Raid the Dungeon MOD APK 1.2.2 (God Mode, High Attack Speed)

Download Raid the Dungeon: Idle RPG Heroes AFK or Tap Tap

 OS: 4.1 and up
 Version: 1.2.2
 Downloads: 100,000+
 Updated: 25/03/2020
 Size: 42M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: High Attack Speed

The god mode version is the same as my previous release with no ban chance though since many users after releasing a different mod, I received some really abuses comments which made me wonder some people are not thankful for what they get for free.  So if you want this mod for free then YOU HAVE TO DO THIS (click)

Place the OBB folder inside the Android / OBB folder on your device.

Download APK MOD + OBB (GOD MODE) Download APK MOD + OBB (High Attack Speed) (Free) Download From PlayStore



new update mod for vipmod (credit myself/aldo/cupluxmania it’s the same rofl)
god mode advanced (yourself & companion can’t died), skill cooldown

god mode advanced (your character & companion can’t die) pene 80%, c.rate 70%, rift chest 45%

god mode advanced (your character & companion can’t die) & game speed x3

bypass version

choose which features that suit you the best.
caution: don’t abuse or you’ll get banned




Raid the Dungeon is a new idle game where you will fight with endless waves of monsters and bosses. You will fight with your hero on an epic adventure and soon unlock the PVP mode where you can play with other real-players and crush them all. Upgrade your hero in the game with the coins you earn from fights, use your hero’s skills in the fight to defeat giant monsters. You will be able to unlock new heroes as well. The game is very easy to play, your hero will fight on auto mode but you can pinch it by tapping the attack button, other than that the graphics and control are both amazing and the game is fun to play. You will unlock more places to battle in, dungeons, PVP mode, and raids as you level up make sure to upgrade your character so as he can fight off powerful enemies.


  1. I tell honestly that your other game is trash man. Just mod this game. Think if you can. Or maybe you just coward

    • go mod it yourself then you bigger coward begging for free stuff

  2. Lucu ini modernya ga di update lagi. Abis dihina langsung ngambek ga ngemod. Ga niat mending tutup websitenya. Game lu yg lain gembel

    • Apaan ngemod game bocah..kebab, masak masak, buah buahan, dating..siapa yg main woy

  3. App is running 1.2.3. Any mod update?.

    • Moddernya bloon yg satunya rentenir minta bayaran dulu kocak

    • Moddernya rentenir minta bayaran dulu kocak paid me

  4. Where is aldo..we wait for the update

  5. luckily in 1.2.2 all hacks still work, time to enjoy it :v

    • Bang aldo ada media atau discord biar bisa komunikasi kalo ada update lagi? Sekalian minta tolong share link modnya..?

      Soalnya charku kena blok waktu abis update gara2 pake high atk speed

    • Udah mana jauh dia ga bilang kalo instan ban waktu awal share rip akun

    • Soalnya ga enak bang aldo kalo minta update mod disini yg koment banyak.. Bisa ga bang?

    • Can you share it Aldo? Just like before we enjoy it also.

    • Share for us, please!

    • Can you share 90-100% rift mark drop rate! hahahathanks bro

      • sorry in this update i don’t share mod version. reason? too much leecher 🙂
        another reason is i’m kinda busy making 7 deadly sins mod for my friend (he paid me aldo xD)

        • May i know your discord?

        • Maybe we can talk about business then?

    • i found it.

      but Instant ban. wait next release. (v1.2.2)

  6. Do you do no CD anytime? It was awfull. Godmode not needed.
    Thank you buddy and keep up your great work!

  7. Bro tried God mode, stuck on main page. (Quest Games). Maybe bypass needed?

  8. Thanks as usual bro. But too many comments……so instant ban or not??:)

  9. can i buy godmode mod for support?
    sorry for my eng,grammar
    thank you for good mod

    • Why do we have same username😁

    • i just joined the mod apks tier, is the god mod safe compared to the attackspeed mod?
      if possible, release the cd + god mod XD thanks

      • god mode is exactly the same mode i release last time for free AND from user reviews no one got banned from it.

        • creating 10 backlinks is so difficult

        • What if i become patron, what benefit for me which i mean what will u give the feature of this mod game?

