What’s Your Story?™ ft Lovelink 1.19.20 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems | Tickets | Coins)


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Game Name What’s Your Story?™
Game Version  1.19.20
Developer Ludia Inc.
Root Needed? No
Android Version 5.0 and up
Mod Type Free

Mod Features

If the game/app requires an update then please leave a comment below to notify me. 🙂

Installation Instructions

  1. Go to settings > Security and make sure installations from unknown sources is enabled
  2. Download the MOD APK file and Install it
  3. If the game has an OBB file then make sure you unzip/extract inside the Android / Obb folder on your device.

What’s Your Story?™ ft Lovelink APK MOD is an interactive story game where you play as many characters and make choices that will impact the story. Your decisions decide what the ending will be, so the game has many different endings. There are many episodes in each game and includes tons of stories to play, each of them unique with their own twists. You will have everything unlocked, all accessories and clothing including the VIP ones as well. Also, you will have unlimited gems and coins in the game which will never decrease when you spend them.


  1. It says unlimited gems but my gems decreased and I can’t buy anything with them anymore. How can I fix this problem or can it be fixed?

  2. Update to version 1.19.14 please… ;].

  3. If you have time can you also mod ‘Moments: Choose Your Story’ (if it can be modded). Thank you. :).

    • moments is totally server sided game, i couldnt mod it when i tried 🙁

      • It’s okay, at least you try. ;).

  4. The apk will not install…

    • make sure you do not have the real version installed

      • Never had the game installed before…still tells me it can’t be installed.

        • i think its problem with your device architecture, please provide your device exact name and model

          • Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T590…I have the newest OS, 9.0.

          • i think your device is 64 bit and the mod work on armv7 devices, next update i will mod to support 64 bit device

          • I just checked. Yes, I do have a 64 but, no wonder I have been having issues with certain apps not loading. Ok, thank you for verifying that for me. I thought I was doing something wrong all this time, lol.

          • Hey no worries, i will add support for 64 in the next update, hope that will work

  5. Hey, thank you so much for the update! It’s working perfectly fine for me, my diamonds and tickets are not decreasing. Perfect without a glitch~ *thumbs-up* ;).

  6. Hey do you think you can mod Yaoi Beast Boys : Anime Romance? If you want the website is from com.genius.gijinbl_2019-07-20.apk-1.0.0 or Yaoi Beast Boys : Anime Romance Game – Apps on Google Play whichever works for you 😊

  7. Hey, I have downloaded the last update and it’s decreasing. How can I fix this? Thank you

  8. Hi @modsvip \0/
    Sorry to disturb you, but there’s a new version for ‘What’s Your Story?’ game at play store (version 1.19.18). Thank you~ 😉

  9. Hi @modsvip I tried to play my game today and it’s says there’s a new update and I doesn’t let me in. If you could please post the update.

    • i have tried downloading the original game but it keeps loading for me enndlessly, so i am unable to test. i will download the game today and see it today

      • Hi! I was wondering if you do android ports? I love itch.io games but I can’t play most of them on Android because they’re only available on sorter devices 😭😭😭

  10. Heyyy, I love this mod and I just can’t stop playing! I just wanted to say that there has brrb a new update : 1.19.18
    Hope i can play soon!! Take your time 😊

  11. It says “app not installed” 😟

    • did you follow the instructions on how to install the split apks file?

    • Hey just realised you will have to uninstall the previous version, because google play is protecting the developers, but dont worry it won’t happen in the next update.

      • yes I followed the instructions and the app was not installed when I installed the mod

      • I downloaded a modded apk of this from another website but it just keeps loading,is it because of my device or…?

        • i really don’t know, did you try this one?

          • Yes,it won’t install on the device in using right now and it just keeps loading in my other device.I have enough space btw

          • this happens on my other device too, try any other game from the same developer and see if that works. None of the ludia games work on my main device

          • I take back what I said lol it seems that I dont have enough space lol so sorry about that.But it still dont work on my device that have no google play.Tysm for the mod!

          • i really think this is some kind of ban ludia is adding :/

  12. If you open hidden photos in history “Lovelink” , diamonds decrease.

    • and what about in other things?

