Game Name Super Hit Baseball
Game Version 1.3.2
Developer Hothead Games
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 5.0 and up
Mod Type PAID

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Mod Features

Super Hit Baseball APK MOD is a PVP game where you will play baseball with other players from around the world. The game is unlike any other baseball game, in this game all you have to do is have the perfect timing to hit the ball in a specific block with the runs and not out. Having good timing is the key to winning any game. You can buy new players and upgrade them, earn players from card packs or purchase them directly from the store using gems and coins. Match up against others and rank higher on the leaderboard upon winning, enter championships to win exclusive rewards. There are also limited time events in which you can take part.


  1. Nice

  2. Wow it’s such a nice game bro!!!

  3. Btw. Is it possible to make something to earn faster gems (in earned boxes or something like that) ??? Its important to reach 500/600, but it needs hours to reach it. Gems don’t decrease and that’s great, but would be nice to Have something to increase it faster. It’s like the zombie game you modded remember? There you did also no decrease and high damage in order to not get banned. There it’s easier to go on, here it takes ages…. Lol

    • no bro nothing else is possible to mod in the game, you will have to grind to get gems to buy anything. I have tried modding other things but it didnt work

  4. And I saved thru fb and wanted to try something 🙂 so I uninstalled and got savegame back thru fb when I reinstalled the game… Like i always do. But then Idk how, I lost savegame thru fb….. Weird, lol. It’s 1st time it happend something like that. I had about 320 gems and played hours. 🙁 so I hope you can do something to earn faster some gems, bcs I don’t feel to restart the game from zero, 🙂

    • thats bad, maybe the game does not save through facebook just google play, but as i said there is nothing that works to earn currency faster i have tried modding everything until i saw this works.

  5. Ok bro

  6. Restarted from scratch, lol….. Now i have already 478 gems….. 22 left and the World is mine…… Hahha hahahahaha……. From today call me : Giuli the Grinder!!!! HahahaHa

    • lol hahaha, hope you get theere very soon 😀

  7. 628 now…. Lol

  8. Thanks for the mod @modsvip! Can you mod other kairosoft games like pocket league story 2 or home run high? Been wanting to play those games with mods XD thanks again.

  9. 0 money for buy ::v

  10. Need link on patreon bro 🙂

  11. ❤️

  12. That’s such a nice game!

  13. Link please bro? 🙂

  14. put the free version please

  15. Is there a way to hack celebrity hunter?

  16. Can you hack game https://nam

  17. Great game. Thank you.

  18. please update v1.3.1

  19. please update v1.3.2

  20. I hacked gems, gold, bats and cards in the game with game guardian. You can literally hack anything in this game


    Please mod this game unlimited energy. Not that I need it. But it is a nice game to mod for your site!

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