  10. its better this way dude. appreciate your hard work for modding this game

  11. How do I get da password?

    • i have left instructions 🙂 if you provide me with 10 backlink i will give you the password

      • Xin lỗi vì sự bất tiện này, tôi không biết tiếng anh, tôi đã đọc bài hướng dẫn của bạn qua google dịch nhưng tôi khoing hiểu nên tôi không làm backlink được, làm phiền bạn giúp tôi hiểu rõ hơn để tôi có thể có được mật khẩu zip được không, thật sự xin lỗi ạ

      • Can you show screenshot on how to do backlinks not everyone is knowledgable.

  12. bro just do godmod/no cd =< plz

  13. anyone tried it yet? is it safe?

    • No got insta banned

    • i also got insta banned XD

    • been playing for 2 days on another server and emulator not banned yet

  14. Goblok banget ini mod char langsung kena block tolol baru bilang high chance

    • bacot tolol goblok

      • Muke lu kusut

  15. Warning! Instant ban who uses highattackspeed mod ver 1.2.2.. I’m so lucky only my guest account gets banned using this mod! if it’s my highlvl acc, ahh I’m done playing this game. but this time I got lucky. let’s just wait for godmod/no cd ver 1.2.2 for safer =)

    • i dont think i will release god mode, too much work for the free mod so better just enjoy it myself.. plus the game is encrypted now so its harder to hack. You can play the different version of this game in different language it has god mode.

      • it’s ok dude. someone can do it=) gold mod too

        • lol why not do it yourself, rather than waiting for someone to do it.

      • Totally understandable. Hope you will release it one day but if not, then thanks for all the hard work on the previous mods.

        • once i get free time i will try to mod NO skill cooldown and release that one instead

          • release god + nocd please 😀 thanks!

  16. Bangg update 1.2.2 nihh gmn bangg

  17. After updating the account and logging into the account, it will be locked

  18. Dude we need godmod/no cd ver 1.2.2… so far that’s the best mod you created and safe to use
    Please change high attackspeed to godmod/no cd and max airship plzzz

    • testes this latest version (1.2.2) i got auto ban twich code -1100

  19. No godmode?

  20. Update pls

    • yep dude luckily I tested this mod on my guest account and it gets permanently banned after playing adventure. aldo is right godmod/no cd is safer to use for now

      • its very strange you got ban, i am playing the game until now with attack speed hack but it works fine. I tried adding more damage critical chance, movement speed etc but got banned. So this was by far the safest for release. Maybe i might get banned later, lets see when i do. If i feel like releasing then i will release a god mode version but too many leechers steal my mod and not even credit me but credit themselves, so that is also demotivating.

        • I understand you dude it’s up to you If you release godmod/no cd ver1.2.2 and still thanks for your hard work and other talented modders for creating these amazing mods

        • Can you give example how to do backlinks?

  21. update ver 1.2.2

  22. Please update mod, thank you

    • Dude we need godmod/no cd.. not attackspeed :<

  23. new version out in playstore xD

  24. @aldo

    can you make a hack with rift mark drop rate? thankks

  25. Udah keep OBB di android
    Lalu install yg mod 1 / mod 2
    Tetap stuck di bagian QUEST layar putih
    Ada solusi gk?
    * Ady kept the OBB on android
    Then installed mod 1 and 2
    But still stuck on the white screen
    Any solution? *

  26. Ga bisa login akun yang asli bang?

  27. New version coming,

    get rdy guys xD

  28. gw nyoba pake value sendiri gatau kapan kena banned nya wkwkw

    • pake aplikasi apa bro?

    • cara nya gimana om

  29. Bro aldo, ngemod drop di adventure itu bisa ngga yak? Naikin gold drop atau quartz gitu? Sama kurangin darah momon jadi 1 biar ngga perlu ubah crit rate dkk.

    • apapun drop jenisnya mw box/gold/quartz/rift ticket bisa di mod, trus kalo darah 1 = weak enemy kan ya maksudnya.. ini juga bisa, skarang gw pribadi make weak enemy + gamespeed x10 + gold mod sejauh ini sih aman di char tuyul lvl 42xx (48 jam nonstop)

      • Rift ticket = mark of rift? Can increase chance of it dropping?

        • i can’t say it’ll be 100% drop in each run, but in my research the chance increase like 75-90% (80/100 adventure mode test run)

          • create a version for this if possible ha2, let me test on my dummy ha2


          • how abt ygg drop rate from tier dungeon xD??