      • In other stories, everything works fine

        • maybe i forgot to mod the function for the lovelink, i will do it in the next update.

          • Thanks:)

          • Lovelink here not amenable to hacking?

  13. Hi, is there supposed to be a second apks file coz once I install the one in mediafire the app Force closes. Also it’s only 16 MB on SAO. Thanks in advance.

    • hey no this is the only one and it works fine when tested. You must be doing something wrong. You need to download the apk file which is “.apks” and SAI tool, then launch SAI tool and install the .apks file

  14. hello! @modsvip sorry for the trouble but you seem super nice and always responding to the comments so I was wondering if you could mod the game:
    Ikemen Vampire Otome Game MOD APK 1.0.3 (UNLIMITED DIAMONDS)

    thank you for reading in advance😊

    • hey thanks for requesting, i have tried modding this game before with no success, its a server sided game

      • oh i see, thank you for telling me 🙂

  15. I downloaded SAl and installes the app there but it says app not installed

    • I think its because arm64 mod, i will upload an apk which is compatibile with all device

      Or maybe its because of the new split apk thing that devs are pushing, in which you will need to uninstalll the previous version first.

  16. Thank you for updates \0/ as usual, works perfectly fine~ 😉 👍🏻

  17. Good work!
    Question: When you use Gems for items, such as powers and such in the Charmed story, do the gems decrease?

    I have a mod from the Sbenny idiots, and they do decrease, even if the items are like, 15 or so gems, it does subtract it even though my gems are like 34.

    Just want to make sure it won’t happen again?

    • Hey you can test the mod, as from seeing the previous comments everything seems to be working for other people. So you can provide me feedback, if not then i can fix it if possible.

      • It’s not working.

        I started off with 30 gems, then I bought an item, a Lock and a Heart in the Charmed story. Now I have none.

        Anything you can tell me about why the gems are gone?

        • ok wait, i try doing something else in the mod and see if that works then i will update the game. Give me few hours

  18. Thanks!

    • So i do treally get it. I mean im not sure on what to click on.. Im looking and looking but i cant find it

  19. I wonder if using that modding program to give free purchases would work.. Forget what it’s called. I remember I used it successfully with one game like this, but..

    • that thing is patched, free purchases RARELY works now adays with any game

      • Well crap. Oh well, thanks for letting me know.

        • no worries, i will get back to you once i update 🙂

        • can you test the new apk and see if your gems get deducted?

          • Sure! Give me a moment.

          • Cool 🙂

  20. Holy shit! Thanks bro, it worked! How did you do it so quickly??

    • i think i did not mod everything that used gems lol, i only had modded choice, now i modded so that whenever you use gems it never decrease

      • Impressive! Thanks so much. I am looking forward to checking out your other work!

  21. Lol. One problem, sadly: This version does not allow the usage of unlimited tickets (if that was in your version to begin with) However, I feel like I can circumvent this by uninstalling this version and installing the previous version.

    • did unlimited tickets work well in my previous version?

      • I’m not sure, honestly, I don’t believe it was advertised to do so. However, what I’m going to do is use both versions.

        • The version that crappy Sbenny put out is useful for the tickets, even if this version is far superior.

          • ok never mind i added unlimited tickets too, so now you can enjoy single apk no need to switch :), try new apk please

        • no if in the previous tickets worked well then i can just add the things i modded in this newer version in the previous version so you will have unlimited tickets plus gems, sometimes i forget what i had modded so if you can let me know if the previous version had unlimited tickets then i can simply just make it have unlimited gems too

          • Uh is this the latest version?I saw What’s your story ft. Baywatch in another mod APK website

          • ft baywatch? is that a new game? and yes this is the latest version

  22. this might sound dumb but I can’t find the picture to the website?

    • if you have ad block enabled please disable it, the picture should show up right above the text box where you need to place the link

      • My Adblock is disabled but still can’t find the picture

  23. Hey bro could you please update it to the version 1.19.20 I don’t know why it doesn’t install in my phone.

    • hey i have updated the game 🙂

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