Download The Arcana: A Mystic Romance APK MOD

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance is a thrilling romance game where you can control the story and make decisions. Each decision you make in the game will have a different outcome.

The game is inspired by otome novels, plays as the main character where you get lost in a new city full of attractive guys. Meet them, get to know them, and much more. The choices in the game are free and paid, you can choose premium choices which usually have a more interesting outcome.

The game has a back story where you wake in your workplace where you got employed by your mentor only to be found lost and confused about where you are when three men appearing at your door looking for your mentor.

The new Seasonal Tale for Fall is here! Join Asra, Nadia, Julian, Lucio, Portia, and Muriel for the Vesuvian Harvest Festival.

 OS: 4.4 and up
 Version: 1.93
 Package Name: com.nixhydragames.thearcana
 Developer: Nix Hydra
 Downloads: 5,000,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 99M
 Mod Feature: Unlimited Keys & Money

You will have unlimited keys and coins to spend.

If you share my mod else where then please give credits to my site.

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  1. Reply

    Can you put it with the new update please? I’m anxious

  2. Reply

    A new update is available, please update the mod! 😊

  3. Reply


  4. Reply

    new ver is out can you update please?

  5. Reply

    when i try to install this mod, it says the app signature doesn’t match the arcana app. is there any way i can fix this?

    • Reply

      you may have installed the previous version from some place eelse, uninstall it

  6. Reply

    Please update to new version 1.88!! Thank you so much. This is good game.

  7. Reply

    The mod isn’t working for me keeps saying oops something went wrong

  8. Reply

    Howdy! Could you please mod Webtoon for infinite coins? The version in here is outdated and doesn’t seem to work.
    Webtoon link:
    Mod: infinite coins

  9. Reply

    It was a great mod
    It would be really great if you could also mod this game

    The name of the game is MAYBE:INTERACTIVE STORIES

    Please modded it for unlimited diamond and story ticket

    Thank you for all the games you have mod.. I really enjoy it. Keep up the good work ☺

    • Reply

      yes please, whoever is the one uploading please reconsider and try modding Maybe: Interactive Stories. Even if there’s no gem hack or ticket hack, just free premium choices can suffice just like the Choices hack.

  10. Reply

    Great mod, thanks! Also, if it’s not too much trouble and you have time, could you make a mod of this other one? You have already made a game mod with the same name and features, but this is a different game, from another developer.

    Destiny Knight Romance
    Mod features:All episodes free

  11. Reply

    thank you for updating!!! ❤❤❤

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  12. Reply

    thank you for updating 😊.

  13. Reply

    Hi, pls mod Ninja shadow otome game shall we date, with unlimited jades and story tickets

  14. Reply

    Hey, do you already fix mystic messenger mod ? And please remove it from patreon ? I am still a high school student so I don’t have credit card. And if you don’t want to make mariposa mod, can you at least fix mystic messenger mod and make it free for everyone

  15. Reply

    Hey, do you already fix mystic messenger mod ? And please remove it from patreon ? I am still a high school student so I don’t have credit card. And if you don’t want to make mariposa mod, can you at least fix mystic messenger mod and make it free for everyone

  16. Reply

    Could you try MOD This game please, with infinite gold.

  17. Reply

    Super style ivan Gunawan
    Mod request: infinite diamonds and coins

  18. Reply

    Pls update to 1.84

  19. Reply

    Can you please update this game? Thank you.

  20. Reply

    Can you please update to the version 1.83? Thank you so much, you’re an angel!

  21. Reply

    Can you update please?

  22. Reply

    Update please ❤️

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  23. Reply

    Hola vipmods, gracias por tus mods, vi que subiste yandere otome boyfriend, pero solo están desbloqueados algunos capítulos 🙁 espero luego pudieras desbloquear los demás y el mod de chatlinx no funciona tampoco, el juego se cierra

    • Reply

      O chatlix mod funciona agora, faça o download do novo apk que eu publiquei. Sobre o outro jogo, está na seção de solicitação 🙂 então eu vou olhar para ti

  24. Reply

    Update please? Sorry for the trouble

  25. Reply

    Hey. There’s an update. Can u update please?

  26. Reply

    Hi. May u updated this please?

  27. Reply

    Having an issue with the latest update where the app tries to log in to google play games and can’t connect to the existing account, so it starts over fresh with the prologue. If you could fix this I would be so grateful.