          • New version please update your mod

  30. Thanks you a lot for the mod :D. I wonder if u can make a godmod + game speed x3 + cdr version.

    • unfortunately i don’t want to make that version. u need to choose the features that i’ve already made, if none of that suits you u need to make it yourself 😀

      • i tried to decompress the mods by the app im using is not doing it XD

      • what tool u use, IDA Pro?

    • not gonna happen for public version 🙂

  31. Didnt work on adventure stage 40-3 i only got 500,000 gold

  32. @aldo Can you give me a tip, which word to % rift??

  33. @aldo please add some gold and quartz :(((

  34. I have tried various v1 v2 and the others I have try the obb in internal and external android obb folder but I never load past Quest logo what am I doing wrong ?

  35. @aldo can you add gold or gems. Thanks a lot

    • i’m using that since beginning. if i remember correctly adventure stage 40-3 drop only 42 billions / run ( x50.000%) also for gems, since lv 1 i’ve already got around 100k since already complete all books/collect item automatically 🙁

      • @,aldo didnt work adventure stage 40-3 i only got 500,000 gold :((((

        • same here bro

      • @aldo Can you give me a tip, which word to % rift??

        • @Mcoy keep dreaming, i’ll never include that feature in public mod unless you have lots of bitcoin to pay me xD

          @JucaVasti no tips, if you watch youtube there are lot of video that give u tips about modding apk and find out string value easily 🙂

          • haha, i know it takes alot of effort to mod a game first trying to figure out itself what is there to mod then trying multiple times to figure out what works and what doesn’t, then testing to make sure it works properly. Such games are very hard there are too many things in the game with the same identical methods and functions if not similar

      • @aldo please share gold mod bro <3

        • how much will you pay? i’m listening if u would pay 2 btc to me 😀

          • Hihi, with 2 btc, i can buy a car bro 😀

      • aldo, are you indonesian?

        • @Anzkit u don’t need car now, u only need gold right? lol
          @Aldy yep i’m indonesian

  36. new update mod for vipmod (credit myself/aldo/cupluxmania it’s the same rofl)
    god mode advanced (yourself & companion can’t died), skill cooldown

    god mode advanced (your character & companion can’t die) pene 80%, c.rate 70%, rift chest 45%

    god mode advanced (your character & companion can’t die) & game speed x3

    bypass version

    choose which features that suits you the best.
    caution : don’t abuse or you’ll get banned


    • thx a lot @aldo

      godmode w/o cd is gonna be OP lol

      • don’t push too far for rift/dungeon xD
        tips for me, use bypass version to do arena or you cant do any damage (god vs god rofl)

        • dun wori, my char pretty strong
          let me take the 1st dungeon rank from this china whale in last minute xD

          • seems good to me as long as you don’t abuse it 😀

    • thanks @Aldo. Truly appreciate your time and effort bro.

      • don’t worry about it, i’m just sharing and it’s good to hear you guys happy with my mod 😀

        • Halo, can you add atk speed too in each version?

          • not gonna add it, it means nothing for me personally (since i used x10 gamespeed :v)

      • We need max air ship mod boss aldo please please =(

    • Can it use in rift mode and dungeon mode !?

    • what does the bypass version do?

      • bypass version means nothing was modified in other word default apk, the difference is you can overwrite my mod apk with it to do arena, after that install again my mod which you’ve pick before (u can do all steps without uninstall the apk. only need to reopen the game)

        • thanks for the info! i need to confirm if the god mode advanced (your character & companion can’t die) has attack speed hack like the v1 and v2 mod?

          • don’t have. reason : vipmods already release it, u need to show respect to other modders 🙂

    • Halo, can you add atk speed too in each version?

    • can you add atk speed too in each version?

    • Can u add atk speed too?

      • can i buy this godmode for

        sorry for my grammar

    • Can you hack the guild airships?

      • already try but not worth it, progressive value like airship/offline reward aren’t that useful. trust me it means nothing if you can got the reward in one run (by doing rift/dungeon that are already ripped by god mode + no cooldown 🙂 )

    • can you combire the no cd and crit + pene in one mod?

  37. At naban na nga ako. Haha ingat ingat.

    • Ano version gamit mo bro?

