The Score: Interactive Stories & Dating Simulator apk mod

Download The Score: Interactive Stories & Dating Simulator APK MOD

The Score is a new interactive story game where you can play various stories and control them, you will be able to make choices while enjoying an interesting story, customizing your character and finding out different outcomes.

The game is in beta and not yet released worldwide. There are few stories added and more to come in newer updates.

All stories in the game are interactive ones, which means you will have control over the stories and make decisions to find out different outcomes, and in all stories, you will always play as the leading character and the story will be on you and your life, but how you want it to go or end will depend on you.

The game has good graphics, interesting stories to read too, and well animations, it makes it more fun to read.

OS: 5.0 and up
Package Name: com.LitGames.Score
Developer: Lit Games Studio
Updated On: recently
Version: 1.1.3
Downloads: 100+

IF you share my MOD then give credits to my site.

Now the premium outfits and premium choices both will be free, they will look like normal choices so just make a choice of your interest.

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  1. Reply

    It’s current version is v1.1.2 I hope you update it asap and if so thank you in advance

  2. Reply

    it needs to be updated to version 1.0.11 so if you have the time please update the score to it’s current version because I really like the mod you made for this game

    • Reply

      updated 🙂

  3. Reply

    can you make a version with unlimited gems to get the best clothes in the game? If you can do that, would I wholeheartedly thank and love this site even more?

  4. Reply

    I wanted to ask if possible if you guys could make a mod apk for Moments Choose Your Story where the premium choices are the only thing that’s unlocked, but only if the outfits or hairstyles cannot be unlocked, but instead have the choices be unlocked if able to make a mod for the game and I wanted to ask if you guys could make a mod apk for Secrets Game of Choices if able to and if you’re only able to unlock the choices then that’s fine as well, but I know both are server sided games, but you guys have been able to mods around games that have dealt with some server sided issues going on

    • Reply

      those games are very hard and server sided, i did not have much luck with them.

  5. Reply

    Olá, eu queria solicitar um apk mod do seguinte app: Stories Your Choice

  6. Reply

    if possible can you make a mod apk for secrets game if choices and moments choose you’re story were the choices are free, but when we purchase the outfit our gems go down, but go back up when you exit out

  7. Reply

    I wanted to ask is there are away to mod the gems like what you did with Candy LGBTQ+ love stories and dating simulator where you’d spend gems on buying the outfit and hairstyle you want you want, but when you close out the game and go to the home you have the previous high amount of gems you had before, so I wanted to know if you could do what you did for candy to the score where you spend the gem amount then go to the main menu (home) and you have a high amount of gems?. so if you’re able to do that @DijoVik I’d be so thankful for it so if you can could you try remodding the game

  8. Reply

    if possible can you make a mod apk for moments choose you’re story like just the premium choices if possible

  9. Reply

    the mod works well, but whenever it comes to hairstyles or clothing or unlocking a photo you cannot do it as you don’t have enough gems at which is why I wanted to ask if you could remake this mod where the fems and keys are unlimited so we can pick better premium outfits or hairstyles and unlock the photos and if possible can you mod the VIP as well and you do remake this mod then thank you in advance and for you’re hardwork as well

    • Reply

      i forgot to mention, that it wont work with premium outfits, just choices. Also VIP is not possible, i was surprised to see how heavily this game was server sided

  10. Reply

    thank you so much @DijoVik *happily hugs you* the mod works you are the absolute best in my opinion and I wanted to ask you if you could please make a unlimited premium mod apk for Secrets Game of Choices v2.0.9 if you’re able to because I’ve wanting to play that game for so long if a mod is made for it

  11. Reply

    thank you for the reply @DijoVik I look forward to you’re premium unlimited mod apk for this game and thank you in advance if you do mod this game for those of us who want to play it

  12. Reply

    But the premuim choices dont look the same though and it spents coins normally

  13. Reply

    The premium choices don’t work for me

    • Reply

      it works if you read what is written

  14. Reply

    The premium choices doesn’t work for me

  15. Reply

    I wanted to ask if this mod could be turned into a legit mod apk if able too, like could you please make this into a unlimited premium mod apk because I’ve searched for a mod for this and it keeps given me apks which is not a mod at all and I tried doing the obb files for the game that doesn’t work so if possible please make this game into a mod apk

    • Reply

      i never knew this was posted on my site, i will mod it right now

      • Reply

        thank you for modding this game though I’m happy the choices are free though and as for the premium outfits or hairstyles I’ll earn the free credits so I van purchase it, but I wanted to ask if you’d be able to mod Moments choose your story (like with what you did with the score where the premium choices are free)

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