Download Originals: Interactive Story Series Apk Mod

Originals: Interactive Story Series is a series of stories that you can play and control, by control I mean you can make decisions of your own to see different outcomes. There are many stories in the game to play and more to be added. There are free and premium choices and whereas the premium choices will cost you diamonds. Customize your character, the way you want, and choose from different outfits. Unlock cards and poses by completing stories and achievements. There are stories for each genre, whether you want romance or horror all of it is available.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 0.8.24
 Package Name: com.glu.can
 Developer: Glu
 Downloads: 100,000+
 For Patreon
 Updated: 02/07/2020
 Size: 50M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Free Premium Choices & clothes in the wardrobe will be free, Gold pass activated

please let me know in the comments section if gold pass work corrrectly

There is an issue with premium choices, the devs have patched it, so do not become a patreon just for this game, because premium choice will not work until and IF i can fix it.

Make sure you check out this tutorial on how to install SPLIT APKs, to install this game.

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    Hope you’re able to get a fix for this soon. I don’t know what kind of skill goes into modding but just wanted to let you know that it’s appreciated, because it was taking way too long to collect gems for some of the most ridiculous premium content (like 20 gems to pick something up or open a letter, wow).

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    Hopefully you will be able to fix this! I did notice the error seemed to only happen when I tried to buy the premium outfit during the chapter(not from closet) and during heart choices. It let me do a regular, non-heart premium choice. Hopefully that info help you a little! Thanks for trying to fix it. We appreciate it! 🙂

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      Also! I wanted to say that even if you can’t fix premium choices/gold pass I would really really appreciate if you could just make it so the game itself is available since it’s not available everywhere yet.

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    fix it b***! and fix it NOW

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      Wow, how do you have the audacity to be so disrespectful? How about you go download from a different site B***.

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        these are the example of leechers who steal other people’s mod.

      • Reply

        you have the f*cking nerve for someone who is actually stealing. how about you stop being a cheap b*tch and download the game normally.

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    so yeah apparently the developers patched the mod, it’ll be a storyscape 2.0, and I only got like two chapters of free choices before it stopped working 😭😂

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    Now i see why you charged. Another modder who should not be named, did the same mod and made it easy to access about 4 days ago, now the mods not working.

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    Getting a connection error everytime I choose a diamond choice 😭

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      because sites like moddroid who steal my mods and share them for free not only that they add spywares to spy on people secretly from camera, and steal data which makes it easier for glu to detect. That website is evil and should stay away from it.

      • Reply

        They add spywares? O_o
        Have you managed to fix the issue? 🙁 I really hope that it can be fixed.

        • Reply

          not yet, they have really figured out that flow and made sure its no longer moddable, and yes adding spyware to mod apk these days takes less than 5 minutes even if you are a noob which the site owner is because most tools automate the process for you. They have been leeching for a long time from all the other genuine sites too. You should really be careful when they share a mod for free which is too good to be true, there is a catch.

          • Oh flip, that’s unfortunate. I hope you’ll be able to figure something out.
            Hate when leaks like that happen. The only free cheese is in the mouse trap :/

          • Oh, that’s unfortunate. I truly hope that you will be able to mod it some other way.
            Hate when leaks like that happen. The only free cheese is in the mouse trap :/

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    I also receive the network error now. Seems like they detectef the mod. .____.

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    No longer works, getting a network error at every gem choice – please update if possible, I really love this game!

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    Thank u for this mod! It used to work great but now every time i choose premium choice theres a network error. But Internet is ok.

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    Everything was working for me except today when I tried to choose a premium choice. It’s now saying “network error.” Have the devs caught on? Lol.

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    the mod doesn’t work every time I try to make a premium choice it says network is not working and I have a good connection.

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    The mod was working perfectly fine a few hours ago, but now when I choose a diamond choice I get a network error that won’t go away…

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    is the mod working? since I can’t see the date the comments were posted, I’m currently unable to play because whenever I chose a “heart” choice it gives me a connection error? I can’t proceed so yeah idk

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    Does it work?

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    Hi did you mod the gold pass? Its shown up in game and acting like i bought it. im stressing because i dont know if i accidentally pressed it and activated it? I dont wanna pay it

    • Reply

      yes gold pass is activated by default in the game.

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    Waaaah thank you for the update!!! 💜💜

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

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    The Gold Pass works. Thank you!

    • Reply

      thank you for confirming 🙂

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    Choices are not free.
    For some reason diamonds are used.

    • Reply

      i updated apk, it should be fixed now. Download again

      • Reply

        Admin, viu minha solicitação ali abaixo? Seria possível mod para aquele jogo ou os outros que pedi? Obrigado pelo bom serviço! 😀

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    Hi sorry but 8.24 still takes my gem the gem symbol is gone but the gems are still taken

    • Reply

      i updated apk, it should be fixed now. Download again

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    Bom dia, tudo beleza?

