIP member!”. Though some features doesn’t work, like there’s no VIP login bonus, player EXP x2, no extra slots in jobs (I’m on level 56). But the higher drop rates on jobs works! and VIP sets… Hehe.
    I also noticed that the AP doesn’t work huhu, since I’m on level 56, my AP should’ve been 78 +20, but the game says 58 +20, soooo that’s that.
    But the enemies can’t use their skill is working and helped me alot, that’s cool. Still, thanks for this

    • hey thanks for confirming which vip features work and which doesnt. About the AP, keep in mind that the +20 is the bonus AP you get when you activated VIP the 58 should be the AP you currently have without the vip, does the +20 get used when you play? +20 is the bonus while the 58 is your normal ap

      • Yes, the +20 get used. The AP I think doesn’t work, like in my original game I have 78 AP and I tried the VIP (7 days free) and I had additional 20 which makes it 98. But in this one, it says that I only have 58, plus the extra 20. So I came back with my original AP, whick is 78. I’m sorry if this is confusing lol

  149. Hello, I think VIP status is off now. In the VIP section it says you can use a trial version.

    • You are amazing!! Thank you so so much. Mod works 100%🤩🤩🤩

  150. Hey! Thanks for the mod I was just wondering do we get the monthly devil points from the VIP? Or is only the energy working?

    • not tested, only time can tell if that works. Most of the stuff is server sided in the game

  151. Thank you very much for update! ^_^

  152. Update please

  153. Works like a charm! Great job as always 🙂 I’m still not sure if the extra VIP job slots are unlocked since I’ve reached lvl 25 and the “need to level up” pop-up still keeps showing, but I’ll update you on it later. The “enemies can’t hit” mod has been very useful while progressing!

    I was wondering if the VIP detection in Mr. Love Queen’s Choice can be modded too? Or is it different from Obey Me’s? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elex.paper.lovegp&hl=en

  154. Help !!!!!! “ 1. Click on the Picture You see and a random Website will open (wait for it to fully load) “ I fully understand what I need to do but there’s no picture 😭 i re-downloaded the page many times but THERE IS NO PICTURE i only see advertisements I will cry for real help please

  155. Thank you for the mod, I love it! Unfortunately VIP don’t work for me either 🙁 Also it would be amazing if you could do something about energy, it’s running out really quick

    • the VIP works however not all features from it work because I guess some features are checked on their server thats why it wont work. The currency included the energy is server sided i am sure. I will see what i can do in the next update

  156. I wanna tell you I’ve reached level 20, opened all 3 work slots. Unfortunately VIP slots don’t work for me at all. But that’s okay i just wanna let you know.

  157. Thank you for the mod! If you are able to, could you mod Guard Me Sherlock? It’s another otome game by NTT Solmare. If not that’s ok, this game is fantastic 🙂

    • It’s a nice mod but some features don’t work: extra slot job, double exp, extra 20 energy… Btw can you put the demon cards unlimited and the energy too? It will be more easy, because I need to wait when the energy finishes:c. Good job anyways

  158. @ modsvip

    Thank you for the mod.

    Does this Vip membership also include this monthly 60 monster card?

  159. the mod is working perfectly, thank you so much 💜💜😄😄 you are really amazing, congratulations for your work👏👏👏

    • thank you for feedback 😀 and you are welcome

  160. Thank you so much for this game ❤️ Sorry to ask, but can you make the devil points unlimited or something like that if it is possible ? Because I’m exactly sure what being VIP in this game means. Thanks again for this !

    • devilpoints and all not possible :(, you can read about the VIP features by going to the shop and then VIP section 🙂

      • Thank you ! I checked it out. How does the Job slots work for the VIP ? Do we need to reach a certain level ? If not then that’s not working it just shows you are a VIP member

        • i dont know, i think you have to reach certain level. I am not sure about it

      • Why are you so amazing??!! I wasnt expecting this hack lol. I didnt knoe you could do it! Thank you very much!! Since there are many fans of games like this. Please try to look at games like Helix Waltz, Mr Love Queens Choice amd Mr Love dream date!. Thank you! I hope you keep modding games like this!

        • Helix Waltz, Mr Love Queens Choice amd Mr Love dream date all are encrypted games, so its very hard 🙁 and i guess everything is server sided

  161. Damn dude you’re so freaking amazing, you know that???

  162. At lastttttt~~~~ Ty so much…xie xie 😀

    • you are welcome, plus i was able to mod fictions as well 😀

  163. It’s not possible to win difficult level battles :/

    • at least try to find the better card or whatever it is in the game to make your team better. improve your team a little, dont go ahead with your weakass cards because the mod is the skill not one hit or sutff like that which give you instant win

      • lol so that’s why i couldn’t win with only weak level cards 😂 Thank you for clearing that up! This is still an awesome mod regardless~
        VIP rewards work fine on my phone but i’m not too sure about other VIP features bcs i haven’t checked them all. Again, thank you for your hard work!

        • i can add the feature where you can ALWAYS WIN but i am not sure how safe would that be, next update i will add it to let you guys test it lol. You can read about the vip features inside the store VIP section you will see a small magnifying glass

  164. Hello, I can’t install, “The application was not installed” appears

  165. Thank you so muchhh

  166. Thanks so much. I wanna try this game for a while now. Please mod other Shall we date games if you can 🙂

  167. Hello how are you? I’m really more and more in love with your work, thank you. {♡} I’ve never seen so many good otomes in one place, you make us very happy. {♡} (Still forgive me if my English is a little bad, it’s not my native language.) A thousand kisses from Brazil, thanks again. {♡}

  168. Can you MOD Love Nikki dress up queen?

  169. Oh my godd i didn’t know this mod was possible 😱 Definitely gonna try it right now and i’ll give you a feedback later~
    Thank you so much! 💕

  170. Thank you so muchhh😭🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 hope it workss but lots of love🥰😍😍🥰😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  171. Thank you!

  172. Thanks, you’re a genius!

    • you are welcome 🙂

      • Hello the new update is out! Could you.update the mod please?

        • as i said, i am not seeing update on the playstore, you have to tell me what version are you seeing on the playstore

          • The update does not show on the playstore but when I open the game it asks me for an update 😕

          • Can u make it unlimited devil points please?

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