Zombie Survival Gunslinger 1.02 MOD – GOD MODE APK


Zombie Survival Gunslinger 1.02 MOD – GOD MODE APK

Zombie Survival Gunslinger is an action survival game where you play several missions to wipe out zombies from the city. Each stage will be unique and have its own target of zombies that you will need to defeat. Make use of items that will be given to you in the battle such as grenades, med kits, and other things. You may battle at night as well so you will need your flashlight to see zombies in the dark. There are various characters, weapons in the game you can unlock. All characters have different stats same with weapons, you can unlock them and buy them once you get further in the game. Get ready for some Action, the game graphics are pixelated, similar to Minecraft but enhanced.

Mod Includes: GOD MODE (You will not die even if your health goes 0)

Game Version: 1.02

Root Required? NO

PlayStore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.parthenon.gunslinger

Last Updated: 9th June 2019

Credits: NA

How To Install

You might get a warning on installation, but the APK is safe. If you don’t feel like installing it then please don’t

[ddownload id=”363″]

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