  38. I need godmod, game speed, no cd skill.
    Someone help me!! Pls

  39. Im trying to mod this and i dont know what item I should tinker 🙁 is it inside the assembly>statmanager or gamedata? Huhu help

    • watch youtube how to mod android games, that’s the first step :), secondly if you got stuck try another reference, personally it takes me 1 week how to find out the right values for this games 🙁

      • I can’t login with facebook or google play.
        Help me pls~

  40. just info, god mode, gamespeed, no cooldown is the only safest mod for now. if you mod damage/rate of your character they will detect it sooner or later. alternate version is make enemy hp to 1

    have fun and keep enjoy the game 😀

    • Can you give me the link to download the version you are referring to ???

      • i don’t download, i make it personally 😀

        • So that’s how it is, thanks a lot

    • dude do god mode + move speed, my build alrd based on god mode (no choice) + my 2.5 speed running out in a week lmao


  41. Hi, I do a little upgrade to your v2 mod and if you mind I wanna ask something about modding an apk

    • Can you share me this mod? Please

      • sorry i can’t, actually this mod is my first mod app and i actually didn’t use it because it’s too OP and I don’t want to ruin this game

  42. Broken link

  43. Mod with game speed, movement speed, no skill cooldown. Enjoy:)

    • It’s safe?

    • Broken link

      • NOPE all links are working fine

      • It’s still working

    • nice once, include the godmode possible ?


  44. cant get past the loading screen

  45. game has warning regarding mod version lol, be safe out there guys esp those hi lvl

    that why i suggest just keep the mod simple.

    • yep you should use v2 for now, seems server has increase it’s security lol

      • been using V2 all along lol

        • lol

      • bro do you have discord?

        • Does vipmods have a discord @modsvip?

          • yes but i just use to talk to other modders ;p

  46. what should i do with this mod :v

    • Can’t you make x8 game speed. It helps alot farming adventure mode.

      • don’t wanna share it publicly, too OP features 🙂

        • Do you mind if you can teach me how to mod?

          • you can easily learn it from google mate, if u want to learn how to mod this game just search keyword how to mod il2cpp games, there are tons of video with detailed guide.

    • It’s a nice mode for us having a hard time in dungeon bosses haha anyway when will you upload it?

    • create one with godMode + move speed + 10% leech good nuh for me ;-P

    • That shit is OP bro. Hahahahaha.
      Anyways, thanks for the mod.
      I’m also trying to mod the game but I can’t seem to make it.
      A little help will do 🙂

      • i am thinking about making video tutorials on how to mod specific games like this, but want to keep paid for serious learners. Just a thought though yet

        • nice idea, it takes effort to learn something seriously 😀

          • haha yes very true bro

          • I can’t login with facebook or google play.
            Help me pls~

    • can you share this mod pls

  47. FYI only, i was losing a little bit of HP while doing void rift 5 using god mode.


    • I suggest use the skill that has leech(lifesteal) I forgot the name but it’s the red one, Works for me

      • have that one (void power) alrd, that why i passed lol

  48. Hi @modsvip and @aldo! Is there any way to save our account to the server? I already have level 2.5k on the previous version but i can’t find a way to save on the server. Wondering if its possible. Thank you~!

    • google play login wont be possible for MOD apks, if the game allows you to save to facebook then that is the only way. Do you have rooted device?

      • Can you make x8 game speed mod, infinite skill? Older version got this kind of mod.

      • @modsvip my phone is not rooted. And i want to share that my account was banned on Version 3 mod, ill switch to v2 but keeping saying that my account block on guest account. Can you help me to locate the saving file of guest account? Thank you!

      • Can we have the 1hit back? Newbies are struggling getting the headstart

  49. Is this the same as the one in androidrepublic?

    • androidrepublic took the mod from here, original creators of this mod is me and aldo

      • yep i’ve laugh so hard when i see my mod is released in there too, btw it’s good as long as the user don’t overused it. anyway i’ll update my mod to something good which will give a shock to us, just stay with vipmods 😀

        • ahaha yes bro they released it there :D. That’ great, i really am caught up right with many updates and pending mods so i can’t go back and mod the game unless there was an update

  50. Hi can you add god mod to v3 for thiose who have just started playing the game and who doesnt do much arena. I’m pretty sure we know not to abuse it.

