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Download Tinder Gold Plus Premium MOD APK Platinum

Tinder is one of the most popular dating application around the world where you can find your perfect match and plan a date or meet up anywhere you wish.

You can easily find matches since it has many users signed up for this, and the app has been ranked number 1 in many countries around the world.

It has over 100 million active users looking for a partner or just a fun hook up, the application works where you have to swipe left or right, swiping right means you like the person and left means you did not like, and if the person you liked likes back then you will be able to message each other.

There are other features that unlock the plus version of the tinder. You will be able to earn many more priveledges by upgrading your account since it has many additional benefits.  The application is by far the best one if you are looking to find a date in your city or even anywhere in the world.

 OS: 5.0 and up
 Version: latest
 Package Name: com.tinder
 Developer: Tinder
 Downloads: 100,000,000+
 Updated: recently
 Size: 33M
 Type: By Vipmods
 Mod Feature: i have unlocked gold and platinum features, most features have been patched, even though it will show unlocked, not all features will work.

If you share my MOD elsewhere then please give credits to my site.

Note: If you try to install the app and it says “App not Installed” then use SAI Installer to install the APK file, it’s easy follow this tutorial

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  1. I want to install it in iphone. Should I able to install??

  2. Buenas, La app se instaló sin errores, Todo muy bien.
    Lo único que me falla es al ver los likes que recibo, De ahí todo muy bien.

    Gracias por modificar la app.

  3. Не устанавливается приложение (((

  4. I can’t install the app, before this new update, I can install it but now I can’t, can you do something, please

  5. The app loads, but does not sign in to my account. I’m using it on Bluestacks, is it compatible?

  6. Hey, can you update it? I can only see last person who liked me and some features doesn’t work

  7. thanks… it really works great

  8. INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-2

  9. any chance of an update?

  10. The app is working use sai as described in the instructions.

    Before install go to settings and choose sign before install.

    Tindr apk file is named signed but aparantly not signed.

  11. Yo Admin,

    Thanks for all the work buddy, but the app doesn’t work, I mean can’t install it with Sai also.

    Thanks for your efforts, please update it.

  12. No Install possible. Sai dont work with this apk

  13. No funciona

  14. hello brother, could you please update the app?

  15. Doesn’t work

  16. Hi, I can’t install this apk here, some compatibility issue. Moto g5s plus

  17. Hello Admin, could you fix it please 🙂


  19. Can’t install the apk

  20. Update please

  21. Why tinder_mod_signed.apk 102 mb?
    Where is te 33 mb apk

  22. the same as jumangi !

    • its already written not all features will work, why you guys dont read anything

      • Im sorry, but i have tried to install it on 2 devices Huawei honor 8 and onplus 6T

        The app has install Errors. You need to recompile it or something.

  23. Helloo dear friend i cant see my likes… I dont see any blurred image or a clear images.. Its only notifies you “you got 1 like” when i tap on it to see who liked me.. Its just empty. Nothing is there.

  24. update please apk ! thanks.

  25. i tried this app but mod APK is not very good anyway thanks admin

  26. Dear admin, I cnt see my likes, the pg shows blanks but I hv 5 likes.

  27. it not show me any picture,blurred or not.when i tap on top picks said ooops! something went wrong,try again…can you do something or….thanks!

  28. Hey bro can u plz modify a game for me
    Which is ( BIG CASH )
    App link :- http://www.bigcash.live
    In this app i request u to modify 3 games
    Which is ( Cricket, Car Race, & Fruit chop )
    Now i will tell you what i want in these games to be modified
    1.Cricket :- In this game 3 lives are given and many times the app gives u 3 systematic balls in which you can’t even touch the ball that is for sure shot out and all 3 lives are gone,
    So i want u to increase the lives from 3 to 6.
    2.Car race :- in this game we have to collect diamonds containing points of red and sky-blue of colour red diamonds of 20 points and blue diamonds of 30 respectively,So i want red diamonds to be 30 points and blue diamonds to be 40 points i mean increase 10-10 or 15-15 points to each diamonds.
    & the next is
    3.Fruit Chop :- in this game there are many hackers making par score which is not possible without hack the final score that can be made in this game is 2570 which is last but hackers in this game are making 3000+ score .
    In this game each fruit contains 5 points so i request u to double the points of the fruits to 10 points.
    Thats all
    Hoping for a quick response for the same…

  29. top picks …..ooops! something went wrong .

  30. I can’t view my likes,need some help please .thanks!

    • as i have already said, if feature is server sided it wont work. Does the picture show blurred in your likes tab or?

  31. I cant view my likes this Mod is sh*

    • i already said if feature is server sided it wont work but i can view my likes you piece of sh** learn to read before commenting

    • Wow he has already provided most features in the app for free yet you still have to complain, if you really want to get that feature why not just buy it from original app instead of whining here like a little jerk

  32. No deja entrar, al momento no me deja verificar mi número ni entrar por Facebook

  33. Have you moded to change location because i cannot change it.

    • if a feature requires a server check then it will not work

  34. Yes please The new versión please 1.18.0

  35. can you update please?

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