Game NameSurvival Ark: Zombie Plague
Game Version100
Root Needed?NO
Android Version4.1 and up
Mod TypeFREE

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Mod Features

The virus “SEV” spreads on the small island. Should we stay true to the truth or follow the instinct to survive on the island? Survival Ark is a desert island survival RPG action mobile game.

【game introduction】
The island’s outbreak of the virus “SEV”, mutated species raging, mutated human riots, lack of resources, food is not enough. If you want to survive on the island, you have to take up arms and fight.
Wrestle with the horrible monsters, and the human beings who have the ghosts, and the trust of the surviving residents. . It is difficult to escape from the desert island and find the truth. . .

[game features] 1. Desert Island Survival
* Material collection, food cooking, drug synthesis, weapons production, etc.
* Learn all the survival skills to live on the island

2. Easy operation
* Double wheel control, simple and fast.
* Instant action, non-turn-based system, full of impact.

3. Visual impact
*God’s perspective, everything is in sight. Experience full marks.
* Changeable scenes, exquisite pictures.

4. Monsters are diverse
* Variant rabbits, mutant wolves, mutant crocodiles, and super multi-variant animals.
* Different variant species need to be killed with different weapons and strategies.

5. Rich story
* A thrilling story, immersive, and explore the desert island with the protagonist.
* As the story progresses, danger comes with the truth. Do you choose to give up or continue? This is very important.

Super fun desert island survival action mobile game, what are you waiting for? Download the free game Survival Ark : Zombie Plague Battlelands for free.

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