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WWE Universe MOD 1.0.2 – FREE DRAFTS APK

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WWE Universe MOD 1.0.2 – FREE DRAFTS APK

WWE Universe is a new WWE game by Glu where you play with your favorite WWE characters and battle online with other players around the world. You will find all your fav superstars, you can earn them by opening draft packs which you can gain from winning matches. Play online or complete story mode, defeat your opponents by performing different moves and signature move. Each fight will cost you energy which will get refilled over time, the draft will contain gold as well which you can use to upgrade your superstars to make them stronger and increase their overall stats.

Mod Includes:

1) Drafts are always free (PLEASE READ NOTES VERY IMPORTANT)
2) Unlimited Energy Buy with Gold for free, your gold won’t reduce. Removed

Some users who previously installed the mod may still be able to buy energy for free, not new users. IDK how this game saves data on our device.


Game Version: 1.0.2

Root Required? NO

PlayStore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glu.wrestling&hl=en

Last Updated: 11th June 2019

Credits: NA

How To Install

Ignore the arrow pointing you to open the draft pack always on the home screen.

Download MOD APK With Data (If Any)

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  1. Energy not working

  2. Energy not working its taking the gold or saying I don’t have enough

    • when you purchase energy, does it successfully purchase it and show that it has increased? coz on my end I can purchase energy just fine and the gold is not decreasing.

  3. I get the energy but gold disappeared so have to watch videos

  4. My energy works it’s said 200 for more energy I click it and gave me more energy and I didn’t even have 200 gold

  5. Hey, is it possible that the energy for roster battles also gets free and that increasing the star rating is free?

    Just want to ask, but if it does not work no problem.

    • hey i am not sure about that, but i will give it a shot. if it works i will post an update

  6. Yea I was wondering if could mod the battle roster energy too

  7. Update please 1.0.2

  8. i have tried modding energy for other battles, since they have not specified the value in their code for roaster i do not know if what i modded is correct or not

  9. I’m running into an issue getting gold, what’s the best way to get it?

    • what do you mean issue? are you looking for unlimited gold? or you can’t seem to earn gold in the game?

  10. Can u do unlimited gold

  11. When I search a pvp battle I can’t find no oone cuz it won’t let me hit the play button and the energy is at 0

    • i will revert the mod back to how it was, i think its having issues

    • fixed the issue, I have added unlimited energy by default. it should work fine now, just install the new apk

  12. Unlimited gold would be nice if it is something you can implement?

    • i have tried adding the default gold at the beginning to be ALOT however i cannot test the game since i am not sure how to reset the game once you have played on a device and the game does not work on bluestacks. So if someone could test the game on a brand new device where the game has never been installed it would be great to have the feedback whether it is working or not

      • I tested this out on a new device and you still only start with 150 which really wouldn’t help anyway if you have to start over

        • Also I’m not sure if it’s cause the apk or just the game but I’m on level 45 but there’s no bar to win matches anymore to get title matches so without the title matches there’s no way to get gold at all besides paying

          • And since the new update where they added the new event and you added the stamina to be 65000 it won’t work, when you try to use a stamina to start a match it don’t register to start

          • removed energy mod, now its only free drafts. Modding other things is leading to issues in the game

  13. Yep same here

  14. I love the work your doing and know it must be hard, but it would be nice to be able to get gold easier since it has to be used to rank the star tiers of superstars. Is it possible to make the highest gold pack free or only to a dollar? Anyone that has playing can you confirm if the max level is 45 right now because there’s no way for me to progress further and I see no way to get level 8 or higher gear unless it’s not in the game yet.

    • Also one more thing about the energy I can still buy it for free but if new users can’t it makes the game unplayable. Without free energy you get stuck fast the same for gold without it you can’t progress any further

      • Hello, I would try modding gold but as you see the way the game saves the data on our device it would lead to problems when newer updates come out. That’s why you can still buy it for free even though I have removed the feature from it. I want to try modding gold but i don’t want to mess up anyone’s progress after a new update comes out.

        You have reached level 46? wow, this game is still very new so I am not sure if it’s the max.

        If you still want me to try modding other things in the game let me know :p be careful of the risks,

  15. Can I run this one bluestacks or another emu?

    • i think this game will work on newer versions of bluestacks or nox, i have not tried it yet.

  16. So does the gold work or no?

  17. And is this safe from detection?

    • i have disabled all anti-cheat detectors in the game so yeah 90%, someone had played with my mod and reached level 46, you can read comments below 🙂

  18. Thank you for your service!! You’re the man!

    • you are most welcome :))

      • Also as a mod feature I haven’t seen anybody ask yet, could you try making it to where in events after you’ve completed it 4 times it says to unlock for 50 gold is there a way to make that free kinda like the energy? I’m level 45 and that is max, so i can no longer earn gold from leveling up.

  19. How they get to level 46 it’s only level 45 for now

    • Yeah I would like to know to cause I’m stuck on 45

  20. Can u mod the enery in even battles like it said refill for 100 gold and when u click it u get more energy and it does not take 100 away is there a way u can do that

  21. Jw

  22. Well maybe i am stupid but personally i would not really like to have unlimited number of refils. If they would exclude that 100 refil, they would automatically mess whole game and we wouls be able to gain so huge advantage that devs would start doing something against it. At this point, we have enough big advsntsge with drafts…we should stick to as normal and as close to fair way as possible.

    The thing i would suggest would be in the store, there are daily deals and special offers for some special points, maybe they could make it possible that we “buy” these guys for free instead of spending some points that are hard to get.

  23. Redownloading had troubles keeper saying network not good enough

    • in the game? or mediafire?

  24. In game

  25. Now it just says wwe universe not working

    • I am not sure why that’s happening, i dont have that issue. Was it working fine before?

  26. Not sure but it might be that our IP addresses got banned

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