How To Verify Telegram With A Fake Number

Verify Telegram With A Fake Number Works for IOS and Android

So today I will teach you how you can verify the Telegram Messaging app without your real number, or we can say with a fake US number. The process is very easy and I will show you step by step how to do it, you do not need root or anything and can work with both IOS and Android devices.

Telegram is a popular instant messaging application that was released on 13th August 2013 that is 7 years ago with the main focus of enabling users to have full control over their privacy and not allow anyone to read any data transmitted through the app, not even the government.

The application soon took over due to its amazing features and soon became one of the top messaging apps around the world and later was released on all major platforms including for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. Telegram allowed users to communicate without worrying about their privacy, the application soon introduced many features including groups that allowed users to create their own group and communicate, this also enabled many people to open up businesses using thee groups and share content, Legal or Illegal but due to its privacy features no one can track you in it.

Anyway enough with the introduction, the main thing today is that I will show you how can join a telegram with a fake US number completely free of charge.


1) First download this app called text now – click here (For Android) You can also use their web version which is and for IOS i prefer you use the web version if the app is not available on your AppStore market.

2) Sign up for the app using your Email, Google, or Facebook

3) Now you will be given an option to choose an Area code, so choose “218” these are the least used as of writing this tutorial.

4) You will then be given a random phone number which you can then use to verify Telegram, if Telegram tells you that the number is banned, then simply logout and create another account, choose the same area code or another and then try again. List of area codes for the country USA are below

Area Codes List

5) You will then receive a text message on Textnow with the verification code, as shown in the picture below.

How To Verify Telegram With A Fake Number

6) Enter the verification code in the telegram application and it will verify your number.

7) Congratulation you now verified Telegram with a completely random number.

How To Verify Telegram With A Fake Number

After you have Verified make you turn on Two-step authentication if you want to prevent anyone else from using this number on signing up because your number will eventually expire on TextNow if you do not use it for some days and it will be assigned to someone else, so make sure you enable 2 step verification.


So this is how you verify Telegram without using your real phone number.ย  If you found this tutorial then make sure you share it with your friends, you can try this process on other OTP platforms, or verifying another instant messaging app, though WhatsApp will not work since it can detect VOIP numbers but this method works with many platforms to verify if you do not want to use your real mobile number.

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