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Download Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Apk Mod

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes – is an interactive story game by Nanobit who have also developed My Story game, the game has many different stories that you can play and you can make choices that will determine the future and how the story will end, each story has many different episodes which you can read using keys.

You will be making choices and some will cost you diamonds, those are premium choices and often has an interesting ending and outcomes. There are also premium outfits in the game to choose from, and outfits also impact how others will react around you.

You will play as the leading character in the game and interact with other characters. Tabou has gained a lot of popularity over the past few months after it was being released. The game has crossed 5 million downloads and over 1 million on the IOS store.

The new update has brought many improvments to the game and bug fixes, nothing new to the game or no new features. Just tons of improvements made.

 OS: 4.1 and up
 Version: 0.10
 Package Name: org.nanobit.taboo
 Downloads: 5,000,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 114M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Gems, Tickets

Please Read: Turn on Unlimited Tickets from the mod menu to get unlimited tickets even if you have 0 tickets just play an episode WHEN you turn on unlimited gems, your gems will freeze, it will neither increase nor decrease, so if you want to increase your gems, turn off gems hack and collect achievements, watch video ads, etc to gain gems. If you played my story mod then this mod is the same as that. This also removes the detection of you wearing premium clothes without paying for it, so you can enjoy that as well.

TURN ON MOD FROM MOD MENU – if you do not see the mod menu then make sure you go to settings > apps > game name > permissions and allow all permissions and “draw over apps” permissions

If you share my MOD elsewhere then please give credits to my site! Don’t Leech!

For some reason i am unable to post the link here as of now, so just go to and download the latest version mod from there.

Download APK MOD

Download From PlayStore

Please share the post with your friends, it motivates us to make more free mods for you.
A programmer, gamer, and love researching new technology and games, reverse engineering applications. In my spare time, I usually play basketball or watch movies.


  1. Reply

    thanks for the update.. I froze my gems from the mod menu then bought an outfit and it still took gems, idk I’d it’s a glitch or something else? I’ll try reinstalling

    • Reply

      i am not sure, i tested the game with outfit and choice and it worked fine.

      • Reply

        hello, turns out the problem was from me haha I kept freezing then not freezing and made a mistake so I bought the outfit without freezing the gems, after reinstalling and testing carefully it works great! thank you so much for this.. can you maybe do the same to Lovelink game? it would be amazing

      • Reply

        it works after reinstalling! thanks.. can you maybe do the same with Lovelink game? thanks

  2. Reply

    Please update to version 0.10

  3. Reply

    Update please 0.10

  4. Reply

    why now they put it on patreon? It is not fair for people who cannot pay, I followed this page because you could not pay for the games, now I will stop following it

    • Reply

      lol it was always patreon. its your wish, you can stop following

  5. Reply

    Update please v0.9

  6. Reply

    Hello, can you please update to version 0.9? Thank you for your work!

  7. Reply

    Pls mod this game:

  8. Reply

    It was a great mod
    It would be really great if you could also mod this game

    The name of the game is MAYBE:INTERACTIVE STORIES

    Please modded it for unlimited diamond and story ticket

    Thank you for all the games you have mod.. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work ☺

  9. Reply

    Why are you trying to get people to pay you on patreon?

  10. Reply

    Im a begging you to update steel rage please vip mod i w ill donate as soon as you update thanks

    • Reply

      there is no any new update for the game on playstore

  11. Reply

    Hey, do you already fix mystic messenger mod ? And please remove it from patreon ? I am still a high school student so I don’t have credit card. And if you don’t want to make mariposa mod, can you at least fix mystic messenger mod and make it free for everyone

  12. Reply

    Hello can you please update to version 0.8.1, thank you!

  13. Reply

    I have paid for the membership and am still not able to download the game. Please help.

    • Reply

      you have to download it from patreon directly. Please send me a message on patreon if you have any questions.

  14. Reply

    Hi, I recently downloaded the Chapters mod and now I’m trying to download this mod and it takes me to a Patreon page, and it’s like pay. I must pay to continue downloading the mods? Thank you very much for the answer.

  15. Reply

    Could you pleass try to make your patreon less expensive?

  16. Reply

    Would it be possible to cheat all “is it love”?