    • Reply

      you can never log in to google play on mod apk, not now or ever. its not possible

  28. Reply

    Hi! Can you update please?

  29. Reply

    You’re amazing! Thank you for the update!

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  30. Reply

    I want to make a request to mod the game: Witchspring 4 if you have time. Can you mod things like HP, MP, free craft and other things that you can? I would really appreciate it if you can mod this game. Thank you so much!

    Playstore link:

  31. Reply

    Hi! Can you update please?

    And If you could try to mod a app named Romance: Stories and Choices, please?

  32. Reply

    thanks for the update! 😊

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  33. Reply

    Can you please update? >< lucio got a new book ❤️

    • Reply

      in a moment 🙂

  34. Reply

    Can u update pls?

  35. Reply

    Hi I was just wondering how can I update it without having to lose my progress

    • Reply

      you can just overwrite over the previous mod, just install new apk over it.

  36. Reply

    Thanks for awesome game and updates :*

    • Reply

      you are welcome 🙂

  37. Reply

    Thank you so much for the new update.You’re amazing.

    • Reply

      you are welcome 😀

  38. Reply

    They just updated Muriel’s story, can you please update?

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

      the file is still uploading so it may take some time.

  39. Reply

    Thank you very much 😁
    You are wonderful

    • Reply

      You are welcome 🙂

  40. Reply

    Update, please?

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  41. Reply

    Tem q atualizar

  42. Reply

    I can’t pass from Generating new download key

    • Reply

      have you tried on a different browser?

  43. Reply

    Portia’s book is out. Pleas update it. Thank you ☺

  44. Reply

    Hey bro can you mod storyscape now did to able to bypass the detection

  45. Reply

    Please update! Muriel’s book is out.

    • Reply

      sure 🙂

  46. Reply

    It got updated! Can you update it? ?

    • Reply

      sure i will update in a while 🙂

  47. Reply

    Can you update it again pls? It got update it again. ;~;

  48. Reply

    Hey.. please update this ?

    • Reply

      sure please give me some time i will update the game

      • Reply

        Thank you!!! ?

      • Reply

        Hello! Would you be able to mod Love 365: Find Your Story by Voltage, inc? Please and thank you!

  49. Reply

    Hello! Can you update the game by any chance?

  50. Reply

    When you get a chance, could you update this please?

  51. Reply

    Hello, may you please update ?

  52. Reply

    Thanks for the update ^^

  53. Reply

    Hi, update to ver.1.73 please~ thank you. 😉

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  54. Reply

    I can’t install the game

  55. Reply

    Yesss arcana ❤ Thank you for this update ?
    Tested & it’s working ?

    Btw, is it possible to mod Sid story?

    Something like unlimited crystals or additional damage from summoned cards or even if reduce damage from enemies would be highly appreciated ?

    • Reply

      i would have to find a good time to mod sid story since last time i had decompiled it, it had many things, and the game has many features lol so if i get good time i will try modding this game.

      • Reply

        Hahaha ? right, they’ve sure added some new stuffs.
        & Idm waiting at all ?
        Thank you for considering to mod this game
        Hopefully something can be modded ( • ̀ω•́ )
        Idm any mod aside from gold coins, since gold barely have any use at all ?

        • Reply

          sure i will give this mod a try and see what is hackable in the game 🙂

  56. Reply

    Just installed it and it works perfectly! You’re amazing. Thank you so much~ ?

    • Reply

      You are most welcome 🙂 🙂

  57. Reply

    This app was updated on Google play. Could this possibly be updated as well? I’d very much appreciated it.

    • Reply

      Updated 🙂

      • Reply

        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ?

        • Reply

          you are welcome 😀

  58. Reply

    Thanks for this! Btw i asked for a Tumblr adfree mod before, is there a chance you could update it to the latest version? 🙂

    • Reply

      i remember sending you a link to test it, was it working?

      • Reply

        it was but they’ve since updated it so i was wondering if you could update it too, if its not too much hassle. if not, its fine too!

        • Reply

          oh i will update it by tonight, once i get back home 😉

          • Reply

            thank you! 😀

            • Reply

              You are welcome 🙂

        • Reply

          hey i added tumblr apk 🙂

  59. Reply

    Hii, may you please update ??

    • Reply

      sure 🙂

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