  51. I tried to install the OBB + APK correctly but why is it stuck on the Quest Games logo? Thank you for your work by the way

  52. any cd skill?

  53. Dungeon +20 is not working for me. What is privilege for server check?

    • elaborate further plz, i can test on 21

      20+ rift need hi dmg n other stats if ur original stat still low this mod wun help u much in 20+rift.

      • I mean the dungeon attempt from vip. My friend have 5/5 +25 while i only have 5/5 attempts.

        • ur fren buy monthly pass + vip extra chance

  54. hi, i want to share some new implement mods from me exclusively for vipmods
    features :
    1. crit rate 70%
    2. crit dmg x5
    3. base dmg x5
    4. game speed mod (not movespeed mod, to prevent banned)
    5. damage reduction 70%

    warning :
    1. this mod doesn’t have god mode features which will work in arena (don’t do it too much :P)
    2. don’t uses this mod to push your dungeon/rift too far, or you’ll get banned
    3. have fun and keep support vipmod

    • awesome MOD, thanks for sharing bro!

      • no problem mate, it’s as promises before ahaha. btw i forget to mention aspd x2 feature in mod description before

        • thanks bro, i added the feature to the list 😀

        • thx aldo,

          FYI only, lots hi lvl player has 5000x crit dmg ha2, unfortunately for higher rift/tiered dungeon/void rift, 500 not enuh ;-P

      • Hi modsvip bro,
        could you mod this game:

        • this game crashes on my device idk why, it would be fun to mod if it didnt

    • Game speed mode not working,
      crit rate fixed in 70% not good with crit rate over 70%
      Crit dmg didnt mutiply by 5, it gets 500% only

      • 1. gamespeed mode working only if you don’t have x2.5 multiplier
        2. for crit rate, yes i’m fixed its value to 70 because cap limit is 80 which is seems good to me xD, crit damage seems good to me which is not too OP (since attack is multiply by 450-500%)

        • Cant you make game speed higher? Im using x8 game speed mod and infinite cooldown before the update.
          500% crit is not that high with high level. i got 3000% crit dmg.

          • game speed mod is too risky, i’m just avoiding people got banned with my mod. also in critical damage i think it’s legit since attack is multiplied to 4-5 times. maybe in the next update i’ll add penetration/boss.damage to clean dungeon faster 😀

          • I dont think game speed is too risky. Since its the game speed, it wont affect the ranking. I used x8 game speed before the update. Can you make one? Just game speed + god mode. Thank you.

          • can’t you make x8 game speed mod? xD

        • hi lvl dungeon/rift has penalty -..% crit rate/pen …..

          so higher than 70/80 is totally k


          • u sure want to got ban instantly? anything that’s exceed ‘cap limit’ is recorded in server log and will get inspected, if your data doesn’t match server data you’ll be banned.

            i can make what you’ve request like mspd/c.rate/c.damage over ‘cap limit’ but after using you’ll get ban. worth it or not :D?

    • How does game speed work it look like noemal speed.

    • thanks aldo for all your work i tryed this mod and i can see how it would help lower level players but im mid to hi (4884) i guess and my stats came out higher before the mod the it did after so thank you a lot for it and all your work on this one just as a guide line here are my stats with out your mod so u can see levels that wont get you ban at the right levels i guess
      crit rate = 72
      crit damage = x18?? (1868%)
      base damage =65%

      could u look at 2x when disenchanting even 10% would help and exp and rift rewards rates little jumps in them would be awesome

      • i can’t release that disenchant x2 rate, because of v4 feature. reason is simple, if you got v4 feature for free the game will collapse, it’s not affected directly but not worth to go publicly. if you go about crit damage/base damage rate i’ve already tried on my prime account (33xx) which is safe to use, so yeah i guess it’s depend on level too. sooner or later i’ll make based level mod to prevent ban hammer, just wait 😀

        anyway here is the list of hack that can’t go publicly (for me personally)
        1. damage value (direct damage which can modified to billion value)
        2. game speed value (x5-10)
        3. no skill cooldown
        4. not movable character in any stage (clear dungeon by dash to boss + to avoid clearing stage in short time, combined with damage value)
        5. movespeed hack
        6. evasion/block hack (pvp mode)
        7. immune rate (fire/ice/stunt, etc)

        sorry to keep you waiting, hope you can understand it 😀

  55. Do you think you can add a drop down menu

  56. How do I make max vip work

  57. Hi mate, is this game can do “save data” even without google login? I mean, when i want to install playstore version, then my data didn’t lost?