  17. Reply

    Ta indo pra uma pagina pra comprar umas coisas nao consigo baixar

  18. Reply

    please make unlimited diamond mod and passes in game episodes 🙁

  19. Reply

    I hope you guys make a mod game episode

  20. Reply

    Bro, let me please know whenever you have or had time to try mod medals…… in order I know and so go on spending my saved medals, lol

  21. Reply

    Ok bro Thanks for trying harder when you have time tomorrow…:) hope it’s possible, should hopefully be possible. What I meant: if you want slow down high Attack as it was (to be maybe more safe), because I have strongest weapons and high Attack didn’t affect anymore….lol…..with or without high attack it’s same for me, bcs of best weapons.

  22. Reply

    Hhhmmm I wrote also an info about high damage of mad zombies…..did you read? Deleted by mistaken? (It was: you can again slow down damage of mad zombies if you want, not necessary that high) 🙂

    • Reply

      i didnt check that comment bro, the damage is too high? also i am not able to find a way to hack the medals, maybe tomorrow i will look harder.

  23. Reply

    That would be awesome!
    You are not only a serious and awesome modder, but also a nice person. I don’t know you personally, but you proved it many times. I know you I guess since 1 or 1.5 years since tomzpot, and you were always Good person, generous and a very correct person. I know we are in a weird world, but all those thieves and Leechers should shame!!! Like I said, I’m curious and I’m always willing to learn so I visit many homepages and your mods are really special, patreon and free ones, but it makes me so angry that I find dozens and dozens of your mods on other homepages! 🙂 Long live Miguel , big respect to you bro!❤️🙌💪

  24. Reply

    I’m really sick of This Leechers DHAalpha from androidrepublic!!!!!

    Every of your games is stolen, so dear Miguel, I know you have to live and earn and I agree with this so free games are important to you and for sure more than Patreon, but please many of your Games (free ones like mad zombies and many Others) are only vipmods and I check other 10 modder sites and they don’t have own mods instead always stolen from you. Maybe increase 5 euro patreon I don’t care,but please transform more free games in Patreon (especially those who were modded only by you) thank you.

    Version: 5.25.0
    Root: No

    Mod features:
    GOLD mod
    MONEY mod
    You must turn on High damage before you enter any battle, also in case, your money does not Increase after you turn on unlimited money then turn it off and only turn it on when you want to buy something.

    Install Steps:

    Credits: ?
    Playstore Link: MAD ZOMBIES : Offline Zombie Games – Apps on Google Play

    Download Link: MOD APK
    Like Reply

    • Reply

      oh bro that sucks, you cant stop these people. I will try modding the game tomorrow with the medals hopefully if i can and update the mod to make it for patreons only

  25. Reply

    Needs updating to 0.7.3 ^_^

  26. Reply

    Game: Royal Revolt 2: Tower Defense RTS & Castle Builder


    1. One Hit
    2. god mode
    3. dump enemy/ weak enemy
    4. Unlimited Mana

  27. Reply

    Update please

  28. Reply

    Can you please update, thank you!

  29. Reply

    Can u mod this
    Mod feature : unlimited money

  30. Reply

    Can u plzzzz mod this game :
    Mod feature :Unlimited Hearts

  31. Reply

    Nevernind my previous comment I reinstalled it and it works fine now! Thank you for your work

  32. Reply

    Hello, the mod doesn’t work with the new update, the gems and tickets decrease when I choose a premium choice

    • Reply

      hey yes i was aware of the issue, and i uploaded a new mod on patreon which fixed the issue 🙂

  33. Reply

    Do you think you could mod Moment’s Choose your story, I saw a link on here before but it’s broken or something.

  34. Reply

    Hi. I just joined patreon yesterday and when I tried this app it was working fine. But then now when I started a new book it’s taking me to the ‘buy diamonds’ page. I made sure to turn the unlimited gems in the menu. Was there an update recently?

  35. Reply

    Hi so i sent you an email with 10 different back links when will i get the password for this ? my email is zencoco.

  36. Reply

    Hey, can you add the link to yours Patreon?

    • Reply

      i have added, and updated the game 🙂

      • Reply

        Va rog sa ma ajutați cu un link… Parola?

      • Reply

        I meant the link to your patreon page, I can’t find it

  37. Reply

    Hi, when I downloaded the apk file, it says its password protected. What do I do now? What is the password? I really appreciate any help with this! Thanks 🙂 really eager to play this game soon.

  38. Reply

    Where can I find a password?

  39. Reply

    Can i my password?
    I already sent you messages at patreon

    • Reply

      what is your name on patreon?

