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We have introduced a Text Hosting service that anyone can use to store their text online and share it with anyone they want, our main aim behind this is to allow users to store a large number of texts online easily and be able to have control over them like password-protect their files, encrypt their texts, share them with specific users only, add an expiration date to your paste, and much more.

Now sharing text online has never been so easier, and since it is for free you can store as much as you want, content hosting websites are raging now, with millions of users wanting to use it every day.

On Top of that, the website allows you to add your text in over 150+ different syntax highlighting and supports pretty much all the popular programming languages.

It is very easy to use and convenient since guest users do not have to sign up to create their own paste, but if you sign up you will get additional benefits and more paste per day, but it is completely free of cost. You can host your text for free and we will never charge for that.

Furthur more with a registered account you will be able to edit and delete your paste whenever you want and even take back-ups of your pastes that you have posted so far. After creating a paste you will receive a random link that you can use to share it with anyone you want and the people with those links will be able to view the paste you posted.

Pastebin Alternative

This is a great alternative to the popular site called Pastebin and this one has many more features compared to that one, you can try it out and if you were looking for an alternative then this one is for you.

Try it now it’s completely free

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