    • you will not be able to login to google play on modded apks, if the game allows you to save your game on facebook then you can do that to save your progress 🙂

      • Game speed mod please 😌

  58. yep crash also everytime opening extract window

    • thx, think its visual only, coz it does not seem to work coz i still get 1 start coin instead of 8 (if max VIP works)

  59. thx for the fast update,
    btw can create a separate version without max VIP, im scared lol coz this affecting their bottom line most likely higher risk of getting banned.


    • if i get some free time i will remove it

  60. Also crash everytime i tried to open extract window

    • game works completely fine for me

      • Vip max features doesnt seem really helpful mate.. maybe you can rework/remove it,but it’s a good work.. i really like it 👍 thankyou

        • if i get some free time i will remove it

  61. Atspeed mod doesnt seem to work bro

  62. Hello modvips,the game is updated now,can you update the mod too mate? thankyou so much

    • i will update in a while 🙂

      • Can you make it game speed and god mod. Thank you. Appreciate your work

    • updated 🙂

      • Can you add game speed mod and make void rift god mode too. Thanks 😊

      • Thankyou so much

      • nice one, should i update to movespeed to godmode too? 😛

        • you can update bro 😀

      • Thanks fo the update

  63. Update 1.2.1 pls !

    • updated 🙂

  64. little gift for u guys who seeks for gamespeed/mspd created by me (dont ask how to install it’s ez)

    • haha they will be happy, i heard there was a new update today, is this the updated one? i will test

      • nope, it’s before update 😛 if the game updated, i’ll give it a little update too

        • i will also share your download link in the main post and credit you 🙂 i am waiting when the update comes out i will update

          • just wait till the game update mate , i’ll only make this mod to modsvip 😀

          • haha, thanks buddy 😀

          • Can you put god mode and speed hack in the same app

          • i have added atk speed

      • Thx

    • Thanks Aldo. Maybe on the next update can have the mod too 🙂

      • if the game security still the same i guess haha :p

        • God mod and game speed please 😌

  65. Tomorrow will be an update

  66. Thanks for the mod mate,i really enjoy it..
    Anyway how to link the game with fb/google play? I try to copy the datatable and obb,and reinstall the game with the original,but i have lost my old account..
    I hope i get my answer here, thanks in advance

    • you can connect to facebook but you will first have to uninstal the facebook app if you have it installed then enter the game and then tey to login from the regular facebook popup screen, google play is not possible on modded apks 🙂

      • Thanks for the information.. 👍

      • Cool.. Thank you modsvip for the facebook login explanation. Love it!

  67. btw cannot login using google account, get error login failed.


    • interesting tot it client side, any app that can be used to slow down this game (speed hack) ??

      • there are third apps named gameguardian it has speedhack features too but i never tried, i only rape the apk to modified game speed features including mspd/aspd (it looks like 5 times faster lol)

        • tried game guardian speed hack, does not work say coz game not 86 based

          share ur game speed might need when my current one end,


          • i think i can help if only game speed + movespeed. u need to ask admin if i can share own mod in here. we need to respect the rules 🙂

          • I think gamespeed + movespeed is enough. Would love it if you can share it @Aldo.

          • create youtube vid how to mod speed also can, ha2.
            using dnspy?? thx

  68. can u mod the rock scissor paper game, so we always win ;-p


    • google play link ?

      • meant the rock scissor paper inside this game (raid the dung),can collect lots of gems + eternal eq if win last stage. thx

        • i’ve done this before and nothing changes, in our client we win but in server it’s lose. the conclusion is u can’t mod what is called server side. if u want to mod server sided value u need to do packet editing stuff like RPe / WPe / wireshark etc.

      • Thanks for the mod mate,i really enjoy it.. anyway how to link with fb/google play? It always login failed when i try to link it..
        Thanks before

  69. Gamespeed mod will do. Forget about those god mod and such.

  70. yep i think it will give you some benefit, i’m 100% sure the mod user won’t mind watching little ads as they got some good feature which is not available in free mod 😀

    • i am not sure how to do that, there was a way though but it will not work on all devices so its useless unless i found a method that would work on all devices lol

      • ahaha that’s kinda hard to achieve to me too 🙁 sadly i can’t overwrite the game ads with mine lol

  71. just for info, nocd and others are work. we can hack that much if we mod the right value same as god mode 😀

    here some proof

    • do u want to share your moded apk ?

