Download Recolor: Adult Coloring Book – Color and Relax APK MOD

Recolor is a fun app to color tons of pictures the way you like it, you will not be limited to any color, you can pretty much choose to color what you want. The application has tons of pictures that you can color right away, you can also import pictures from your library and color them and later on share them with the world and get a chance to be featured on the spotlight of the application tab. There are different color pallets, crayons, and brushes to use. You can also apply different kinds of effects and filters to the picture after you are done coloring. Some options are free, and some require a premium version that will unlock 4500 pictures and give you the ability to back up your pics to google drive. It is a fun relaxing app since your coloring will always be on the spot, it just depends on how creative you are with the colors to make something beautiful.

OS: 4.4 and up
Package Name: com.sumoing.recolor
Developer: Recolor
Updated On: recently
Version: 5.4.12
Downloads: 5,000,000+
Size: 60M
Type: By Vipmods
Mod Feature: All Pictures Unlocked

Paid photos will be free but you will have to watch an AD in order to paint it.

Download APK MOD Download From Playstore
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  1. Reply

    Please update the game with the colors unlocked!

  2. Reply

    Colors are not unlocked it’s feel like you have all the power but you can’t use it. Unlock the colors. I see a lot of comments requesting for colors unlock.

    • Reply

      where did i say that colors were unlocked?

      • Reply

        You didn’t say. It was just a request. Can you try unlocking colors too.

      • Reply

        Hey DijoVik any updates on unlocking colors. Really appreciate your time and efforts

  3. Reply

    Thank you Admin for all pictures unlocked but can you unlock colors too.

  4. Reply

    Please, hack this game. Second part Mansion. I beg You)

  5. Reply

    Please update the game?

  6. Reply

    Colors are not unlocked in this☹️

  7. Reply

    Can you unlock colors too.

  8. Reply

    I have been trying to find a mod for this app ever since it went from 7.99 a month to 14.99 a month and I had no luck until now..Thanks for this mod..
    If I had one suggestion it would be to unlock the colors too..

    • Reply

      i will try in the next update, i am not sure if i can unlock colors though

  9. Reply

    The colors too please

  10. Reply

    Hello! please update the mod! asks for the update “a new version of the game is available. want to download it now.” and then nothing happens! (or tell me what to do to work☺️

  11. Reply

    I do have one. Here the link:
    Could you mod this app? I love the color and drawing in this app.

  12. Reply

    I Love Colouring and drawing!! Thank you 😊😊

    • Reply

      if you have any coloring apps in mind i can take a look 😉

      • Reply

        Okay! I’ll let you Know.. 😇😊😊

      • Reply

        Hello! please update the mod! asks for the update “a new version of the game is available. want to download it now.” and then nothing happens! (or tell me what to do to work☺️
        Game “drogo”!

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