    Poderia ver se consegue mod para esse jogo aqui:

    Gems e dinheiro ilimitado, ou alguma outra vantagem legal neste mod.

    Obrigado pelo seu trabalho, e sigo no apoio do patreon! 😀

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    I would like request a game its :
    1. Fun! Hiragana
    3. make it FULL VERSION mod it please

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    The gold pass and closet works but free premium choices is not working.

    • Reply

      i updated apk, it should be fixed now. Download again

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    Hey the free clothes work but every premium choice is now taking diamonds. It’s not free anymore.

    • Reply

      i updated apk, it should be fixed now. Download again

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    Okay so it is currently mine and the post says it’s from December i just want to make sure the mod has been updated since then I am willing to pay but I got to make sure I am getting quality cheats.

    • Reply

      the mod is always updated when newer version comes out :), december was only the publish date 🙂

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    Is it possible to add a gold pass?

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    Does the mod expire when a you don’t pay a monthly patreon? So I should wait until next month?

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    Does this mod still work? Also does it only work with an active patreon payment?

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    Is there a possibility of modding the keys?

    • Reply

      i had tried but keys don’t seem to work 🙁

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    It’s a shame that the mod is paywalled. Not everyone has money to support people on the patreon, its the same reason why people actually find mods to games that are money-hungry/pay-to-win. Though I also understand that this is your way of earning some sort of payment for your work. I suggest that after a few weeks of it being paywalled behind patreon, you should release it publicly. This way, people who are looking for it can play the game before the official app updates.

    • Reply

      its not because I want to make money but because some people are generous enough to support the site, and its for them.

    • Reply

      That wouldn’t be very fair to the people who did pay for the patreon release though. Vipmods has plenty of games available for free. I think it’s fair to make the harder to mod games paywalled.

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    I just want to start out by saying that I know that these things take a lot of time and energy, so I understand needing to make some Patreon exclusive. What I don’t understand is why you made it possible for people to get these exclusive ones for free by spreading your site around the Internet and then suddenly not offering it anymore. I would like an explanation about why this feature that made this site unique and my go-to was suddenly removed without any warning. I’m especially annoyed because I posted your link on 10 websites (when the page about getting paid mods for free was still available), sent the links, didn’t get a response for days, and then saw that the page was gone from the site. I’m sorry if this sounds entitled and annoying, but I’d mostly like an explanation about what happened and your reasoning behind not offering this feature anymore.

    • Reply

      because none do it correctly And most shared with others after getting it. So that’s why.

  32. Reply

    Hello please mod
    Game: is it love? Blue swan hospital
    Mod features: unlimited Energy

  33. Reply

    Hello! can you mod Moments: choose your story, please? I know you had mod this game before, but somehow i can’t download anymore ;'(
    Link: (Unlimited Diamonds / Free premium choices)
    btw, i became a patron because of “Originals”, thank you for your hard work!

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    Hello! can you mod Moments: choose your story, please? I know you had mod this game before, but somehow i can’t download anymore ;'(
    Mod Features: Unlimited Diamonds / Free premium choices

    btw, i became a patron because of “Originals”, thank you for your hard work!

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    Is there a possibility just to buy this app and this app only?

  36. Reply

    Can you Mod it

  37. Reply

    Hi. Can we request to have the mod updated? Thank you. 🙂

  38. Reply

    Is there really no other way than to put this behind patreon? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the work you do (you’re the only one who has even managed to mod it) and I did support you on patreon for 2 months but I just can’t afford $10 every month for one app. (having to post 10 links everytime the app needs an update would suck too)

  39. Reply

    Can you remod the free clothes on the next update with the free choices again. It’s causing issues in my game not having free clothes anymore

  40. Reply

    Hi, how can I have this mod for free? When i clicking on link, it says : Sorry MOD Not Found
    Oops, it looks like this page does not exist, We recently wipe everything to start a fresh, so please use the search bar to search for your favorite MOD or browse the homepage.
    I very poor, can’t afford paying for Patreon, lost my job because of coronavirus.

  41. Reply

    can’t you make unlimited keys?

  42. Reply

    Sorry if this question seems redundant, but I just wanted to ask if this mod on Patreon is up to date as of May 12, 2020. Just wanted to make sure before I become a patron. Thanks.

    • Reply

      yes this mod is up to date :), i usually update patreon mods quicker once i get an update request or find an update myself

      • Reply

        Will it take before you’ll make a mod of this game again?

  43. Reply

    How do I email you for the file?