      • sorry but no, i just give the idea and not gonna share to avoid any risk of abuser

    • haha good mod, i will try it in the next update :p and enjoy it a little myself

      • i’m afraid the game will be broken if too many use it for pvp, like lifesteal hack and dll

        sure u do need to enjoy it a little mate :p

        • that is why I mostly never release games that are too good to be free because of PVP system, the devs just patch it lol plus many fking leechers steal

          • it sure tough to face leechers who overuses the mod and our suffering in modding got patched right away lol. i suggest you make 2 types of mod in the next update. one is with ads which give premium feature and others without ads which give basic mod value 😛


          • do you mean injecting ads of my own inside the apk file?

  72. Hi, anyway to login with facebook or google play? Encountered Login Fail.

  73. How about we add gamespeed / no cd mod?
    I have been using gamespeed / no cd mod. But god mode is a good addition.

    • no cd did not work, i will try finding other things to mod in the game in the next update hopefully, maybe no skill cd is possible and i just didnt mod the correct thing

      • Hopefully we can add gamespeed too because there will be no more x2 speed when the duration ends. Looking forward to your future updates on this game.
        Thank you.

        • i will add other things in the next update 🙂 speed mode i doubt its possible let me see what other flaws i find

          • Thank you.

  74. I think the one hit mod isnt working? Just the god mode and the damage is stuck in 5.2m only? any update in the mod

    • there is no one hit anymore, just god mode. Download new apk that i uploaded like few days ago and install it

  75. thanks for the mod with only god mode feature mate, btw how u can mod the god mode only? i’ve modified the invincible value but not work.or did i put the wrong value idk -_-, btw i’ve used DnSpy and HxD to mod some games too

    • there is something else to mod 😉

  76. Mod money được không vậy

  77. Mod money được không vậy

  78. Could you up damage from 5.2M to 500billion please ?
    Some stage can’t pass cause of damage and time left thanks sir.

    • i have removed damage, download new apk. i cant keep 500 billion damage its not possible to get that high number

      • So sad 🙁 btw thanks sir.

  79. why does my screen alway stay at quest white screen?

  80. Hey mate, mind modding this game/book by Hosted Games called Shadow Society with maxed stats and whatever else you can do along with it being paid and add free? If so can you also mod the rest of the book by them, same with books by Choice of Games and Heart’s Choice? Thanks you in advance. 🙇🏽‍♂️👌🏼

  81. Hi mod, can u please update the game “is it love” series? Thanks in advance (: this is the only mod I’ve been searching for that game lol

  82. Can we up damage? Damage not enough for some stages

  83. Edit on this newest version sir, god mode only

  84. Make it just god mode sir, it seems stuck in 5,2 mil damage

    • just let me know when new update comes out and i will do it 🙂

    • i have only added god mode now 🙂

  85. Ahh i found the problems, tested with new account and it seems the one hit kill is fixed to 5,2M atk stats, so while this works in early adventure mode/new account, it doesnt do much in higher stages which needs hundreds of millions or billions of atk hence why i couldnt notice the diff with my normal acc. Any way to fix this bro? Thanks alot

    • oh i didnt know that would be the issue later in the stage, i will increase the attack or remove it and just add god mode since i dont think i can find a value that is equal to a billion

      • hello im not a modder for android game but have modded pc stuff for years im just wonder would u need to find a new value or just change the one you have already found and locked even if it was only to add 1 or 2 zeros to the end of your 5mil would get players past the mid game.
        thank you for your time and reply

        • i will have to re-mod it and remove the attack mod since i do not know the original values of it lol so i will have to mod the original game again. i will do it in a while

        • i have only added god mode now 🙂

  86. One hit doesnt seem to work bro

    • it works completely fine in adventure mode

  87. OBB file moved to Android. Open game it remains at the first screen. The quest white screen. Any ideas?

    • move to android / obb not android

  88. Please update Originals mod.

    • i have updated the mod 🙂

      • Hey can you meddle around with the guild airships, their timing/items generated per minute?I want to know if they can be safely hacked.

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