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A new racing game where you will play an manage your team. Recruit drivers, level them up and enter the races around the world with other real-players.

Earn rewards for winning with trophies and get matched up with players with the same amount of trophies as you. Rewards can be money and you use them to buy new things in the game.

You can earn card packs after winning that will contain car parts that are essential to use in order to upgrade their stats, as well as newly qualified drivers to increase your chances of winning.

You can race and keep track of your fuel, reliability, tires, and stop at the pit to replace them when they are almost out. You can enable auto mode to automate the race.

Become the best manager and manage your own pit team, it will not be easy as you start winning more games online, it will get harder, make sure you have done all the appropriate upgrades, and recruit more drivers, and train them.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: latest
 Package Name: com.redbull.racingleague
 Developer: Red Bull Apps
 Downloads: 10,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 248M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Fuel, Reliability

TURN ON MOD FROM MOD MENU – if you do not see mod menu then make sure you go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

Once you turn on the option from the MENU,

I HAVE ENABLED THE MOD BY DEFAULT NOW.  your Fuel, Reliability will never decrease.

If you share MY MOD elsewhere then please give credits to my site.


Download APK MOD + OBB

Download From PlayStore

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A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. Reply

    Please update,thanks

  2. Reply

    Please update, thanks

  3. Reply

    Thanks bro!

  4. Reply

    Pls update thx

  5. Reply

    Great, thanks a lot 🙏👍

  6. Reply

    Bro, please update, thanks.

  7. Reply

    Bro it’s so weird, after I updated the game it restarted from scratch. Why? I also saved thru FB, but nothing. Now I can play again and do everything again (was at good point) , but what if it happens again with next future update? Such thing never happened after an update, weird. Maybe the dev. Did it for all? Or was it a Kind of ban? 🤷

  8. Reply

    Thanks bro

  9. Reply

    Weird on Google play it shows even 1.0.32 🤷😂

  10. Reply

    Bro, please update to 1.0.31. Thanks

  11. Reply

    I like to surf around those modders sites and most of them are Leechers…’s really funny to read on all those forums:)

  12. Reply

    Yes, hahahaha

  13. Reply

    *saying not staying lol

  14. Reply

    Hahahahaha on those thief internet sites people are asking for update.,….hahahahahhh…….I answered there staying: not possible because it’s not their mod 🤣

    • Reply

      haha i always wonder why people ask for updates on those sites instead of the site where the mod came from 🤣

  15. Reply

    Thanks a lot bro

  16. Reply

    Please update 1.0.30 thanking u in advance

  17. Reply

    Ah maybe I understood the issue. They updated. Please update to Version 1.0.30. thanks in advance ( and Paid like you said) 😅

  18. Reply

    Nobody else?

  19. Reply

    Hhmmm, Maybe soft ban or they have problems with their servers? Some functions not working atm and some work. Not possible to start any race……possible to Check if it’s the same for all? Would be pity

  20. Reply

    Feedback sent yesterday Bro 😉

  21. Reply

    Oh man….like usual and also with mod Menu already 3 other sites stole your mod……. that’s really crap!!!!!!!!

  22. Reply

    Ok will send you feedback on Telegram

  23. Reply

    Hello you could try to get a game mod
    Psycho Boyfriend – Otome Game Yandere Ikemen.

    The game has 26 free chapters the others are blocked. to unlock the private chapters it is necessary to pay. The game has several items to unlock hidden images is like a gacha. I am grateful if you place my order. I really want to finish the game but I don’t have the money for it

  24. Reply

    Game mighty Magic (card games) for example is very easy to win,but also unfortunately not Patreon:)

  25. Reply

    It’s not about your Homepage, it’s about Leechers who steal your awesome and special mods and post it where else and so the mod spreading…..:(

    • Reply

      just provide me with more feedback on how this mod works, since the game is new it will soon get updated and it will become unplayable, let me know if easy works so i can make it patreon.

  26. Reply

    As you want bro, hope players won’t abuse! Once they learn how to play, winning is ‘quite’ easy, even without tires mod or other cool hacks. 🙂

  27. Reply

    Ok Bro….. also without tires mod game very nice and playable with the right strategy:).
    … think about to make it Patreon

    • Reply

      i will see in next update if i can find something more cool to hack, if only it makes winning very easy i will make it patreon

  28. Reply

    Could be a Patreon Game bro…… very nice…….if you could mod also tires that would be awesome!!!!! Thanks for mod

    • Reply

      hey bro, i tried modding tires but the cars would get stuck, it did not work 🙁

  29. Reply

    Can you also mod tires consumption?

  30. Reply

    Great Bro Thanks!!!!

  31. Reply

    Sorry For several comments! It wasn’t Posting! 😓😓😓

  32. Reply

    I couldn’t See the request page .
    Have you Removed it? 😊

  33. Reply

    Did You Removed The request page?
    I couldn’t see it

    • Reply

      i have temporarily removed it :p

      • Reply

        Ohh 😯

  34. Reply

    Did You removed the request page? I couldn’t See it?

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