  44. Reply

    Hey, is the mod updated for the latest version? I’m thinking of subscribing to your Patreon. 🙂

    Btw, if we do the $15 option what format do the mod tutorials come in? Are they videos, guides, etc

    • Reply

      hey yes originals its on the latest version. And the tutorials are in MP4 all. You can take a look at the i have explained in details whats there.

      • Reply

        Can you mod this game, please?

  45. Reply

    I sent you an email… no reply…

  46. Reply

    This link pops up. Can you send me the link please?

    Originals mod | VipMods on Patreon

  47. Reply

    Hi! I’m new to this website, I clicked “Click here if you want this MOD for free” but the page that opened says “Oops, it looks like this page does not exist, We recently wipe everything to start a fresh, so please use the search bar to search for your favorite MOD or browse the homepage.”. Does that mean it’s impossible to get this mod for free 🙁

    • Reply

      It doesn’t work for me either, could the maker send it through email or something? I dunno

  48. Reply

    Thank you for the mod. Just wanted to let you know the premium choice works but the wardrobe is not free anymore.

    • Reply

      i will fix it, it should be an easy fix. Wardrobe though should have free clothes by default

      • Reply

        Yea, i never had a problem with the wardrobe until this update. I had on a outfit that cost diamonds. It kept forcing me to pay for it. I payed to see if i can keep the dress. It took my diamonds but still would not let me wear the dress and still showed up like i didn’t buy the dress.

      • Reply

        How do I email you for the mod? I don’t use patreon and I am only interested in this mod specifically.

  49. Reply

    Just sent an email, let me know if it is good enough

  50. Reply

    Hey can you mod Romance : Stories and Choices for unlimited Diamonds and unlimited Key??

  51. Reply

    I sent an email, could you let me know if it’s up to snuff?

  52. Reply

    Free choices have stopped working.

    • Reply

      you have to turn on from menu

  53. Reply

    Hello, I have sent you an email with the links to request this mod. Would you please check it out? Thank you so much! 🙂

    • Reply

      Hello, sorry to bother you again. I have corrected all the links as you instructed. Could you please kindly check them out? I really need this mod. Thanks again for your time!:)

      • Reply

        i have replied 🙂

        • Reply

          Thank you so much!!! It works like a charm🙂

          • you are welcome 🙂

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    Hello sir, Can you please tell me how can I download Original: Interactive story series mod apk please ??

  55. Reply

    Hey, i want to know if in the Request Mod section is the games that you can’t hack?? Or what? There’s a lot games in there i want to play

  56. Reply

    Hi! Thank you for modding this app. I wasn’t sure how to go about doing this because I don’t have a Patreon account. I tried to follow the instructions to use backlinks and sent you an email. Is that enough or do I really need to be a Patreon member?

    • Reply

      if you sent me an email with backlinks its enough, however, the links should be of good quality, most people just share Facebook comments, or add all links to Quora or sometimes just add which is not clickable so in that case, i never reply.

      • Reply

        Oh. I did answer a question on Quora and added a clickable link, like what was said in the instructions but I wasn’t sure if that was enough.

        • Reply

          ok can you just send me a hi again on the email, i will check and send you the link

  57. Reply

    If i downloaded this mod from your patreon can i install and play it in bluestacks? thanks!

    • Reply

      i have not tested the game on bluestacks, I only test my mods on android phones. So I cant give you an answer.

  58. Reply

    So we already can download this in your patreon?

    • Reply

      yes 🙂

  59. Reply

    There is a new update for this to version 0.8.19

  60. Reply

    Hey, sorry dont k ow how to email you but I shared the link as best I could I hope this works 🙂
    Um if that is okay please email me um at [email protected] thanks either way!

  61. Reply

    Sent you a message on patreon waiting for the password.

    • Reply

      you are not a patreon member

  62. Reply

    Hey, i know couple of people ask this and you answer it couple of times, but i really want to know if that really not possible to hack game call “Moments: Choose your story”? I mean like this game, at first you said Originals can’t be mod bc of server sided, now you can mod it perfectly fine. So is there hope for Moments??

    • Reply

      at the moment i am still not able to hack the game, in my free time i usually go back and find loopholes to see if i can get something but so far none

  63. Reply

    Requested the password under oddoneout in a pm 🙂

  64. Reply

    I love this game too much. The new feature is “Gold Pass” for $9.99/month. Is there any way to mod that? It gets rid of ads and gives us early access to new episodes. 😁

    If anyone can do it, it’s you!

    • Reply

      interesting, i will give it a try later today once i get some free time :p

      • Reply

        Can’t wait to see if you can! Apparently they also changed the episode release schedule, so usually we could read the new episodes as they come out but now only if we have a gold pass. 😭

        I would just buy one but I can’t since the game isn’t available in my country yet.

