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Pocket Waifu MOD APK is a popular casual dating game by Nutaku where you will be taking care of your girlfriend, you will begin by giving her food, playing with her games, buying her gifts, and much more to keep her happy and interested in you. There are many gifts to buy and each cost coins or gems depending on what you want to get her and each gift will have a different impact on her happiness, make sure the happiness meter does not fall to 0 because if it does then the is game over. There are also many mini-games which you can play and that will earn you coins, you will play it with your girl and each game has a cooldown of 15 minutes after which you can play it again, once your girl gets tired you will need to get her some energy drinks or let her go to bed to fill up her energy. You can let them have a bath with good expensive shampoos, buy her drinks, clothes and other cool things from the store.  Once you level up you will unlock more things in the game and more content, there are multiple scenes that will get unlocked once you complete the given quests and missions. You will also unlock many more girls whom you will take care of, each girl will be different and have their own personality so you have to learn from their behaviors and act accordingly. The game is very much fun and addicting and it has many limited-time events that can earn you the good stuff.

New the game has introduced many events that come every week with exlcuive rewards that you can earn plus currency. There are new mini-games added as well, plus bug fixes and improvements to the game.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: Latest
 Package Name:
 Developer: Nutaku
 Downloads: NA
 Updated: recently
 Size: 65M
 Type: By Vipmods

This game is intended for older audience only

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  1. Please update again

  2. Actualizad 1.59.1

  3. Please update to 1.59.1

  4. Actualizar 1.58.0

  5. update please

  6. Please update to 1.57.3

  7. Memories – game mariposa official mod please 😭😭😭

  8. update to 1.56.4 please!

  9. Update plz v. 1.56.3

  10. Update to 1.56.2

  11. Can you teach us how to use the mod,

    I didn’t see the mod menu


  12. Pls update to 1.53.2

  13. Can you mod fap titans by nutaku

  14. Pls update

  15. Why u tittle saying unlimited gems, but on mod feature ur saying just lives and unlocking garden

  16. Please update the game

  17. Oh yes finally updated 😍

  18. Please update to 1.50.3 😊

  19. It really doesn’t work because no matter what my gems dont stay and went down and I cant buy anything anymore

  20. You must use original APK Game till finish tutorial…after you can use MOD

    • Thank you for the response i will give it a try 🙂

      • Doesn’t work the modded apk doesn’t install over the original thanks anyway

  21. Can you help me with an issue? My game seems to be looped or stuck unless I am doing something wrong the demon is telling me to play a game I play the game get 3 stars etc then I press x like you instructed it quits and then it tells me play a game :/ can’t seem to get passes playing the game :/

  22. Update pls

  23. How do you get unlimited gems

  24. How does ths unli gems work?


  26. Can u pls update this

  27. How can I activate the unlimited gems

  28. Hola, a ver, tengo un pequeño problema con el mod, y es que el juego carga, me deja loguearme y hay resurrección infinita en los minijuegos, pero la función de diamantes y monedas infinitas no está disponible, porque cuando hago click a algo que requiere diamantes, me dice que no tengo suficientes (tengo 0)

    Me puedes decir cómo solucionarlo porfavor?

    Por si acaso, juego en un Xiaomi redmi 6A

  29. It don’t work

  30. Need update to v1.49.0, please 🙏

  31. Update it to 1.48.0 plss

  32. Can you please update it

  33. pls update

  34. doesnt work its just keep decreasing my diamond

  35. Hallu it said it need updating… thanks in advance

  36. Ahh x.x
    This game seems to hate me ?
    Until now I’m stucked at the Loading Playfab loading screen, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the unmodded or the modded version this game ?

    • same thing happened to me for seven angels, i just can’t seem to get it no matter what. It looks like there is kind of a ban lol maybe device ID ban or IMEI ban

  37. It works for certain but how do you get out of the minigame??? I’ve won butots not ending

    • you just hit the X button then quit and collect your coins 🙂

  38. It don’t work

    • it work perfectly

      • Uuuum. How does it work? Does it require some sort of activation, cuz my gems are still decreasing, while lifes in minigames are infinite

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