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Star Chef 2 is a new cooking game where you will cook a variety of delicious cuisines and desserts. The game is brought to you by the makers of Star Chef, this is the second installment of the game with much better gameplay and content. Not only will you cook dishes but also manage and run your very own restaurant.

You will begin by serving your customer in time, they will all have a patience level that will deplete over time, you will earn coins and tips depending on how fast your server, do not let them leave. Earn more money by completing levels and use them to upgrade your kitchen utensils and buy newer equipment to speed up cooking and be able to cook more things at a time.

You will be able to unlock more locations and travel across the world to cook dishes of their origins. The game is very unique, unlike any other cooking games you might have played, there are many things to do, and provides you with a true restaurant and cooking management simulation experience and takes it to a whole new level.

The Halloween update is here with a good Halloween theme to the game, and many new features added with lots of bug fixes and improvements.

 OS: 8.0 and up
 Version: 1.2.1
 Package Name: com.NNGames.starchef_2
 Developer: Star Chef LLC
 Downloads: 100,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 132M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Money and coins never decrease also removed ban checks.

Your money and coins will never decrease when you spend them.

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  1. Dude update the game dont update ur post editing the version to latest and ur MOD APK IS OLDER

    • you idiot the game is already on the latest version, clear your crappy browser cache before commenting nonsense here. Fools like you don’t deserve to play on my mods.

      • Dude u blame me after updating the download link? Are you that hypocrite to put fault in me??? It’s funny that you update link and start commenting

        • you f*cking a$$hole stop commenting using different names and accept the fact that your shitty device and browser is the one to be blamed you f*cking b*stard. I dont know why dumb sh*ts like you even want to play with mods without even knowing how to download a simple file you b*tch.

  2. Please update it to the latest version 1.1.7

  3. There is problem Downloadng game assets please fix it

    • no , the problem is your crappy device and network

  4. Hi plz installed the new game ot is updated in googplay so we cant use this update anymore thanka and more power.

  5. Please update the game to the next version 1.1.6.

    And also game says it has detected suspicious activity, won’t let me open the game, please help!!

  6. Cant access the game detected suspicious plz helo

  7. Please help!! My game days it has detected suspicious activity.
    I tried reinstalling it but it didn’t work

  8. help please the game says it has detected suspicious activity

    i tried reinstalling it but it didn’t work

  9. Hi

    • help please the game says it has detected suspicious activity

  10. loading file error please fix this problem

  11. Please update the star chef 2 mod to version 1.1.5.

  12. Please update the star chef 2 mod to 1.1.5 please. New version is out.

  13. Hi admin can you update the game to the version 1.1.3 please? And is possible to save the game on Facebook account?

  14. Hi admin can you update the game to the version 1.1.3 please. And is possible to save the game on Facebook?

  15. Hey please update the mod of star chef 2. It’s new version 1.1.3 is up.

    When you open the game with the outdated version it does not let you okay the game and tell to update.

    Please update this mod!!

  16. Hi admin can you mod this game please (My cafe restaurant game.) Free gems please.

  17. Hi! Admin. Hi. I’m still on the tutorial then I got stuck in the loading page progress. I tried to uninstall/install again but the loading page never progresses, just stuck on “Loading assets (0%)”. Does this mean I got banned?.

  18. Hi admin. The loading page is not progressing. I think I got banned. Would you please, please modify again and remove ban? 😭 Or will the game forever be banned from my device? 😭😭

  19. Thank you so much admin for updating the game I appreciate.

    I got banned before try again to install if it will let me. Anyone has what to after getting banned please.

    • uninstall the game and install it again

      • Hi. I’m still on the tutorial then I got stuck in the loading page progress. I tried to uninstall/install again but the loading page never progresses, just stuck on “Loading assets (0%)”. Does this mean I got banned?

  20. Hi admin, can you update star chef 2 version 1.1.2 please.
    Thank you

  21. Thank you very much for this mos. I already reached level 40. Then an update pops on my screen. It says in needed an update. Huhu please update this mod. Its my favorite game. Please please..

  22. Hi brother. could update this mod? thanks for the good work! : D

  23. Hi admin, can you change this model for money and how to increase the notes as soon as you spend? If possible and of course. Thank you!

    • this game bans you easily bro. What level are you in the game currently?

      • Hi admin, good night. So I’m level 86 already. but would you like to take advantage of his new update and put the option of notes increasing as you spend? Thanks bro.

        • increasing when you spend will most likely ban you bro.

          • Got it bro. But thanks for your good work on updating the mod: D

  24. Oi admin, conseguiria mudar esse mod para que o dinheiro e as notas aumentem assim que for gastando? Se for possível e claro. Obrigado!

  25. Oh my god…thankyou so much for update and for this mod… 😘😘😘😘😘

  26. Please update min,,, its 1.0.4

  27. Update please

  28. I can not install it using sai..why?

  29. It was a great mod
    It would be really great if you could also mod this game

    The name of the game is MAYBE:INTERACTIVE STORIES

    Please modded it for unlimited diamond and story ticket

    Thank you for all the games you have mod.. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work ☺

  30. Bom dia, Poderia atualizar por favor. Obrigado!

  31. Game Security Violation Detected! 😭😭
    Hi everyone. Our systems have detected suspicious activities in the game that violate our Terms and Conditions. We are assessing such activities through the server and have flagged player profiles on account of hacking. We are currently showing the “Server Maintenance” dialog as a quick proactive measure, a more relevant and appropriate message will be displayed from the next update. If you think you have been flagged wrongly, please reach out to us at and we shall assist you further. Let’s remember, Star Chef 2 is a game dolloped with love and seasoned with passion, where integrity is of utmost importance! ❤️

  32. Thanks for update Admin. 😀

  33. Hi. Can you mod Perfume of Love with free stars and hearts.
    The link :

  34. Can you perhaps mod Alien Creeps TD?
    give the game unlimited all currency and unlock all heroes? more specificallly the heroes? since unlocking heroes need real money.

    this is the link :

    Thank You 🙂

  35. Wow! I wanted This game To be modded Thank you So much!! You are A real Mind reader.. 😯😇😇😇

  36. Update to version 1.0.2 please. Thanks.

  37. I have Android 7 and it shows problem parsing the package. Please help

  38. 1. RFS – Real Flight Simulator


    3. Id like all planes unlocked, you don’t need to unlock airports but if you do just to let you know i appreciate that

  39. Can you mod (secrets: a game of choices) with free premium choices and clothes

    The link :

    • Hi there, thank u for making such a great mod for this game! But i have some issue when playing this game. My android version is 8.1 but when i played this game it says that there’s problem downloading this game assets 🙁 is this game isn’t compatible with my device? 🙁

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