  65. Reply

    🥺 wait what happened??
    I’m finally able to subscribe on your patreon but since i’m new and not ‘active’ will i not be able to get the mod?:(

  66. Reply

    Send you a message on Patreon but haven’t gotten the link 🙁

    • Reply

      i am so sorry, i have sent you the password right now.

  67. Reply

    Hi, I hope you received my email, and tat you will approve. <3

  68. Reply

    Hey, i’m hoping to get your reply about this mod on Patreon too 🙁

  69. Reply

    I’m a patreon. I send you a message in pateron site. But you don’t send a password..
    check the message please

    • Reply

      I have sent

  70. Reply

    I’m a patreon. But I cannot continue purchasing if you won’t post mods on it 🙁 I don’t always have an extra $10 T^T please let me know when you will be actively posting mods again.

    • Reply

      if you are a Patreon then i will send you the password once you PM me, you dont have to do anything. Once i find a way to protect my mods i will start patreon again and i will just price it $5

      • Reply

        I hope you will find it soon 😭

  71. Reply

    I understand that people behave terribly stealing a mod and this needs to be limited. But personally, I can’t fulfill the “get free” option because of the language barrier and simply because I’m uncomfortable because of the need to “spam” somewhere. I understand that these are my problems, but I paid last month and would pay again to get the mod. Therefore, I wonder if the opportunity to get the mod through the patreon will ever return?

  72. Reply

    Please update ?

  73. Reply

    I tried to sign up on Patreon but the price said $15 instead of $10. Did the price to access mods go up?

    • Reply

      no price did not go up but i have temporarily removed the tier due to many people stealing mods and distributing. So for now the only way to get it is by completing the “click here to get it for free” because the fking leechers will not do it, only serious people who are interested in the mod will.

      • Reply

        Is that the only way? We can’t just become your patreon? But 15$ is to much 😱, until when its get back to 10$? And i can’t believe there are still leechers who pay money just to distributing the game 🤬

        • Reply

          there is no Patreon at the moment, the $15 is modding course and not the modded games. I have stopped new people from signing up for Patreon due to people stealing my mods. The leechers are too lazy to create backlinks to get the mod, since they want easy stuff so i know only serious people who really want the game will do it.

  74. Reply

    Update please.

  75. Reply

    Thank you again so much for your work!) Almost eve app on my tablet is moded by you now 😀
    Could you please try to mod “Shall we date: lood in Roses”?

    • Reply

      thank you, i am flattered :D, about the game i am not sure how they have built the game so i lacking the skills to modify the game. Once i figure it out, i will mod all their games.

      • Reply

        Thank you ^_^

  76. Reply

    Good mod but not accesible for all
    please mod this new game,its looks great!

  77. Reply

    10$ every month is kinda expensive for a mod I wish we could get the mod without having to pay directly like by simply watching ads or something

    • Reply

      its for all mods not one

  78. Reply

    There is a new update, 0.8.17 –Thank you

  79. Reply

    Is this the lastest update? Bc there’s some book that not showing up in the app

  80. Reply

    I can’t go to the free download page, why ?? go on the same page patreon, sad ..

  81. Reply

    Please update Patreon version.

    • Reply

      i have updated the mod 🙂

      • Reply

        Oie, você consegue hackear os jogos “Is It Love” da empresa 1492 Studio? Trazer o mod com energia infinita?
        Tenha um bom dia!

  82. Reply

    update pleaseee

  83. Reply

    Will you release the normal apk without the free premium choices too?

  84. Reply

    Could you please mod Fancy Love: Interactive Romance game? 🙂

  85. Reply

    hi can you mod this please
    Steel Rage: Robot Cars PvP Shooter Warfare

  86. Reply

    please update when you get a chance

  87. Reply

    Hi, I really appreciate all the amazing work you’re doing! But, I followed the instructions to get the paid version for free, sent you an email and no one answered either saying yes or no and it’s been about 2 weeks now, I think… maybe because I didn’t put a title for the email??
    Anyway, thank you and I really love you site 🙂

    • Reply

      can you please tell me what is your email address ? I will have a look, people really create crappy links and send an email so I don’t reply to most of the emails since I only want quality links and they do not understand backlinking.

      • Reply

        it’s [email protected] , I honestly don’t know which links are quality links, they’re mostly in the comments… is that ok??

        • Reply

          Ok let me check right now 🙂

        • Reply

          i replied to your email 🙂

          • Thank you so much! For replying and for the link! 🙂

          • you are most welcome 🙂

  88. Reply

    Hey, modsvip.
    I found out that patreon doesn’t accept prepaid cards (mainly that are not from US. And i sure am not from there lol). So I was wondering if there’s any way i can pay you for these mods through paypal? ?