  40. Reply

    I still haven’t got my password

    • Reply

      have you written to me on Patreon or?

      • Reply

        I sent you the 10 comments i posted of your website link

        • Reply

          if you sent me the links and i did not reply then most likely you posted all 10 links on the same website. What is your email? i will check the email

          • Reply

            How many websites are we expected to post on specifically??

            • Reply

              10 🙂

  41. Reply

    New update:)

  42. Reply

    Hi I’ve done the download. Could you send me the password please?

  43. Reply

    I sent you the email of the 10 links. Can you please give me the password?

  44. Reply

    Hello, Ive messaged you on Patreon earlier. Can you send me the password please. Thanks

    • Reply

      hey i have sent you the password :), sorry for delay

      • Reply

        Hi, it said password error. 🙁

        • Reply

          issue is fixed 🙂

      • Reply

        Hey can I get the password please.

        • Reply

          you can send me a message on patreon if you are a member

      • Reply

        Could you please send me the password thanks

  45. Reply

    Could I get a password?

    • Reply

      Hi! Thank you so much for this hack version but can i get the password?

      • Reply

        CyberMods……i find out you….
        hello cybermods, how r u??
        hey i want only LODO KING MOD GAME WITH mod menu option like 1 mod and 6 mod….please…..

  46. Reply

    Can I get the password. Zip file is not

  47. Reply

    Password please

  48. Reply

    I don’t have unlimited diamonds, and it takes me to the store when I try to choose a diamond choice without enough diamonds. 😕

    • Reply

      you have to begin the game from the start

  49. Reply


  50. Reply

    Can u tell us the password now that the game is free

  51. Reply

    Now that the game is open to all, what’s the password.

  52. Reply

    Hi,went to patreon so I could get the password for this but the apk membership is sold out?? Is there another way you offer the password to people? Thnx

    • Reply

      we do offer for free if you provide us with 10 backlinks

      • Reply

        Hi, new to this page and happy that I found it. Can I please have the password? Thank you

      • Reply

        Sorry I’m not very knowledgable about internet website stuff… what is a backlinks and how do you get/make them??

        • Reply

          its when you post our website link on a different website , for example, if you answer a question on quora you can link back to , its a clickable link which when someone click on it comes to our site. In short, it is that

          • Reply

            How do I pay for the password?

  53. Reply

    Hi! How do I get the password please? Have downloaded successfully. Many thanks 🙂

  54. Reply

    Please give me the password

  55. Reply

    I can’t get it to work. 😕 I unzip and input the password but then there is a problem parsing the package when I try to install the apk.

    • Reply

      the game installs just fine. “problem parsing the package” usually is related to the device when its not compatible

      • Reply

        Figured it out. Had an Android update I didn’t know about and then had move the file to internal storage.

        Thanks for your hard work and the infinite tickets.

        • Reply

          Hello! Can I get the password please?

  56. Reply

    Please give me the password

  57. Reply

    Can I please have the Password for the zip file

  58. Reply

    Can I please have a password? I messaged you in Patreon earlier today. Thanks!

    • Reply

      i have sent the password 🙂

      • Reply

        Password please

        • Reply

          Im not understening this complety how do i get the password??

      • Reply

        Password Please

        • Reply

          Send me the password please

    • Reply

      Can I have the password?

    • Reply

      Hi. Can I have the password?

  59. Reply

    Cara, casa comigo?! 💍❤️

  60. Reply

    Thank you for updating. Really love this game.

    • Reply

      you are most welcome 🙂

      • Reply

        Can you pls update the “Is It Love Drogo” mod? I would really appreciate it.

  61. Reply

    i can’t download it? should i become a member and pay 10$????

  62. Reply

    Hello modsvip! I hope you hve a good day today! 😃 Actually i wanted to request a game for you to mod hehe~ The game’s name is moment: choose your story, im not sure if anyone hve made this request before. Hope you can take a look at it! Thank you so much! 😍🙏🙏 Here’s the link:

    • Reply

      I love that game! Apparently it’s pretty difficult to crack.

      • Reply

        Hi can you please send me the password ?

  63. Reply

    a new version is out.can you update this with premium choices and not with free premium clothes and hairstyles

    • Reply

      i have updated the game

    • Reply

      what’s the password? what do i have to do for you to send it to me?

