The Destructibles ? MOD APK 0.3 (ARROW HACK) – PVP GAME


Game Name The Destructibles ?
Game Version 0.3
Developer 1555 Games
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.4 and up
Mod Type Free

When you play battles, usually when you pull to add more power the arrow for aiming will speed up, in this mod it will be slow very slow

Download APK MOD

Mod Features

Play the #1?Turn-Based PVP Battle Game on Google Play!
Build a team from 10+ “Destructibles” to Aim, Shoot & Destroy!

✔️Collect 10+ Unique Characters to Shoot!
✔️Use Strategy to Outwit your Opponent
✔️Upgrade your Characters for more damage

✔️Drag, Aim & Release your “Destructibles”
✔️Destroy targets for points!
✔️Rack up big combos for huge scores!

✔️Compete against players from around the world!
✔️Battle it out in the weekly league challenge!
✔️Try your hand in the Lucky Launch event!

Play the #1 ? Turn-based PVP Game on Google Play ?




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      thanks bro

  2. Reply

    Question : also opponent has arrow hack bcs of mod (slow aim) or is it only visual?

    • Reply

      So what do you think?

    • Reply

      since its pvp i dont think on the opponents device it will be slow as well, it would not make sense. I tried modding points you earn but it was shared

  3. Reply

    Exactly…… So it’s only visual that his aim is also very slow? Or not?

    • Reply

      you can know that if he is able to aim exactly at the green point all the time

  4. Reply

    So for sur not shared the slow aim ?

  5. Reply

    Exactly….. It seems they can….. 3 pvp, 3 times perfect aims from the opponents 🙁

    • Reply

      then probably this mod is shared, or maybe these are bots and they claim to be real players. :/

      • Reply

        Yes both possibilities could be possible….. Let’s see 🙂

  6. Reply

    Maybe luck?? Lol

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