    • Reply

      hey buddy, patreon also has a PayPal option ? don’t you get it at checkout?

      • Reply

        Yes, i do. But even then it says I can’t checkout?? It works fine on other places so idk why i can’t use it on Patreon ? (I’m a woman btw so that buddy part made me laugh lmao)

        • Reply

          Hello? ?

        • Reply

          i have no idea what is up with patreon. lol sorry about that :D, let me contact patreon

          • Okay thank you ?

  89. Reply

    The clothes on the closet are unlocked but are not free, we still have to pay diamonds to wear them. Even in the closet.

  90. Reply

    Update, please!

  91. Reply

    The free version of the mod isn’t working … clothes in the closet still cost gems.

    • Reply

      the clothes in your wardrobe should be free 🙂

      • Reply

        It’s not working anymore. It’s costing gems now ?

        • Reply

          at what point or which chapter does that happen? and do the choices still look all as if they were free or?

  92. Reply

    hi!! thank u for modding this game! could you maybe try with lovestruck?

  93. Reply

    I’m waiting for your paid mod Storyscapes.

  94. Reply

    Hey, modsvip
    I tried becoming subscribing to your Patreon but for some reason it won’t take my card even though it has more than enough funds in it. Is there another way to pay you? I really want ’em mods ???

    • Reply

      hey thank you so much first of all, patreon has a paypal option which is must safer and easy 🙂

      • Reply

        I really want to support you! But yeah i tried paypal too and it won’t work. 🙁

        • Reply

          that’s very strange, if you could tell me what error you got while trying with PayPal I will contact patreon about it.

          • It keeps telling me that my card is being declined. Is it bc it’s prepaid? 🙁

  95. Reply

    hi, a new update is out. please update

  96. Reply

    I am broke because of the season and studies but hey congrats! I kew you would find a way. Keep it up budy, one day I will support you 🙂

    • Reply

      thank you so much, i am just preventing it from getting patched this way, since after what happened with storyscapes. I am still figuring out on how to bypass their cheat

      • Reply

        No, thank YOU for making these great mods. I understand what you mean and there is the other problem of other people taking your credit which is really not cool at all.

        Storyscape uses this online service to prevent cheating. It is mentioned in the app’s credit. I hope you find something in the docs of how to use it.
        Again thanks for the work and have a nice Xmas.

        • Reply

          thank you for pointing that out, I will check in the game code to find where it has been used. Thank you for support 😀

  97. Reply

    WOW!!! ? HAPPILY A PATREON! Thank you for the mod ❤❤

    • Reply

      Thank you so much 😀

    • Reply

      i think you will be more happy with the new game i posted right now 🙂

      • Reply

        Ah! I’ll take a look thank you!
        Is there anyway for this game to highlight the premium choices still? There’s no way to differentiate between the two as they’re not always the top choice and they’re both grey.

      • Reply

        not gonna lie, I understand your reasoning but GOD did I wish you didn’t choose this app to hide behind patreon lol

        • Reply

          It’s worth the $10 to me, pay $10 for the mod or pay even more for diamonds. I did still buy keys but keys are much more affordable than the diamonds are. I’d rather pay to not wait for more episodes than to buy premium choices. It’s a great app! I think you should consider it. Just another way to support modsvip and keep free mods! Hopefully soon we can get diner dash adventure gems modded!

          • and I will try to provide more games in that $10 so that it can make it worth :), thank you for supporting my site. I think dinner dash is possible I will give it a try

  98. Reply

    CAN SECRETS Game of Choices
    FICTIONS: choose your emotions be modded?

    • Reply

      hey i am sorry those 2 are not possible 🙁

  99. Reply

    U signed up and the paid mod works great. Premium choices are free, but I kinda wish I didn’t have such a long wait for keys.

    • Reply

      Key i am pretty sure they are server-sided, but in the next update i will try to check if i can mod that too. Thank you so much for your contribution and feedback 🙂

  100. Reply

    Then can you make a paid mod for storyscape

    • Reply

      sure, let me work to see if i can bypass their stupid security lol ;p

      • Reply

        Oh hells yeah. I’d love it if you can hack Storyscape again. It’d be a good idea to make it paid.?

        • Reply

          haha let me work on it once i am done updating some games and mod some new ones ;), i wish i would have made it paid from the beginning this thing would never happen most good mods get patched by the developer and that is why they wrote about cheaters on their facebook page lol

  101. Reply

    I understand why you’re trying to protect your mods. I might be willing to give the paid version a try to access premium choices. $10 still works out cheaper than buying diamonds,

    • Reply

      I really appreciate your contribution helps me make more mods for people like you 😀

  102. Reply

    thanks for the update, but sadly I can’t afford the paid mod. anyway, thanks!

