Warzone: Clash of Generals MOD APK 1.3.9 (ONE HIT)

Game Name Warzone: Clash of Generals
Game Version 1.3.9
Developer Stratosphere Games GmbH
Root Needed? NO
Android Version 4.1 and up
Mod Type FREE

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About Warzone: Clash of Generals APK MOD

Are you here because you are looking for the Modded Version of Warzone: Clash of Generals?  You are at the right place, you can download the game with ONE HIT mod where you can launch the rocket missile directly to the enemy’s main tower to win the game.


Warzone is a card battle online game where you can play with thousands of players around the world in real-time, the battle consists of heroes in form of cards similar to plenty of games you can find on the play store market such as Clash Royale and many other.

The game has tons of cards, each card in the game comes with different abilities, you can use them to your advantage whether, in an offensive situation or a defensive situation, you will need to create a  perfect deck with a good combination of cards which can be useful in both situation as well as cards which can attack both air and ground troops. The cards also come in different rarities, whereas the common ones are easier to acquire while the rare ones are hard but that doesn’t mean the rare ones are stronger, you will still need a common card to defeat some troops.

The game also offers different game modes, ofcourse the PVP but also a campaign mode where you can complete tons of missions to earn rewards in the game. You can use the rewards to buy chests from the store as well as daily items that you can find at the shop at a great discount.

You can also purchase different kinds of chests from the store each come with different rarity, and each of them will have different items depending on the one you bought.

Currency In The Game

The currencies that are used in the game are coins and credits, you can earn both of them from chests, completing quests and achievements. You can use these currencies to pretty much purchase everything you want in the game as well as your cards, once you have enough cards of the same kind, you will be able to purchase them to make them more powerful and strong.

There are other ways to get currencies as well for example watching Ad videos in the game.


The other cool thing about is the game is that you can form clans or join one in the game to chat with other players around the world, whether it is just casual chats or discussing different strategies but the exciting thing is taking part in Clan Wars in real-time.

Battle Deck General

There are different Generals in the game who lead the army in the battlefield, each general also has a unique card which is powerful than the rest and which can be spawned after you gather enough energy in the game.

Final Thoughts

There has been an increase in card battle games since it is so much fun and addicting, the devs develop them with different themes to make it possible to find such games in any genre now. If you can love playing such games then you should defiantly try out the Warzone: Clash of Generals hack


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