  64. Reply

    It’s possible to mod the daily reward. This is done on another site but they are requesting a large virtual currency to purchase

  65. Reply

    Having the same problem as everyone else. is it possible to gain diamonds another way ?

    • Reply

      i have tried other methods but none of them work so far, this game has some server checks I guess.

      • Reply


  66. Reply

    10 dollars for an apk mod no thank you

  67. Reply

    When choosing a premium outfit, the game still reacts as if we wear free outfit

    • Reply

      does the outfit shown as free after you choose it? for me the outfit shows just fine after i choose a premium one? or does that happen with how the story continues and not visual?

      • Reply

        The premium outfit is visible, but the story itself suggests that we wear a free outfit. For example, I chose an expensive swimsuit, and the game says that we are dressed in a regular white T-shirt.

        • Reply

          okay i get it, i will try removing that and add gems instead if i can.

      • Reply

        I saw that outfit problem with the same game on another site. I think you might have better luck modding the daily rewards instead so it gives lots of diamonds then we won’t have to worry about paying for outfits and hairstyles.

  68. Reply

    is a new update out yet ? and if so can you mod the clothes and hairstyles as well

  69. Reply

    are you going to make a free mod apk version where we don’t have to go on patreon and pay

    • Reply

      I don’t think he will… ☹

  70. Reply

    Hey anyway you think you can make everything free like your previous games perhaps thx

  71. Reply

    Hi, I hope I am doing it right
    could you please mod this one

    Thank you so much for all the great work

  72. Reply

    Everything works perfectly. I hope that in the future you will be able to make clothes free too.

    • Reply

      next update i will try making the clothes free as well 🙂 just make sure to ask for an update as soon as it comes out :D, thank you for becoming a patreon

      • Reply

        @modsvip are you gonna make a free mod apk so we can download the game and play it for free and do the premium choices etc…

      • Reply

        when is the free mod apk version for Taboo going to be made?

  73. Reply

    Im guessing the paid apk is free choices but the original is not.

  74. Reply

    Wow! I can’t wait to try it ? I love these! Thank you for your hard work!

    • Reply

      thank you so much

  75. Reply

    mod apk ver you have to pay for download which most of us cannot afford and the apk ver doesn’t have any premium choices what so ever only the mod apk does, so could you re mod the game so we can download it for free

  76. Reply

    It’s love has neither unlimited energy nor using parallel space

    • Reply

      thank you! but can you mod this game too?

      • Reply

        Im a begging you to update steel rage please vip mod i w ill donate as soon as you update thanks

  77. Reply

    can you also modify the games
    Frozen Flowers boots, crystals, energy …..
    thank you so much

  78. Reply

    Please modify this game, I’ve seen on some sites that it is possible to have a free store.

  79. Reply

    Can you please mod this?
    Game Name: Is it Love? Daryl – Virtual Boyfriend

  80. Reply

    Hello, can you modify the EverMerge games: Merge and create a magic world (early access) // crystals, gold, magic wand …. thank you very much

  81. Reply

    So any APKS that ARENT downloaded by paid subscribers…are just…Apks? No Mods in the game right? just a regular download with no perks?

    • Reply

      The game is in pre-register that is why i provided the apk file for anyone to install and play 🙂

      • Reply

        No i understand that, I was asking about all games. the new system to download mods. Most of the interactive apps have the paid and free link. My question is Does that make the free links just the game…no premium choices, outfits. diamond or ticket hacks included? anything like that
        (I hope that make sense, lol.)

  82. Reply

    I just played the paid version of Taboo and premium choices aren’t free. Played until chapter 2, it used up my diamonds and asked me to buy more more when I ran out.,

    • Reply

      they are free, i can confirm 100% i have tested it throughly to make sure.

      Note: It will not work with premium outfits, or hairstyles etc. Only choices. Only the choices will be free. 🙂

      next update i will try making the outfits free also 🙂

      • Reply

        Yeah. I can confirm premium outfits and hairstyles uses diamonds.

        • Reply

          yes but as i said those are not free 🙂 just the choices

          • Reply

            Well is the new update almost done yet?

            • Reply

              0.4.1 is still showing as the latest version, i will update when i find the new version.

          • Reply

            How do I become a Patreon member to receive the password?

  83. Reply

  84. Reply

    do you need to become a patreon member

  85. Reply

    I don’t know why but I can’t download it. ?

    • Reply

      what does it say when you try to download?

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