  103. Reply

    I see you’ve updated the free premium choices. Sadly I cant play it but I just wanna say thank you for trying. And you’re amazing ?

    • Reply

      i try to make as many free mods as possible but sometimes i see some other site posting my mods and crediting the person who actually stole my mod instead of me, its very discouraging to make free mods then :(, same happened with storyscape thats why i dont want to update it or fix it

      • Reply

        It’s totally understandable. It’s irritating to see people who did absolutely nothing getting all the credits of your hard work.

  104. Reply

    I can’t download the free version. Link doesn’t work, opens this same page again.

    • Reply


      • Reply

        sorry, fixed the issue now it should work

    • Reply

      hey sorry, i fixed the link it should work now

  105. Reply

    Free mod section link works right?

    • Reply

      Yes it works fine 🙂

  106. Reply

    can you update this? thanks!

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  107. Reply

    no progress?

  108. Reply

    Hey, can you please check and see if we can use the gold pass/event. It’s in the game now

    • Reply

      sure i will check on it and update the mod

  109. Reply

    Hi Modsvip! Could you take a look at an app called Dreame, I haven’t tried it but I’d like to c:

  110. Reply

    Can you please upload and try to mod the golden pass? Thank you!

    • Reply

      Is it not modded already? I have tried activating the subscription

      • Reply

        Unfortunately, no ?

      • Reply

        unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t work at all. You just disabled the ads and the FREE ADS for DIAMONDS. Is there a way you can remove the interstial ads and leave the ones for diamonds please?

  111. Reply

    please update, thank you. ☺️ i think the gold pass won’t let us watch an ad for diamonds or to decrease the waiting time for keys but still, thank you so much for this. ☺️

  112. Reply

    There’s a new update, can you please help us? ?

    • Reply

      I will update in ASAP 🙂

  113. Reply

    Hi! Can you update, please?

    And can you try tô mod Secrets, please?

  114. Reply

    Thank you for your hard work! And I have a question I hope you won’t find annoying: is it possible for free premium choices?

    • Reply

      Free premium choices’d be great if possible! ?

      • Reply

        hey free choices is not possible in this game 🙁

    • Reply

      premium choices is not possible 🙁

      • Reply

        Ok! Thank you for trying anyway! Have a great day! ??

  115. Reply

    Pls update brother..

  116. Reply

    What is Gold pass actually i couldnt find it

  117. Reply

    R there unlimited tickets and diamonds??

  118. Reply

    Can you upload a version of this without the ads removed please? Thanks for this

  119. Reply

    Hi. ? Thank you for the updates!

    I’m positing this again cuz I’m not sure if you saw it the first time;

    I have a couple more requests if you could try! You really are the best modder out there.

  120. Reply

    Update time! 🙂

  121. Reply

    Nice work as always. Could you please bring back the ads? They are the only way, for me, I can get free gems since I don’t know why the offers don’t work correctly! Please, can you see what you can do. Thank you for your work.

  122. Reply

    Could you please give us unlimited gems and keys or try to add a mod where you switch the sound on and if in the settings and it gives you gems and keys?

  123. Reply

    Hi! Can you mod this:
    Game Name: Destined Memories : Romance Otome Games
    Mod Features: Free premium choices

    • Reply

      posted it 🙂

  124. Reply

    This worked in my other phone but it doesnt work in my xiaomi phone.Btw we need more games like this ?

    • Reply

      great! if you have any in mind let me know, or any news ones

  125. Reply

    new version 0.8.9 is out!

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  126. Reply

    Oh really? I’m sorry ? there’s any chance in a future update you’ll be able to mode premium choices as well?

    • Reply

      everything else in the game is server sided 🙁

  127. Reply

    Is it actually working? It’s discount diamonds in my premium choices ?

    • Reply

      hmmm i never said it had premium choices free

  128. Reply

    Its okay! I only asked because i didnt think anyone asked initially. But I havent played it since the update. Im taking the grind route. lol, Ive downloaded GAME OF SULTANS for the 250 somthing diamond rewards. HOWEVER, I had to level up to Master Sultan Level 3. its been TEN days. And the way its going…TODAY IS THE PAYOUT!! lol

    *the things we do for love

    • Reply

      haha you seem to be a true game lover lol

      • Reply

        I have a homeschooled kid, young Mom. lol, h3ll yeah I am.

        But j did speak too soon. lol, I reached my goal. but since we cant log in through google…and connect the teo accounts…lol..IM HIT.

        But hey! I found a new love in game of sultans. so ill be alright. lol. back to 5 vids aday for the com eup

        • Reply

          ohh haha, that is one thing about mod apk you cannot log in to google play, that is why rooted device are important sometimes

          • Even if I dont have a FB account. Could i still link my google to the app? Do you have any advice where I could start for rooting? Theyve awarded me the diamonds. I just need to log in. (They just need to release to the US lol)

          • in mod apks, you can not sign in to google play, and if you have a rooted android device then you need the unsigned apk version of the game to install and login using lucky patcher app

          • Okay, So the unsigned apk? what is that? no mods….And im aware of lucky patcher. So were getting somewhere.

          • unsigned has mods but can be installed over original or and does allow google sign in since you dont change the apk signatures

  129. Reply



    • Reply

      hahahah 😀 , Enjoy the mod

      • Reply

        I just reached episode 3.and it seems to be the same as the last update? were the clothes inside the episode set to be free as well now? and I dont see a VIP SUBSCRIBTION

        • Reply

          the clothes which are free are suppose to be in your wardrobe in your profile, about VIP i myself don’t know when you get the option to purchase, i tried modding it since they said there is a subcription on their playstore app description.

          • Could Never decreasing diamonds be avaliable for this?

          • i have tried, but it seems like currency is server sided in this game 🙁

  130. Reply

    Thank you <3. Could bring the mod of this game?

    • Reply

      lovestruck is so impossible to mod now, i have tried so many times to mod it but failed

  131. Reply

    thank you so much i just downloaded this game its amazing!

    • Reply

      You are most welcome 😀

  132. Reply

    Hi! Can you update, please?

  133. Reply

    bring lovestruck ???

  134. Reply

    I don’t know if this helps or do anything, but I looked through the files.
    I am no expert & no modder but I wanted to ask you if you tried to look into this kind of line in the code
    public bool HasCostOption
    looks important to me, but you know better than I do.
    Anyways, thank you for your hard work.

    • Reply

      hascostoption checks whether the choice has any cost or not, i have already tried modding it, even though it removes the diamonds from choice but your choice will never go through because the diamonds first get calculated on the server then sends the info back to the local device. 🙂

      • Reply

        Thank and sorry, I thought it was important. I do hope really that you will find a way to make choices (even if it will cost us diamonds to buy the cloths) free. Again, sorry and thank you for your hard work.

        • Reply

          you are most welcome and i dont think gems, or choices or anything is possible to mod in this game 🙁

          • Thank you. By the way, noticed that they use “hc” as an acronym for Gems.

          • haha yes i noticed that, i have litterally tried every single thing in the game, but it just didnt work lol

          • oh and there is some sort of cheat console or menu in there too.

          • yeah but you won’t be able to use because you need to login to their server haha

  135. Reply

    everytime I install an apk in SAl,it wont install

    • Reply

      MOONCATS Advice was the one that came out successful! Its like a install block setting. I usually have to select it whenever i download a apk. So going into the SAI settings! and clicking SIGN APKS! Is the fixer upper. lol Atleast for me

  136. Reply

    Try this: go to SAI settings and toggle Sign APK, maybe this apk is not signed thats why you can’t install it. Works for me now after doing it

    • Reply

      Yep. This worked for me too.

    • Reply

      It worked for me too! Thank you!

    • Reply

      Worked for me too on the first go! yesterday I was stuck. but I wake up today and try it your way and it installed with ease. THANKS!

  137. Reply

    You always know exactly what game I want! ? thank youuuuu

  138. Reply

    I tried both ways, however on my device i wasnt able to edit the files. but the last update was labeled origins[1] something like that. and the new one didnt. But even still the file didnt have a picture next to the file like normal. so since i couldnt do it the ways listed. i jist deleted them. and tried to start fresh. and it still wouldnt install in the SAI installer

  139. Reply

    Hi! I installed the 0.8.6 version and It was fone. Hit I download the 0.8.7 one and I can’t installed It! That’s what SAI app says: “Invalid APK files selected”

    • Reply

      Editing: Hi! I installed the 0.8.6 version and It was fine. I download the 0.8.7 one and I can’t installed It! That’s what SAI app says: “Invalid APK files selected”

      • Reply

        I got the same thing as you. Darn it, lol.

  140. Reply

    You might need to rename the file you downloaded to .zip first, then follow the steps they listed.

  141. Reply

    I don’t know how to install apks with SAI thing. ??‍♀️

    Anyone can explain me a little? ?

    • Reply

      i have already linked to the tutorial on how to intall, you should see the link above the download link

      • Reply


      • Reply

        Well, everytime i get “Installation failed” error unfortunately.

        • Reply

          maybe try this.

          1) Extract the .apks file just like you would extract any zip file
          2) You will have 2 apk, base.apk and config.apk
          3) now select both of them in SAI installer and it will install the app for you

        • Reply

          You might need to rename the file you downloaded to .zip first, then follow the steps they listed.

  142. Reply

    Can you please update? Thank you!

    • Reply

      sure in a moment 🙂

      • Reply

        Thank you!

  143. Reply

    Hey can you mod the game called : Rising Lovers by Tictales
    Google Play link :
    Mod features : unlimited stars
    Thank you !

    • Reply

      unfortunately tictale games are not possible to hack 🙁

      • Reply

        But didn’t you hack « the winter kiss » and « heir of love »
        But thanks anyway for answering ! Now I have another request : do you think it’s possible to hack Beemoov Games ? Like Sweet Love or Eldarya ?

  144. Reply

    Hey there! If it’s possible, could you do gems unlimited? ? Thanks ?

    • Reply

      Gems are not possible, they are server sided i have tried alot

      • Reply

        ahhh i get it, thanks anyway.. 🙂

  145. Reply

    When I open it,it crashes and go back to screen…it wont even last a second!?

    • Reply

      What device do you have? seems like many mods don’t work for you

      • Reply

        yeah ?.I have Xiaomi

        • Reply

          i don’t know about Xiaomi phones. 🙁

  146. Reply

    Thank you for all your hard work! ?

    • Reply

      you are most welcome 😀

  147. Reply

    This is awesome! I love this game and it was a huge hassle to even get it nstalled on my phone since I’m in the US.

    I know you said you can’t mod diamonds and keys, but is there any way mod around the location restrictions? I can’t even purchase diamonds or keys because of country.

    • Reply

      hey as far as i know, google restricts any in-app purchases if the game has been signed by someone else other than the original owner, thats why when you want to buy anything from the store on mod apks, it will tell you that its unavailable

      • Reply

        That makes sense I guess.

        Is there a way to mod the amount of diamonds we can earn? Like right now we can get one after an episode and a bonus gem after a video, can that be modded to a larger amount?

        I know you said you tried everything, I’m desperate. ?

        • Reply

          hahaha i understand,but i tried everything, changing rewards, changind clothe costs, making choices free, etc everything nothing worked.

  148. Reply

    Working good!

    • Reply

      You are most welcome 😀

  149. Reply

    Thank you so much!!

    • Reply

      its up 😀

  150. Reply

    Yes i just paid for clothes in the second episode. But the clothes in the avatar account are locked. so i cant see if their free yet unless i go the other stories.
    But all unlocked clothes will be lovely! lol

    • Reply

      if you hit the profile and the “hanger” icon you will notice there are clothes which require you to pay diamonds and some which require you to finish specific episodes, by default i will make all of them unlocked and free.

      Ah you were talking aboout the same thing. Yes i will make all of them free and unlocked lol

      • Reply

        ok, should i reinstall?

        • Reply

          no need, just install over the previous version and continue, if you download mods from my site after a new update, you just overwrite so you dont lose progress :).

          i have also unlocked poses and co-stars cards

  151. Reply

    Yes please and thank you very much indeed

    • Reply

      ok let me do it

  152. Reply

    oh, a pity … are the clothes unlocked?

    • Reply

      i think it can be unlocked because i had modded them but then i thought it would be useless so i removed it. Do you want me to mod them?

  153. Reply

    Who do you think you are? … fulfilling our demands like we requested. lol… Seriously though THANK YOU!!!!!!
    IM SUPER STOKED. No modd just puts us back in grind mode.

    • Reply

      haha i really wish i could mod this game but literally tried EVERYTHING but the game just won’t work. The only thing that worked was i was able to unlock the clothes so no level lock lol

      • Reply

        Yeah, i noticed that. Thats always good,(the unlocked clothes). But the diamond choices arent expensive…so far…its like 2-5 diamond a choice. but ive only played 2 episodes. But either way. TRUELY APPRECIATED!

        • Reply

          i can make the clothes to be unlocked, let me try that :p

      • Reply

        hey, the free mod doesn’t work completely. the clothes are not unlocked

        • Reply

          You do know which clothes I am talking about in the game right ?

          • yes

    • Reply

      Could you give me the link???

      • Reply

        Have you sent me an email ?

  154. Reply

    Bring his mod

    • Reply

      this is a server sided game

      • Reply

        Thank u for this mod! It used to work great but now every time i choose premium choice theres a network error. But Internet is ok.

        • Reply

          @everyone, the developers seem to have caught up with this mod, so until i find a way around it.

    • Reply

      yes pls!